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COO’s Corner: Dress for Success in the Summer Heat

COO’s Corner: Dress for Success in the Summer Heat

As the weather heats up and it’s finally time to break out the summer clothing, I’d like to chat about office dress code policies. While All Points has established a casual dress code, not all clothing is suitable for the office. Here are a few helpful guidelines to help you dress for success in the summer heat.

Don’t dress for the beach, gym or nightclub

My ultimate rule of thumb when it comes for dressing in a casual work environment is that if you can wear it to the beach, gym or nightclub, don’t wear it to work! Clothing that is meant for hitting the beach, such as cover-up dresses or flip-flops, is not appropriate for a professional appearance at work. Likewise, any sneakers, leggings or tank tops that can be worn to the gym should be kept outside of the workplace. Nightclub attire, such as low-cut or midriff tops, is not acceptable!

Keep it clean and appropriate

Dirty and torn clothes are never appropriate for the workplace, even in a casual setting. Use your best judgment when wearing jeans with holes and fraying – keep it to a minimum. Casual dresses may be worn and should be at a length at which you can sit comfortably in public. Despite the heat, shorts in any form should not be worn. Casual shirts, dress shirts, polos or golf-type shirts are perfectly acceptable, but any t-shirts with words, terms or pictures that may be offensive to other employees cannot be worn to work.

Think sensibly about your footwear

While it’s tempting to break out your favorite pair of flip-flops or gym shoes for the summer, remember that footwear should still be sensible and appropriate for the office. Dressier sneakers and flip-flops may be worn.

All Points is a creative environment, so expressing your unique style through your clothing, jewelry, hairstyle, etc. is always welcome. However, with a casual dress code, the goal is not to encourage a fashion show, but rather to promote dressing comfortably and for success. Finally – and I cannot stress this enough – remember to layer up! No matter how warm it is outside, take the office AC into account when choosing your outfit.

Lauren Izaks is the COO and executive vice president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area,

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