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NIFA Q3 2023 | Leading an Industrywide Movement Featuring Geoff Alexander, President & CEO of Wow Bao

At the recent Northern Illinois Franchise Association’s (NIFA) Q3 gathering, Geoff Alexander, President & CEO of Wow Bao and Managing Partner with Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise (LEYE), led an inspiring presentation on the invaluable lessons he’s learned and the mentors who have guided his career and Wow Bao’s success. During his 30-year tenure with LEYE, … Continued

NIFA Q1 2023 | The Power of the Portfolio: How to Form a High-Performing Multi-Brand Franchisor Ownership Group

For emerging franchise brands, it can be difficult to overcome the operational kinks and financial capital required to compete with big-name brands. That’s where umbrella brands come in. Many umbrella franchisors beefed up their portfolios in recent years, investing time and resources to scale emerging concepts to a national audience. The first Northern Illinois Franchise … Continued

NIFA Q4 | Navigating the Headwinds: How Are Deals Going to Get Done in 2023?

Between rising interest rates, construction delays and supply chain obstacles, 2022 proved to be a difficult year for franchisees, suppliers and franchisors alike. For the final Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA) gathering of the year, an esteemed panel of experts took a deep dive into overcoming global economic and operations constraints that are putting substantial … Continued

NIFA Q3 Recap: State of Franchising Now & The Future

We welcomed back in-person events with the Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA) Q3 gathering, International Franchise Association President and CEO Matt Haller led an informative presentation on the state of franchising and what the FAST Act means for the industry. California’s FAST Act: What does it mean for franchising? In the world of franchising, there’s … Continued

NIFA Q1 Recap: From Zoomies to Master Networkers

As in-person events make a resurgence, you may be feeling a little rusty stepping back into your off-line life. Connecting in-person seems a little foreign nowadays, with our professional lives living on Zoom. Fortunately, the NIFA hosted its quarterly event, From Zoombies to Master Networkers, focused on dusting off your networking skills to make the … Continued

NIFA Q4 Recap: Entrepreneurial Empowerment

NIFA virtually welcomed Brittany Driscoll, the co-founder and CEO of Squeeze, to its Q4 gathering to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and how she’s inspiring new and experienced entrepreneurs to meet and exceed their dreams. Prior to launching her own businesses, Brittany spent over a decade in marketing and advertising and an additional four years as … Continued

NIFA Q3 Recap: IFA Strategy Update

Never in its history has the franchise industry been more engaged and more vocal about the issues facing our nation. NIFA sat down virtually with IFA President and CEO Matthew Haller for its Q3 gathering to discuss current IFA initiatives and provide a window into what’s happening in the political sphere. It was an educational event ending … Continued

NIFA Q2 Recap: Creating Your Peloton

We welcomed back in-person events with the Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA) Q2 June luncheon, “Creating Your Peloton.” It was an informative discussion detailing Peloton’s position as an iconic American brand that disrupted the fitness industry to create a rabid, life-changing community of members spanning digital and physical worlds. Before David J. Miller was a … Continued