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All Points Partners with Kidz Express for Q4 Positive Impact Program

All Points Partners with Kidz Express for Q4 Positive Impact Program

The All Points PR team is back with another activity booklet for our Q4 Positive Impact program!

This time around, the team is partnering with Kidz Express, an education, mentorship and youth employment organization in Chicago’s South Austin neighborhood, to create a branded activity booklet. The winner of our second annual PRo Community Project, the All Points team is thrilled to be working with Kidz Express this holiday season and help give back to the local community.

Similar to the All Points Positive Impact Activity Booklet created in Q2, the Kidz Express Activity Booklet will be packed with tons of fun games and activities. We know these challenging times have hit especially hard for our nation’s youth. As we put the pages of the booklets together, from brain games and coloring pages to “how to” crafts, we hope to put smiles on the kids’ faces and encourage some much-needed fun.

Stay tuned for more of our work with Kidz Express by following along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Click here to learn more about the All Points PRo Community Project.

What the All Points PR Team is Thankful for This Holiday Season

What the All Points PR Team is Thankful for This Holiday Season

While the holiday season looks quite different this time around, the All Points PR team took some time to reflect on what we’re truly thankful for during such an unexpected and challenging year. Whether personal or professional, our team has plenty of things to give thanks for. Check it out below:

Marin: I’m thankful for YouTube tutorials for teaching me every new hobby I’ve wanted to learn throughout quarantine.

Anastasia: I’m thankful for my All Points work family. After graduating at home this past May, things were looking pretty uncertain and dark for many graduates like me in the class of 2020. Having the privilege of working with this amazing team every day is what gets me up in the morning. Being able to do what I’m most passionate about and having so many other people support and inspire me daily has been the biggest gift in 2020.

The other thing that I’m grateful for is having time to sit down and enjoy dinner together with my family. Before the pandemic, my family would rarely be on a similar schedule so that we could coordinate eating dinner together. Now that things have altered a bit in our schedules and social lives, we are making more time for each other and enjoying quality time almost every evening. It’s been our silver lining throughout this crazy year.

Lauren: I’m thankful for the swerve. The swerve that my journey took in 2020 brought two dogs into our home and also gave my family a lot of time to be together.  

Gautier: I’m thankful for friends, family and colleagues who have been a great resource and support system through a challenging and whirlwind year! 

Alex H: I’m thankful for my friends, family and coworkers who support me through even the most sleep-deprived days!

Katie Lynn: I’m most thankful for a healthy family and good friends to lean on (even virtually) during tough times. Also, I’m very thankful for my new role at All Points and for joining such a kind and welcoming team. During quarantine, and now as we approach winter, I’m super thankful for good books and new shows to watch!

Amanda: I’m thankful for the health of my family and friends, my rediscovered passion for running, my car, amazing coworkers, fantastic music releases and shows that have helped distract from such a crazy year, and the technology that keeps me connected to my loved ones every day.

Kate: I’m thankful for all the time I got to spend with my family (socially distant and mask covered of course) and having them live so close. My health and the health of my loved ones continues to be something I’m incredibly grateful for. This year has been filled with ups and downs, leaving me especially thankful for the little things.

Maddy: I’m thankful for my family and friends. They have been a wonderful support system as we all learn to stay connected virtually during the turbulence of 2020.

Cole: I’m thankful for my loving family and friends. Their support has helped so much throughout my life. I’m also thankful for my coworkers. They help turn any bad day into a good one and are the reason I’m able to be successful at my job.

Jamie: In a year when we could all have faced greater challenges, I’m thankful for the health of my entire family, friends, the All Points team and our clients. I’m also thankful for the resilience of the human spirit – it’s been a roller coaster, but we’ve all found places inside us to persist.  

Emily S: I’m most thankful for my family. Although this past year has been challenging, I could always count on my family to be there for me and be supportive of the decisions I made. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them!

Jonathan: Although 2020 wasn’t exactly the year we imagined, I’m extremely thankful for the year our agency has had. I’m proud of us for all that we have overcome and for coming out stronger on the other side! I’m beyond thankful for my family and friends. Lastly, I’m thankful that sports are back in action.

