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COO’s Corner: The Great Return to the Office

COO’s Corner: The Great Return to the Office

Ditch the sweatpants, and let’s get back in the office! After two years in work from home mode and perhaps not wearing traditional work-wear, offices across the country are calling their teams back to the office.

Our agency has been in our structured hybrid for the last year, with safety always being our top priority for our staff. Returning to the office was not a decision made lightly, and we are always evaluating what environment is best based on the current landscape.

An office space is often at the heart of your company culture. As workforces adjust to new working models, I’ve reflected on some of the benefits I’ve seen since returning to the office in a hybrid structure.

Cross Pod Pollination 🐝

One huge benefit of the office environment is that it enables more cross-department, or in our case, cross-pod interactions, and moments of serendipity to generate out-of-the-box ideas.

Not only does working side-by-side with our team members inspire working relationships, but I’ve also noticed a positive shift in the culture. Whether it’s eating lunch together in the kitchen, stopping by a friend’s desk to ask about their weekend, or taking our office pups, Cubby and Ivy, on a mid-day walk, this shift in workplace camaraderie has improved happiness and productivity in our office.

I’m thrilled to see collaboration and bonds amongst our team. You can catch a glimpse into the culture at All Points Public Relations on our TikTok!

Setting Boundaries Between Work and Home Life ⚖️

With the flexibility of being able to work from your kitchen table or couch, there has been blurred lines between work and home. I’ve noticed several of our staff struggle with “powering off” and continuously answering emails beyond the traditional work hours. 

As we commonly say, this is PR, not the ER, and you’re not expected to be on call 24/7. Stepping outside of your specified work from home space after hours creates a healthy balance, separating work mode from relaxation and recharge time.

Dress to Impress 👚

After two years of Zoom calls, you may be wondering, “What should I wear?” While we may not be ready to say goodbye to loungewear pieces, we’re saying hello to spring fashion.

The pandemic has loosened office dress codes to “business comfort,” the evolution of business casual. We’re now finding unique ways to incorporate athleisure in stylish, yet work-appropriate, ways.

Returning to the office doesn’t mean you have to get too dressed up – but it does allow you to dress for a purpose.

As our agency continues in our structured hybrid format, I’m happy to see the tremendous benefits and advantages of working in person.

Lauren Izaks is the COO and executive vice president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area,

April Seminar Recap: Mastering Account Management

April Seminar Recap: Mastering Account Management

When it comes to leading client accounts, senior account lead Cole Koretos has mastered account management. In his career at All Points, Cole has launched several clients, including Snap Fitness and Killer Burger, swiftly earning their trust and respect.

For our latest agency seminar, Cole walked us through how to lead successful accounts from day one. Here are his tips:

Step 1: The Launch Process

All Points has structured systems and processes, which lay the groundwork for launching a new client. The account lead funnels all communications and has a hand in the initial press release and franchisee questionnaires

The kickoff officially begins with a discovery call, the first opportunity to build trust with the client contacts. While it may be the first time meeting the team, preparation is essential. Our account teams come prepared with a set of questions that cover the bases of the entire scope of work to ensure we collect all the necessary information.

Step 2: Ongoing Relationship Building

As you further the client relationship, there are several ways to build trust. Client visits are a great opportunity to get out on their home turf and experience their company firsthand.

Cole reflected on his trip to visit Killer Burger in Portland, where he tried the brands iconic food, met with the leadership team and presented our biannual idea generator. With Q3 & Q4 idea generators on the horizon, this presents several travel opportunities for our team to continue to foster client relationships with new and existing clients.

Step 3: Day-to-Day Management

 Beyond our regular update calls, the leader of an account is responsible for the day-to-day management and acts as the point person for communication. Account leads are typically the first to review content marketing materials and social media calendars, and are responsible for making sure items are sent in a timely manner.

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Agency Archives: MUFC Takeaways

Agency Archives: MUFC Takeaways

This year’s Multi-Unit Franchising Conference (MUFC) remains one of the most valuable and lively events in franchising. The All Points team headed off to Las Vegas once again to reconnect with clients, bond with industry vendors and grow our professional network.

With a wide array of franchisors, multi-unit franchisees and operators, the convention center was alive and well, setting the tone for thoughtful discussions, dynamic events and deals closed.

After a few fun days in Vegas, we’re energized and ready to apply our learnings to create integrated results for our clients. Here are some of our top takeaways:

Dynamic Events

One of the best ways to create a buzz at conferences is to host evening dinners and socials with prospective franchisees and clients.

This year, our team attended our client Bobby’s Burgers event at Amalfi by Bobby Flay in Caesars Palace. Bobby’s Burgers recently launched its strategic franchise initiative, and this event provided the opportunity for the corporate team to network with potential multi-unit operators. The event was a success, and Bobby’s Burger’s franchising debut at MUFC made a big splash.

Reconnecting In-Person

Of course, conferences present the exceptional opportunity to connect face-to-face with current and prospective clients. All Points was fortunate to host a bourbon tasting social, where we got to catch up with clients and new connections in a relaxed setting.

Additionally, we set up private meetings to discuss strategy and share more about our new lead qualifying department – to fuel rapid development in the months ahead.

Opportunities for Growth

Even after a jam-packed visit, our real work began at the end of the conference. Follow-ups and thank you notes are an important courtesy that should not be missed, whether you’re a franchisor, franchisee or supplier.

We look forward to furthering those conversations outside of Vegas, setting the tone for potential new clients and broadening relationships.

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Five Skills Every PR Pro Needs

Five Skills Every PR Pro Needs

Becoming a well-rounded, consistently reliable and savvy public relations professional takes more than just a degree in the field. From research and communication skills to writing and creativity, a PR pro embraces variety, with each day bringing new challenges to embrace.

We asked some PR pros at All Points to share their tips every public relations professional needs to succeed:

“Being a news junkie is very helpful in PR! Constantly consuming the news and keeping up with timely current events can help when coming up with angles for our clients and for keeping the interest of reporters.” – Alana Guggenheim, Account Lead

“PR professionals need to be both persistent and strong writers, but I would say being creative and thinking outside of the box is most important. Not only do we want to hook the press with creative pitching ideas, but we also want to impress our clients and our employers with big and unique ideas that go far beyond the ‘traditional’ PR approach.” – Maddie Darling, PR Associate

“I think the biggest thing that makes a PR pro is PERSISTENCY. Persistence is a mission we live by at All Points, and you must be persistent when pitching reporters and getting results from clients. You even have to be persistent by always thinking about how you can put your team in the best position to generate results. Persistency truly is the name of the game when you’re in PR.” – Cole Koretos, Senior Account Lead

“To become a PR pro, you need to be curious and desire to learn more about the world around you. Oftentimes, PR pros are asked to work across multiple industries, from restaurant brands to junk removal services, as well as both B2B and B2C perspectives. Our clients appreciate when we take the time to get to know the ins and outs of their industries and this helps us stay in-tune with all the latest trends and new stories.” – Emily Cashen, PR Account Lead

“It is important to reevaluate your pitch if you find that you are not receiving any traction or responses from reporters. This can look a few different ways: switching up the subject line to better align with a reporter’s typical beat or to mirror their usual article titles, starting a new chain with the reporter or adjusting the pitch to be timelier.” – Rachel Nehring, Senior Account Lead

Are you looking for a workplace that provides exciting client work and a fantastic team? Then All Points might be a fit for you! Check out our career page to see open opportunities.

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