Kona Ice Drives Through Another Milestone Midway Through 2019

Kona Ice Drives Through Another Milestone Midway Through 2019

Kona Ice Drives Through Another Milestone Midway Through 2019

At the end of Quarter 2, Kona Ice is already working towards their next achievement

FLORENCE, Ky. – Where rubber meets the road, there is no other franchise in America that compares to Kona Ice.

As the nation’s iconic mobile shaved ice franchisor continues to earn an intensifying amount of accolades, its franchise growth is reaching a milestone reserved for a rare breed of brands. In June of 2019, Kona Ice will have more than 1,200 of its colorful, tropical-themed trucks running across the country, captivating even more of America with a one-of-a-kind gourmet shaved ice experience.

“Kona Ice has passed the 10 year landmark, the 1,000 truck landmark, we’ve donated more than $62 million nation-wide to non-profit organizations, and now with reaching 1,200 trucks halfway through 2019, we are already looking forward to the next big milestone we can surpass,” said Tony Lamb, the brand’s president and founder who has been celebrated in recent years for the entrepreneurial ambition he has shown in launching and successfully expanding the business. “The energy behind the brand is contagious. The rapid expansion of the brand has both new and old franchisees excited for the future of Kona and what we can achieve together.”

In 2018 alone, Kona added 175 franchised trucks, further solidifying the brand as the next generation ice cream truck – a sleeker, more entertaining, safer and increasingly profitable business model. Taking into account Kona Ice’s mini version of its trucks and its kiosks, the country’s most recognizable mobile shaved ice experience already has more than 1,600 units operating. The implementation of the Kona kiosk allows Kona to now be brought indoors, providing there is no limitation for what the brand can do.

Serving tens of millions of consumers across the nation every year, the franchisees that run the units are generating revenues that directly impact the communities they serve in incredibly positive ways. Along with the 1,200 truck benchmark, Kona Ice’s giveback to community schools and organizations across its franchise system has just passed the $62 million milestone.

“Our company may be expanding more rapidly than we ever could have dreamed, but the original mission of Kona Ice remains the same,” added Lamb. “Entrepreneurship is an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others. The giveback proponent of our company is what sets Kona Ice aside from other businesses, and is a main part of what make us so appealing to entrepreneurs. The more areas we service, the more money we can give back to the community.

Moving forward, Kona Ice aims to grow with qualified franchisees that embody a contagious entrepreneurial spirit and who have a deep appreciation for following the brand’s processes and systems. The franchise opportunity has been designed to meet the needs of individuals, both seasoned and new business owners, seeking greater purpose, structure, support, and marketing expertise.

About Kona Ice

A true community ally renowned for facilitating endless fundraising options, Kona Ice has given more than $62 million back to neighborhood schools, organizations and teams since its inception in 2007. The brand’s iconic truck offers customers a one-of-a-kind experience, featuring the opportunity to create their own shaved ice on the self-serve Flavorwave™, while enjoying the soothing sights and sounds from the tropics. Currently, there are more than 1,200 franchise units in 47 states.

For more information about booking Kona Ice for a fundraiser or event, visit www.kona-ice.com. To learn more about available franchise opportunities, visit www.ownakona.com or call (800) KONAICE.