Rachel: I’m thankful for supportive friends, family and coworkers.

Katie: I’m thankful for my health, the ability to still spend time with friends and family and the technology that keeps us together even when we’re not able to be with each other.

Nicole: I owe everything to my friends for keeping me sane this year. Our FaceTimes with one another are some of my more memorable moments from this year. I’ve also been lucky enough to start a podcast with a few of my friends this year which has helped me grow creatively by honing my graphic design and video editing skills. I’m also thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to grow professionally at All Points which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my coworkers and Lauren and Jamie.

Alex S: I’m thankful for finding a positive support system in my family, my friends and my colleagues. This year has been full of ups and downs, but having people who are consistently cheering me on through the roller coaster is something I’m especially grateful for!

Spencer: I’m thankful that when Netflix releases a new series, they drop all the episodes at once. HBO Max, Hulu and Amazon Prime can all learn something from the OG streaming service.

Emily M: I’m thankful for my family, my home, my car and all of my crafting supplies!

Joey: I’m thankful to be surrounded by optimistic friends, family and coworkers who encourage me to look on the bright side of life. Their positive affirmations and energy always resonate with me, but having a positive circle was especially important this year. 

Bailey: As we’ve all been limited in our ability to socialize this year, I’m extra thankful to live so close to my family and to work with a team of people I enjoy talking to and being around.

Morgan: I’m thankful for my friends and family, my big comfy couch in the living room and Uber Eats.

Jessica: I’m thankful for my family, friends and good health.  

Tess: I’m thankful for my coworkers. When I relocated from Michigan to Illinois, I didn’t know anyone. From my first day at work, I felt welcomed and accepted by my colleagues, which I’m forever grateful for.

Tracey: In a year that has been unlike any other, I’m thankful for my amazing husband, my two pups and having family who lives so close by. I’m also incredibly thankful for the baby boy I have growing inside me who we will get to meet at the end of this year. We will never forget 2020 and I’m thankful that my main reason for that will be our little boy.

Sandy: Though this year has been difficult, I’m thankful for the all of the positives that came from it. I’m thankful it led me to All Points where I have amazing colleagues who have been very welcoming and supportive. I’m excited to continue to grow with All Points! 

Mackenzie: I’m thankful for my family (especially my adorable baby nephew, Cohen!), lifelong friends, my job and for the technology that’s kept our world connected over the past year. 

President’s Point: Beware of Blunders

President’s Point: Beware of Blunders

PR doesn’t always go according to plan. This is especially true if your team doesn’t put enough time into weighing all of the potential outcomes.

With careful preparation and consideration to the execution of a campaign, it becomes much easier to anticipate the outcome. Even if you couldn’t possibly imagine a poor response, you must be prepared for any situation – otherwise, you just might end up with a PR nightmare on your hands.

Fortunately for us, unfortunately for those who suffered through them, there are plenty of well-meaning campaigns that we can learn from. Here are a few with important learnings for us all.

Blunder #1: Build-A-Bear Workshop’s “Pay Your Age” Day

In July 2018, Build-A-Bear Workshop held a special Pay Your Age event to kick off its new celebration of birthdays. The concept is as simple as it sounds – the sale for a plush toy equals the age of your child. The event created a frenzy at American malls when more people showed up than expected, leading to massively long lines and tons of media attention. Eventually, the retailer had to start distributing vouchers, closing stores and turning disappointed customers away. 

The Lesson

Don’t underestimate the traction of an event, especially one with a heavily discounted offer. While the idea of the event was good, it lacked the proper forethought and operational execution, which resulted in unhappy customers. Always have a backup plan, consider as many contingencies as possible and create a way to make it up to stakeholders in the event things go south.

Blunder #2: Neymar and Messi Mastercard Campaign to Feed Starving Children

In 2018, Mastercard announced on Twitter that it would donate 10,000 meals to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) for children in Latin America and the Caribbean each time professional soccer players Lionel Messi or Neymar scored a goal. While the company likely expected a universally positive reaction, the pledge quickly backfired on social media. Some branded the event as a “horrible” and “morally wrong” PR stunt that meant the fate of starving children rested in the performance of two soccer stars.

