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COO’s Corner: Be Present in 2022

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. After overcoming the triumphs and tribulations of the pandemic, 2021 truly embodied resilience. With a renewed feeling of hope, brought by vaccines, I’m challenging my staff to live mindfully and be present in the year ahead. Even in our structured hybrid, we still need to … Continued

Company Culture: From Seminars to Pizza Parties

The buzz-phrase “company culture” has undoubtedly come up in every professional setting and college classroom over the last several years. Why is this phrase so important and what does it actually mean to employers and their employees? Everyone defines it differently, but the definition of company culture that All Points Public Relations, a Chicago-based franchise … Continued

Storytelling is the Core of Public Relations

Recently, we viewed filmmaker Andrew Stanton’s TED talk, “The Clues to a Great Story,” in which he shares insights about effective storytelling. Stanton, who is best known for helping create movies like Toy Story, WALL-E and Finding Nemo, knows a thing or two about storytelling. Listening to his talk, we were especially inspired and excited … Continued

Expanding Franchise Public Relations Agency

This year has been a year of incredible growth and exciting opportunities for All Points PR. Ahead of celebrating its third anniversary in August, the agency hired eight new employees between March and September of 2014. All of the new hires are young, ambitious and creative millennials, the demographic born in the 1980s and 1990s, … Continued

The Whole of PR is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Integrated PR for Franchise Lead Generation

Franchise companies that have ambitious growth plans should consider an integrated public relations strategy. A truly integrated approach incorporates critical PR elements into a cohesive plan that strengthens franchise development efforts. At All Points Public Relations, a Chicago-based franchise PR firm, we believe that there are three necessary components to every PR strategy aimed at … Continued

From Powerplays to Pitching: Similarities Between Sports Reporting and Franchise PR

Associate Adee Feiner reflects on her transition from sports reporting to being a publicist with All Points PR: I remember my very first time interviewing an athlete for my college newspaper. After the initial excitement of landing a coveted position as the Men’s Hockey beat writer for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s The Daily Cardinal faded away, the panic … Continued

LinkedIn for Businesses

Businesses are leveraging the power of LinkedIn, the largest social network designed for dialogue relating to career advancement and general business matters like never before. As it relates to the industry where All Points Public Relations, a Chicago-based PR Firm, focuses its attention, franchising, LinkedIn is an asset to cherish and more and more brands … Continued

Get Noticed with Quality Content

Every business strives to generate more transactions. To achieve this, it is important to attract consumers and not only tell them about your brand, but to share a unique perspective or information they did not have prior to visiting your blog, website or social media channel. Content marketing is a mindset that is integrated into … Continued