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April Seminar Recap: Mastering Account Management

April Seminar Recap: Mastering Account Management

When it comes to leading client accounts, senior account lead Cole Koretos has mastered account management. In his career at All Points, Cole has launched several clients, including Snap Fitness and Killer Burger, swiftly earning their trust and respect.

For our latest agency seminar, Cole walked us through how to lead successful accounts from day one. Here are his tips:

Step 1: The Launch Process

All Points has structured systems and processes, which lay the groundwork for launching a new client. The account lead funnels all communications and has a hand in the initial press release and franchisee questionnaires

The kickoff officially begins with a discovery call, the first opportunity to build trust with the client contacts. While it may be the first time meeting the team, preparation is essential. Our account teams come prepared with a set of questions that cover the bases of the entire scope of work to ensure we collect all the necessary information.

Step 2: Ongoing Relationship Building

As you further the client relationship, there are several ways to build trust. Client visits are a great opportunity to get out on their home turf and experience their company firsthand.

Cole reflected on his trip to visit Killer Burger in Portland, where he tried the brands iconic food, met with the leadership team and presented our biannual idea generator. With Q3 & Q4 idea generators on the horizon, this presents several travel opportunities for our team to continue to foster client relationships with new and existing clients.

Step 3: Day-to-Day Management

 Beyond our regular update calls, the leader of an account is responsible for the day-to-day management and acts as the point person for communication. Account leads are typically the first to review content marketing materials and social media calendars, and are responsible for making sure items are sent in a timely manner.

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February Seminar Recap: Let’s Convers(ate)!

February Seminar Recap: Let’s Convers(ate)!

In a virtual world, cultivating meaningful connections has never been more important.

For our latest agency seminar, we teamed up with Convers(ate) to move past the small talk and transactional conversation to explore fun and more meaningful connections.

Convers(ate) facilitates virtual experiences that help your team to connect – not only as colleagues but as people. As an agency, we’re always striving to form relationships, especially given the hybrid environment.

Through a series of interactive team-building sessions with cross-functional teams, our staff was posed thought-provoking questions that opened up the floor to more significant conversation.

Here are ways Convers(ate) challenged us to get to know our team:

    • What’s the story behind your name?
    • Where do you fall on the scale of extroverted vs. introverted?
    • What type of environment do you work best in?
    • What’s a piece of advice you’ve received that rings true?

It was great to get a glimpse into the ‘human’ behind the formal relationship. It can be difficult to build connections when only talking about work, and Convers(ate) helped us find common threads to relate to one other on a deeper level.

As an agency, we highly encourage “cross pod pollination,” which is the collaboration of individuals outside of their traditional teams or departments. This seminar inspired meaningful conversations beyond just the traditional, ‘how’s it going’ or ‘how was your weekend.’

Opportunities to breakout and interact with other colleagues isn’t as prevalent as it used to be, and this seminar left our team inspired to continue these conversations and get to know our team on a more personal level.

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July Seminar Recap: To-Do Lists are Key for Efficiency

July Seminar Recap: To-Do Lists are Key for Efficiency

How effective is your to-do list? Does it help you prioritize your day, or is it a never-ending list of tasks that always roll over into the next day? In this month’s agency seminar, Senior Director Bailey Hewitt, PR Account Leads Nicole Odziewa and Rachel Nehring and PR Associate Emily Cashen discussed how we can organize ourselves for a more productive work week.

Organization is a key part of our agency systems and processes. We set ourselves up with strong to-do lists in order to maximize communication efforts and work smarter—not harder. The team shared several organizational methods to help set our team up for success.

Personalize Your Method

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to organization. What works for one may not translate for an entire team. Whether your method is making a checklist or blocking out tasks hour by hour, creating a clear system to manage your various tasks for the given week is essential.

Stay on Top of Your Day/Week

It’s important to set time at the beginning of the week to get organized for the days ahead. Create a weekly plan with tasks slotted for each day. While we can sometimes plan for items several days or weeks in advance, others will pop up as the day goes on.

As an agency, we use the phrase “plan for the plop,” which means leaving flexible time in your schedule to handle anything that “plops” onto your plate unexpectedly. Daily and weekly lists are not static, and you’ll probably have to add and change things throughout the week.

Schedule Everything

Rather than collecting a large bank of tasks to get done throughout a full work day, some people benefit from scheduling everything into a dedicated time slot. Our agency recently made the switch to Google Calendar, which provides unique abilities to create personal calendars to outline your meetings, deadlines and to-dos.

No matter the method, keeping a prioritized list of the tasks helps manage time effectively and beats the work overload. If used successfully, you’ll be much better organized, ahead on deadlines and a more valuable asset to your team.

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APPR Seminar: The Guide to UTM Codes

APPR Seminar: The Guide to UTM Codes

The All Points PR team held our monthly seminar, hosted by digital marketing lead Katie Rada, on integrating UTM codes into our social and content tactics. Katie is one of our expert sources of all things analytics and will be leading the charge with transitioning clients over to this tactic.

Hear more from Katie about why we are integrating UTM links with our clients:

As an integrated agency, there’s a lot of moving parts that come together to produce positive results for our clients. Marketing analytics help us to maximize our strategy’s effectiveness and optimize content and paid social efficiency.

A UTM code is a simple string of values that you can attach to the end of a custom URL to track a source, medium or campaign name. As a visitor clicks a link, data is captured, providing details on how a person landed on the webpage.

The most popular UTM builder is Google Analytics. To build a tag, simply fill in your values to generate the link to include in your campaign. Once created, it’s helpful to convert to a short link such as bit.ly for ease of use and sharing.

UTM Best Practices:

  • Use consistent naming conventions. From capital letters to spacing, consistency is critical.
  • Keep a list of all UTM values used to share internally or with the client.
  • Use Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from, how your channels and campaigns are performing, and even which links your visitors are clicking to land on your site.

Implementing UTM codes ensures we can properly attribute strong points of each campaign or initiative to their source. This practice will only create more value for our clients as we plan to utilize UTM links across social and content tactics.

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All Points PR Prepares for Safe Return to the Office During June Seminar

All Points PR Prepares for Safe Return to the Office During June Seminar

All Points PR is back in office!

As a world and as an office, we’re all learning how to embrace change. Our June seminar, led virtually via Zoom by COO & Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks on Friday, June 5, provided in-depth information to our team on reopening procedures and in-office safety measures.

Though we’re all facing a new normal, this seminar was an important time for our team to gather and reinforce our mission of persistence. It offered space for us to ask and address questions, align on expectations and share each other’s excitement for a safe return. We’ve found a silver lining in all of the lessons learned over these past few weeks, from mastering our FaceTime and Zoom skills to the power of teamwork and perseverance during challenging times. These lessons will certainly be embraced as we all make this new transition.

It’s been great having members of the team return to the office over the past week, and we look forward to officially welcoming the full team back on Monday, June 22.

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