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COO’s Corner: Be Present in 2022

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. After overcoming the triumphs and tribulations of the pandemic, 2021 truly embodied resilience. With a renewed feeling of hope, brought by vaccines, I’m challenging my staff to live mindfully and be present in the year ahead. Even in our structured hybrid, we still need to … Continued

NIFA Q4 Recap: Entrepreneurial Empowerment

NIFA virtually welcomed Brittany Driscoll, the co-founder and CEO of Squeeze, to its Q4 gathering to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and how she’s inspiring new and experienced entrepreneurs to meet and exceed their dreams. Prior to launching her own businesses, Brittany spent over a decade in marketing and advertising and an additional four years as … Continued

What the All Points PR Team is Thankful for This Year

In this season of gratitude, we caught up with a few of our team members throughout the office to hear what they’re thankful for this holiday season. From personal to professional, we have a lot to give thanks for (including beach views all year even in Deerfield—can you spot it in this video?). Check it … Continued

November Seminar Recap: A Sneak Peek at our New Service 👀

During our November Seminar our staff got a sneak peek at our new lead qualifying service, launching in early 2022.  Senior Director Bailey is spearheading this initiative and shared her learning from early trials. Across the board, our clients share one universal goal: growth. For years we’ve been helping our clients generate leads, and now we … Continued

Directors Digest: How Not to Scare Away Reporters

Though some journalists might like getting spooked outside of work during the Halloween season, sending them lengthy, aggressive pitches with spelling errors will land you in the email graveyard. Here are some tips for how not to scare away reporters: Write a Compelling Subject Line Journalists receive hundreds of pitches every day, and more than … Continued

COO’s Corner: Support Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

It’s a new era for mental health. Never before have mental health challenges been more prevalent across the country. One study reported 76% of workers experienced at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the last year, supporting the notion that mental health challenges impact nearly all of us on a regular basis. … Continued

AP University Hosts Illinois State Students for Agency Visit

Following the agency’s first summer internship program, we’re thrilled to continue nurturing our relationships with new talent through AP University. AP University serves to establish meaningful partnerships with universities through on-site classroom and student organization visits, speaking engagements and agency tours. We recently hosted Illinois State’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) to give … Continued

Director’s Digest: Writing a Winning Award Submission

Winning awards as an organization earns widespread exposure, enhances brand awareness and validates your market position. However, earning these recognitions is a highly competitive process, so your application makes or breaks your opportunity to earn these benefits. We frequently use our industry and client-specific knowledge to craft stellar award submissions on our clients’ behalf. With … Continued

NIFA Q3 Recap: IFA Strategy Update

Never in its history has the franchise industry been more engaged and more vocal about the issues facing our nation. NIFA sat down virtually with IFA President and CEO Matthew Haller for its Q3 gathering to discuss current IFA initiatives and provide a window into what’s happening in the political sphere. It was an educational event ending … Continued