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NIFA Q3 Recap: State of Franchising Now & The Future

NIFA Q3 Recap: State of Franchising Now & The Future

We welcomed back in-person events with the Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA) Northern Illinois Franchise Association’s Q3 gathering, International Franchise Association President and CEO Matt Haller led an informative presentation on the state of franchising and what the FAST Act means for the industry.

California’s FAST Act: What does it mean for franchising?

In the world of franchising, there’s a new act generating some buzz. California recently signed the Fast-Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, known by many as the FAST Act, which centers on setting industry standards for fast-food restaurant workers including wages, hours and working conditions.

How does the FAST Act Impact the franchise industry?

During his presentation, Matt discussed how this act unfairly singles out the fast-food industry and would saddle operations with high labor costs. The legislation establishes a ten-member council so set specific guidelines, such as raising the minimum wage to $24 an hour.

Matt also stressed the need for education as many do not realize that large corporations like Jack in the Box, Burger King and Yum Brands (who operates the brands KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Habit Burger Grill) are often owned by those local to the community, not by corporate themselves. Laws like the FAST Act could become norm for states nationwide, and it’s important to discuss the costs and implications the guidelines have on franchise owners.

Combatting the Labor Shortage

 Another major concern for many franchise operators is hiring and retaining labor. During the fireside chat portion of NIFA, Barbara Moran, CEO at Moran Family of Brands, and Matthew Patinkin, IFA Board member and former multi-unit franchise owner, noted that current employees are the best advertising for hiring.

If you create a positive work environment with good pay, benefits and room for advancement, they’ll refer others to work for you. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool to reach new audiences and build a positive brand reputation.

Upcoming Events

As we enter the fall conference season, there are many upcoming franchise conferences and opportunities to get involved in the IFA and network with other industry professionals. NIFA plans to meet up for a happy hour next month at the Franchise Leadership & Development Conference in Atlanta.

We’d also like to extend a huge thank you to our presenter Matt Haller, fireside chat participants Barbara Moran and Matthew Patinkin and our sponsor, Associated, for making this event possible.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend or would like to view the discussion, click here to download Matt’s presentation.

To further foster these connections and share best practices, we encourage anyone who would like to stay connected to check out our NIFA LinkedIn group.

Looking ahead, we are planning wonderful events for Q4 and 2023. We encourage anyone with topic ideas and sponsorship questions for future events to reach out to Lauren Izaks directly by clicking here.

Visit www.northernilfranchise.org for more information about the organization.

2020 Outlook: 5 Top PR and Social Media Trends to Power Up Franchise Sales, Revenues and Brand Awareness

2020 Outlook: 5 Top PR and Social Media Trends to Power Up Franchise Sales, Revenues and Brand Awareness

The turn of the year is almost here, which means that the IFA Annual Convention is just around the corner! Many will be at the convention looking for ways to amplify their franchise sales, revenues and brand awareness. All Points PR will be there with fresh ideas on how to maximize trending PR and social media strategies to Power Up your brand.

As you look ahead to getting the most out of your time at the Convention, make plans to meet with us to learn more about today’s cutting-edge lead generation and revenue-building strategies. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll have top of mind at the IFA Convention to energize your franchise in the year ahead. We hope to see you there!

Election Year

With election year just around the corner, the media’s attention will be heavily focused on the political debates and issues. So, how can your franchise development and brand messaging break through the clutter? Timing will be more important than ever, along with the right angles to effectively insert your concept into the conversation.

 User-generated content

The voice of your franchisees and fans can make a huge impact. Strong testimonials reflect well on your brand, and help establish credibility in a time where trust is everything. What platform can you provide to help them share more often about your brand? What’s most important is that the content is authentic.

Functional content

People want to research on their own, and with access to a wide variety of devices and technology platforms, it’s never been easier to do so. What content should you share to create loyalty or interest? Think infographics and short videos – ensure that the content is digestible and, more importantly, adds value for the viewer. 

Community Engagement

Consumers and franchise investors value authenticity and social responsibility, so it’s important for your brand to get involved with organizations that represent your values. When consumers use a product or service of a socially responsible company, they feel like they’re doing their part. The same holds true for franchise investors who want to align with a brand that reflects their values.

Social Media

You only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, so make them count. Do you have a live streaming strategy? Eye-catching imagery on file? Video content with good production value? Create an arsenal of content spanning multiple mediums that can be shared across various platforms – remember that content can and should be repurposed in multiple ways to help you gain the most mileage.