The Lesson

As one Twitter user put it, “Don’t let the fate of starving children rest on multimillionaire footballers.” If your company has the means to donate money or contribute to a good cause, don’t create any fancy hoops or stipulations for publicity – especially when child hunger is involved.

Blunder #3: McDonald’s #MeetTheFarmers Campaign

In 2012, McDonald’s rolled out a 24-hour Twitter campaign to share positive supplier stories. The campaign used the hashtag #MeetThe Farmers and was intended to focus on the brand’s organic potato farmers so that people would think “healthy” when they thought of McDonald’s. As the campaign failed to gain traction, McDonald’s introduced a second hashtag, #McDStories, which caused the campaign to blow up and turn into a channel for customers to share negative stories about the brand. 

The Lesson

Any social media campaign, especially one that encourages the use of hashtags, opens two-way communication between a brand and its customers. Social media can be very unpredictable, so don’t underestimate its reach and have a crisis plan to anticipate negative feedback, especially in the event that your hashtags get hijacked.

Jamie Izaks is the president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area, www.allpointspr.com.


Account Lead Nicole Odziewa Shares National Pitching Tips During APPR’s Monthly Seminar

Account Lead Nicole Odziewa Shares National Pitching Tips During APPR’s Monthly Seminar

It’s that time again – another All Points PR monthly seminar has come and gone, and we’re here to share some highlights! Account Lead Nicole Odziewa led our recent October seminar, “A Guide to Pitching National Reporters,” which also included additional presentations from COO & Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks and Senior Director Bailey Hewitt.

Before launching into Nicole’s helpful guide to national pitching, Lauren and Bailey delivered timely updates to the team regarding Zoom best practices and 2021 agency planning. At All Points, we pride ourselves on our continuous efforts to improve our craft, as well as our thorough approach to planning with purpose. We’re gearing up for some exciting changes as we work to unveil our brand new 2021 agency campaign – but those plans are under wraps for now!

Following the updates from Lauren and Bailey, Nicole took the stage to cover all angles of national pitching, from finding the right contacts to customizing your pitch to the reporter. One of the biggest takeaways Nicole shared is the importance of using our resources. Social media is a key tool for national pitching and provides a wealth of opportunities to learn more about the reporter, what subjects they’re tackling and to find out if they’re looking for sources.

Our agency covers all the points when it comes to elevating our clients’ brand recognition and including them in national conversations. Nicole’s savvy approach to national pitching serves as a great example for the agency as we ramp up our efforts to align with today’s fast-moving news cycle.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office and stay up-to-date on our latest seminars.

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COO’s Corner: National Emotional Wellness Month

COO’s Corner: National Emotional Wellness Month

October is Emotional Wellness Month, and in a year like 2020, it’s more important than ever to take stock of our stress levels and attend to our emotional health. Not to mention, as the days become shorter (and seasonal affective disorder can set in), the election grows closer and the news cycle churns out one unsettling story after another, many of us are feeling unsure about what the future holds.

While emotional health and mental health are terms often used interchangeably, emotional health “focuses on being in tune with our emotions, vulnerability and authenticity” according to licensed psychologist Juli Fraga, PsyD. We must remember that emotional health is a vital aspect of our overall health. People who focus on improving their emotional health can feel more in control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and how they’re able to cope with life’s challenges.

There are plenty ways to improve or maintain good emotional health – many are small adjustments you can incorporate into your daily routine. Here are a few to consider:

Pause and reflect

Whether you’re feeling like you’re in a slump or running a mile a minute, it’s important to take some time to align with your emotions. Pause, take a deep breath, and evaluate how you’ve been feeling. Then, write it all down. Think about why you’re feeling this way – are there any external factors that you can address? While there will always be things out of your control that will impact how you feel, you have the power to choose how you react – and to focus on the things you can change.

