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Meet Our Point Pals: How to Make Mentorship Relationships Meaningful

Meet Our Point Pals: How to Make Mentorship Relationships Meaningful

Finding someone at work to support and encourage you, while also challenging you, is one of the best ways to hone your skills and reach your career goals. Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs. Why? Because investing in leadership pays off in performance, productivity and innovation.

To reap the benefits of mentorship for yourself and your organization, it is important to foster strong mentor-mentee relationships. Let’s break down our tips to make mentorship relationships more meaningful:

Make Mentorship a Priority

Just like any relationship, mentorships take effort to maintain. Even when you’re experiencing an abundance of work and personal obligations, it’s important to prioritize time to nurture these relationships so they can continue to grow.

No matter what, it’s important to keep the cadence consistent and make adjustments as needed. Allocate your time accordingly.

Recognize the Mutual Benefits

Mentorship is a two-way street – you get out what you put in. The best mentorship relationships are collaborative and offer value to both sides. If you’re mentoring the right way, you’ll learn just as much from your mentee as they did from you.

 Shifting Levels of Support

There may be periods when mentees need more support than others. Break down bigger problems, challenges or tasks into more manageable pieces. Then, develop a plan to accomplish one step at a time – don’t forget to give encouragement, feedback and problem-solving tips along the way.

Meet Our Point Pals

Our Point Pals mentorship program is a great way for newer employees to connect with and get advice from other established members of our agency.

After going through our robust Welcome Program, pairs are matched based on personality and compatibility. Our Point Pal leaders, Emily Cashen and Jonathan Bazar, personally meet with newer employees to talk through who in the agency they’d be most comfortable connecting with outside of work and having as a resource for work-related projects.

While official Point Pals meetings happen twice a month, mentors check in weekly to see how the week is going and to share wins or questions mentees may have.

Following the completion of the mentorship program, mentees have the opportunity to mentor future team members. It’s a family tree that keeps on growing! 

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