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All Points Team Shares 2018 Resolutions

All Points Team Shares 2018 Resolutions

As natural goal-setters, the All Points team always looks for ways to improve both personally and professionally. As the new year begins, we’re thinking about what lies ahead. Check out our team’s resolutions for 2018.

Bailey: …to cook, and to read more books.

Jessica:… to continue to grow myself as a professional through classes and new experiences, and to spend some time traveling.

Lauren: …to enjoy the journey of our growth and to be in bed by 10:30 each night.

Jamie: …to share Pura Vida everyday and to be in bed by 10:30 each night.

Maddy: …to improve my mornings by waking up early enough to exercise and eat a satisfying breakfast consistently.

Steph: …to live a more natural and toxic-free lifestyle and to continue educating myself to grow professionally.

Sydney: … to fine-tune a new hobby to enjoy on weeknights and weekends, and to attend at least one new PR conference to refine my skills.

Barbara: …to learn new skills in Adobe software, to increase my productivity, and to save money for my wedding.

Amy: …to cook more vegetarian food at home, and to make time for creative writing.

Mackenzie: …to be more intentional and mindful about the ways in which I use my time, and to grow as a writer by starting and maintaining a journal for personal reflection/growth, thoughts and ideas.

Allie:… to drink more water and less coffee, and to experiment more with different styles and textures in my design work.

Joey: …to read more outside of the office, as a way to wind down from the day and to further educate myself on topics that interest me.

Rachel: …to read more books and learn something new each day, both personally and professionally.

Katie: …to learn how to cook, to do some DIY home decorating projects, and to make time everyday to stay organized.

Gillian: …to learn at least one new skill, and to create something on a regular basis.

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