Strive for balance

Without a healthy balance between work, play, activity and rest, you’ll soon find yourself running on empty. And, with many individuals working remotely at home during the pandemic, those lines can become blurred real fast. Set yourself up with the appropriate boundaries to ensure you’re striving for balance each and every day. Start by taking a walk during your lunch break or settling in for bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally would (no phones or screens allowed!).

Focus on the positives

It can be easier said than done, but there’s nothing like the power of positivity. Focus on the good things in your life – one way to do this is by keeping a gratitude journal. Write down three to five things you’re thankful for, or reflect on some good things that occurred during your day. These can be as simple as waking up without hitting snooze or seeing a dog on your walk.

Connect with others

Social distancing has left many people starved for human interaction, but thanks to technology, we’re never truly “alone.” Though it can be difficult to avoid “Zoom fatigue” as we navigate this new normal, there are other ways to connect with your loved ones if you want to save the video chats for work. Even a simple phone call to catch up and talk about how you’re feeling with a friend can serve as a better alternative if you find video chats to be overstimulating. Or, if you’re in need of a fun distraction, you can download a digital multi-player game to kill some time and still have that much-needed interaction.

Remember – being emotionally healthy doesn’t equate to feeling happy all the time. Your emotional wellness rests on being aware of your emotions and having the capability to deal with them, whether they are positive or negative. Most importantly, be gentle and forgiving with yourself, because all you can do is try your best. Consider the ways in which you can best approach good emotional health – you’re worth it!

Lauren Izaks is the COO and executive vice president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area, www.allpointspr.com.

APPR September Seminar Led by Leadership Coach and Northwestern Professor Alyssa Dickman

APPR September Seminar Led by Leadership Coach and Northwestern Professor Alyssa Dickman

The All Points PR team recently welcomed Alyssa Dickman, a leadership coach and Northwestern University professor, to lead our September seminar exploring the “Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” based on the work of Patrick Lencioni. Alyssa was introduced to the All Points team by COO & Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks and Senior Director Bailey Hewitt. Lauren and Bailey are working toward earning a Leadership Certificate from Northwestern’s Professional Development Program, and Alyssa is their professor.

With a passion for coaching and teaching, Alyssa describes her role as partnering with individuals and organizations to explore their strengths, challenges and opportunities. Alyssa will “tell it to you straight when something needs to be challenged and always believe that you have the creativity and resources to design and accomplish your goals.”

Ahead of Alyssa’s presentation, each team member was asked to complete a team assessment incorporating the five dysfunctions of a team. Alyssa then connected with the All Points team via Zoom and led an interactive discussion to help us recognize and overcome these five dysfunctions. Following Alyssa’s presentation, we entered break-out sessions within our Pods across the agency to discuss our evaluations while applying what we learned about trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results.

This seminar came at a crucial time as many organizations and teams across the country are adapting to different communication and collaboration methods due to COVID-19 and social distancing. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Alyssa for spending time with the APPR team, and we look forward to putting what we learned into practice.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office and stay up-to-date on our latest seminars.

NIFA Q3 Recap and Next Steps: Franchising in Underserved Communities

NIFA Q3 Recap and Next Steps: Franchising in Underserved Communities

The Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA) recently hosted its Q3 virtual event, “Franchising in Underserved Communities,” sponsored by All Points Public Relations and Marks & Klein. It was an incredibly powerful presentation and discussion, and we’d like to thank all those who could attend for their thoughtful participation.

Chicago-based Entrepreneur and Motivator Kareem “K.W.O.E.” Wells along with Robin Robinson, Chicago’s Emmy-award winning television news anchor and reporter, tackled hard-hitting business topics focused on how to successfully overcome personal and professional obstacles in the face of adversity. Robin carried the conversation through a Q&A with Kareem, discussing his experience in growing businesses and his vision for franchising in underserved communities.

If you would like to view the discussion, click here to download the video recording.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to Kareem and Robin for making this event possible. Their experiences, insights and connections to Chicagoland fueled a valuable discussion that could not have come at a better time in today’s social and business climate.

