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Director’s Digest: Spreading the Word on Signed Agreements

Director’s Digest: Spreading the Word on Signed Agreements

At All Points, we recognize signed agreements as milestone moments in our clients’ growth journey. A signed agreement is when a new or existing franchisee signs a development deal for a specific territory, and this is the first step towards ownership and the final step in a long line of work for the franchisor’s development team.

We work with brands to leverage these announcements and in turn attract more prospective buyers to the franchise opportunity.  So, how do we strategically spread the message far and wide?

Our integrated approach includes public relations, social media and content marketing working collaboratively to generate owned, earned and paid media. The goal is to leverage signed agreements and use them to showcase our client’s continuous growth and momentum.

Owned media tactics—including lead nurturing emails, blog posts and organic social media—are all created and controlled in-house. The more owned media channels a brand has, the larger their digital footprint, or the power to reach customers and followers. To increase organic impressions, we encourage our clients to share the announcement within their internal communications and encourage franchisees to share the news. Growth announcements benefit the entire franchise, as the brand continues to expand, so does their brand awareness and customer reach.

Drafting and distributing a press release to secure positive media coverage is how we leverage earned media. It’s important when pitching a signed agreement announcement to consider your audience. Is it to the franchise trades or a local business reporter? As always, tailor your approach towards a reporter’s beat to increase your chance for growth coverage.

Email blasts, banner ads, boosted social posts and other forms of paid media, help reach a larger audience beyond organic (non-paid) efforts. A small investment can have a large return, as it drives users to your franchise website to seek out more information on ownership opportunities for themselves.

No matter the tactic, make sure your messaging is consistent across the board. Highlight the caliber of people investing in your concept, and allude to the opportunity for others to develop with your brand. A signed agreement indicates a success story, so incite others to celebrate with you with each development deal that comes.

JoeyLauren Jiracek is a Director at All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area, www.allpointspr.com.

Director’s Digest: Powering Up for IFA 2020

Director’s Digest: Powering Up for IFA 2020

IFA 2020 is just moments away, and several members of the All Points team, including myself, are eagerly gearing up for the most exciting time of the year in the franchising industry. I’m especially excited to be surrounded by the contagious and electrifying energy that the IFA Convention brings.

Our team is looking forward to the opportunity to meet with existing clients face-to-face, as well as network with potential clients who could benefit from our services. While we hold weekly calls and stay in close contact with our clients, we don’t always have that personal touch point. Meeting and catching up with our clients in person allows us to better understand their backgrounds, motivations and personal lives. A chance to connect on that level, whether it’s with an existing or potential client, is absolutely priceless!

We introduced our new agency-wide campaign this year, “Power Up,” that really reflects our charge and mission to take our clients’ franchise presence to the next level through integrated public relations, social media, digital and content marketing. Our team has been working hard on this campaign for months, and we’ve enjoyed watching it come to life digitally and through print. But, the biggest moment will surely be when all of the marketing elements come together at the IFA.

We’re also excited to host our clients at some fun events and have the opportunity to network and meet with other industry leaders and influencers. The networking, professional learnings and time to sit down during the sessions will certainly provide us with an even stronger pulse on the franchising industry.

If you’re headed to IFA, get lots of sleep – you’re going to need to be amped and well rested for these next four days! We’ll see you at IFA 2020 in Orlando.

Gautier Lemyze-Young is a Director at All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area, www.allpointspr.com.