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APPR Seminar: What You Didn’t Know About Organic Social Media

APPR Seminar: What You Didn’t Know About Organic Social Media

Our creative and digital team leverages digital communication strategies across multiple paid and organic channels by creating interactive experiences for a targeted audience, whether that be consumer or franchise development related. For this month’s agency seminar, five members of the APPR Creative and Digital team shared the importance of organic social media and broke down how each platform can be effectively integrated into our client’s social strategy.

Creative and Digital Account Lead Marin McCall kicked off with Facebook, where users spend an average of 34 minutes per day on the platform and nearly 80% access on a mobile device. Video consistently outperforms images and text, with engagement nearly doubling that of text posts. As our clients look to grow their audience on Facebook, it’s important to consider how content appears on mobile and other content mediums to generate greater success.

Next, we heard from Creative and Digital Associate Dylan Pashke about the impact Instagram has on business accounts. With one-third of the most viewed Instagram stories coming from businesses, there is a strong opportunity for growth for our clients. In a recent update, influencers can now tag up to two brands in a sponsored post, a game-changing tactic for our influencer marketing tactics.

With much of our clients’ organic and paid social work focused on LinkedIn, Senior Creative and Digital Account Lead Spencer Abbott shared that people-centric content outperforms the rest. Content posted from personal profiles see 1.5 to 2 times the reach of the same posts from company pages. The greatest takeaway: posting more often from personal profiles and encouraging franchisees to share company blogs, photos and their experiences.

As the latest and continuously evolving social platform, TikTok is a break-out star, with 689 million active users worldwide. Creative and Digital Account Lead Jonathan Bazar shared how TikTok is shaking up social media with its worldwide presence and ability to connect with its audience on a more personal, relatable level.

Katie Lynn Rada, Digital Marketing Lead, jumped in with Google, which generates 93% of all web traffic. On the first page alone, the first five organic results account for 67% of all the clicks, proving that SEO and applicable website content are key to get stronger rankings and traffic.

As an agency, we take a proactive role in promoting social media engagement. Throughout the week, each employee engages with a client’s social account outside of their organic social media calendar, with links to secured press, content marketing pieces or national holiday spotlights.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office.

LinkedIn for Businesses

LinkedIn for Businesses

LinkedInBusinesses are leveraging the power of LinkedIn, the largest social network designed for dialogue relating to career advancement and general business matters like never before.

As it relates to the industry where All Points Public Relations, a Chicago-based PR Firm, focuses its attention, franchising, LinkedIn is an asset to cherish and more and more brands are discovering its benefits.

In particular, franchise organizations need to have and manage a LinkedIn Company Page and perhaps one or more Showcase Pages. As the strength of LinkedIn grows, Company Pages are becoming hubs of rich content that can engage current and potential customers, current and future employees and other vital stakeholders such as investors. Plus, the Showcase Pages offer an opportunity to further dial in with your LinkedIn follower base to give those connecting with your business even more relevant information.

For instance, a franchisor may choose to use a LinkedIn Company page to spotlight their products and services for their clients, or to celebrate company successes, new hires or for general organic engagement about relevant news and topical matters. Then, they can leverage the LinkedIn Showcase page to dial in on franchise development topics and advancements so that interested investors can glean entrepreneurial focused content and growth information from the company, thus increasing their interest in buying a franchise.

Plus, the SEO benefits are measurable. Google indexes company pages; meaning that pages serve as a tool for strengthening rank in organic search results. Each search result contains a brief 156-character company description, which should quickly compel potential customers to learn more about the business by clicking on the link.

With more than 300 million members, LinkedIn is a worthwhile investment. People who visit LinkedIn are in a professional mindset and are actively seeking insights to connect even closer with the brands they are engaging with through the social platform.

A well-organized LinkedIn presence for a franchisor can build a loyal fan base, increase investor interest and further develop a company’s identity, especially if it provides thought provoking ideas and offers compelling reasons for LinkedIn members to return or dig deeper through other online means.

At All Points PR, we implement a full LinkedIn strategy for our franchise industry clients, including initial setup and ongoing management. The social media services, which are part of the integrated Franchise PR collection of offerings, aim to leverage innovative communication strategies by creating interactive experiences for a targeted set of customers (consumers, businesses and potential franchisees). To learn more about our services visit allpointspr.com/services.