The franchising community in Northern Illinois and beyond has the ability to make a real difference in advancing diversity within the industry and uplifting underserved communities. It’s important that we continue to share our knowledge, extend our resources and take action.

We encourage you to stay connected through the NIFA LinkedIn group and to review a list of additional next steps that you can take below as a result of this discussion:

As we look ahead to future gatherings, we will seek out opportunities to further this conversation. Anyone with topic ideas or sponsorship questions for future events may reach out to Lauren Izaks directly by clicking here.

 Visit www.northernilfranchise.org for more information about the organization.


Celebrate “National Read a Book Day” with Picks from The APPR Book Club

Celebrate “National Read a Book Day” with Picks from The APPR Book Club

National Read a Book Day is this Sunday, September 6. To help you get into the reading spirit, the All Points PR team has some page-turners to share from our office book club!

The All Points Book Club was started in June 2018, and since then, we’ve read:

  • The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn
  • Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
  • Educated by Tara Westover
  • The Incendiaries by R. O. Kwon
  • Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
  • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
  • Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
  • A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult
  • The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

Our current book is The Guest List by Lucy Foley. Read on to learn more about a few of our team members’ favorites and why they enjoy being a part of our office book club:

Tracey: I was a bit weary to join the book club at first because although I enjoy reading, I’m not always great with a time limit or a book chosen for me. But, I LOVE being part of APPR’s book club. I’ve really enjoyed each book we’ve read and it’s gotten me reading a lot more often and branching out into different genres. I’ve particularly enjoyed The Silent Patient and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Maddy: My favorite part of book club is the selection – the variety of books is second to none. We went from a historical snapshot of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s rock ’n roll lifestyle (Daisy Jones and The Six) to a thriller (The Silent Patient), and haven’t turned away from books with heavier topics (A Spark of Light). All of these books led to great discussions that helped us understand the books better, get a chance to gush about how great they were and ask questions.

Marin: I joined book club to accomplish my goal of reading more for fun. I love having a fun lunch with my coworkers and hearing everyone’s very diverse opinions. My favorite books so far are Daisy Jones and The Six and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, both by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I loved that each of these books created a compelling narrative inspired by bits and pieces of so many historical pop culture characters that we all know. I started The Guest List and finished it within a day – it’s a real page turner!

Alex H: I joined book club when I first started working at All Points. Not only did it push me to start reading again, but it was also a great way to connect with the team and have conversations unrelated to work. Of the books we’ve read so far, my favorite is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – I read it in about three days because I couldn’t put it down. Plus, it was one of the few books that everyone in book club loved, so it made for a really fun conversation.

Kate: Before starting at All Points, I definitely was not a “reader.” I hardly ever read books for fun and never understood when people would talk about the “power of reading” or how much they enjoyed reading as their leisure activity. After joining book club I have a new found love for books and reading! With one of our book clubs in particular, I didn’t think I would finish the reading in time, so I decided to finish it via audiobook instead. Ever since then, you can catch me listening to a book in the morning as I get ready for work, on my drive to and from and during lunch breaks. Now I’m listening to and finishing a new book every one or two weeks!

Bailey: As much as I enjoy reading a good book, it can often fall off my priority list. Our office book club helps to “force” the issue. So far, my favorite book we’ve read together is Educated. I’ve started our next book, The Guest List—so far so good. I like how each chapter offers a perspective from a different character and the switch between past and present. Looking forward to reading what happens at the wedding!

Amanda: I joined the APPR book club because I’m an avid reader and wanted to be exposed to more authors and genres. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every book we’ve read and discussed together. My top three picks are Educated, Daisy Jones and The Six and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – I read this last book in one night and my mom tore through it in about three. It’s currently being passed around my family, from my aunts to my grandma – everyone loves it.

Happy reading!

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office and our book club reads.

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APPR Seminar: Content Marketing Lead Amanda Goecke Shares Updated SEO Systems and Processes

APPR Seminar: Content Marketing Lead Amanda Goecke Shares Updated SEO Systems and Processes

On Thursday, August 20, Content Marketing Lead Amanda Goecke led our August team seminar and shared several exciting updates from the content marketing department.

Amanda kicked off her presentation with an overview of updated systems and processes regarding SEO, or “search engine optimization.” SEO involves the process of increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic, as well as improving site visibility, for organic searches. This is primarily achieved through tactics including keyword usage and inbound/outbound linking.

The seminar also touched on how Google Analytics and its tracking tools can be used to enhance SEO and reporting efforts and drive results for our clients. Whether through content marketing, digital strategies or press releases, SEO is a strong component that can be applied across departments at All Points PR to optimize our writing. Amanda closed out the sessions by sharing a new strategy for developing future content plans.

This month’s seminar served as a great time for the team to learn about new developments within the content marketing department and how they can be integrated throughout the agency.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office and stay up-to-date on our latest seminars.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The All Points PR Team Writes Letters to Local Senior Community

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The All Points PR Team Writes Letters to Local Senior Community

While we remain socially distant in the All Points office, we stand together in our mission to support local communities through our quarterly Positive Impact program.

Due to pandemic-related restrictions and additional safety measures, our team has explored new avenues to extend our philanthropic efforts. In Q2, for example, we printed and donated 125 copies of the All Points Positive Impact Activity Booklet to Elevate Care nursing home and 150 copies to the Weinberg Community for Senior Living.

We recently partnered again with the Weinberg Community for Senior Living for our Q3 program, and each All Points team member received one resident as a “pen pal.” On Monday, August 10, we took some time to write to our pen pals and share more about our hobbies, families, pets and other introductory topics. We also printed and included photos of ourselves and our families with the letters.

Through this quarter’s Positive Impact program, we aim to put a smile on the faces our pen pals and serve as a ray of sunshine during these difficult and uncertain times. We also hope to continue with our pen pals and exchange regular letters in the weeks and months ahead.

Check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office, and click here to learn more about the Positive Impact program.

All Points Public Relations PRo Community Project to Provide Much Needed Support for Chicago Area Nonprofits

All Points Public Relations PRo Community Project to Provide Much Needed Support for Chicago Area Nonprofits

Chicagoland Integrated Public Relations Agency Awards PR Campaign to Deserving Philanthropic Organization

 DEERFIELD, Ill. – To elevate the impact of Chicagoland nonprofits through powerful communication and activation, All Points Public Relations, a leading integrated public relations agency, is launching its 2020 PRo Community Project.

The annual initiative, geared toward organizations in need of additional communications and marketing support, invites nonprofit leaders to submit their application to enter and potentially win the PRo Community Project. From August 3-31, Chicagoland-based nonprofits can share why their organization is deserving of the support and how it would benefit from media exposure, social media and graphic design. All Points PR will be evaluating entries based on how the integrated PR services awarded will positively increase awareness, membership/donors and/or drive fundraising for a specific campaign.

If chosen, All Points Public Relations will provide the nonprofit organization with pro bono services for the remainder of the year. Services may include: media relations (press release development, media outreach); graphic design (flyer/brochure creation); social media (content creation); and landing page (content creation). The winner will be announced by Monday, September 14.

“Our world has been shaken, but Chicago communities have voices that need a boost to truly be heard,” said Lauren Izaks, COO of All Points Public Relations. “We want to amplify these voices of community leaders, take action and help advocate for issues that are important to us all. With the PRo Community Project, we’re giving back by doing what we do best—public relations, social media and content marketing. It’s important now more than ever to share our resources in support of others.”

Culinary Care, the agency’s 2019 PRo Community Project winner, received free PR, social media and content marketing support for its annual Gourmand Gala. The gala raised $250,000 for the organization’s efforts to provide free, nourishing meals from local restaurants to cancer patients and their families.

In conjunction with the PRo Community Project, All Points Public Relations is also celebrating its 9th anniversary this month. Deerfield natives Lauren and Jamie Izaks launched the company in August of 2011 in pursuit of their own entrepreneurial dream, using the power of integrated campaigns to help franchise brands achieve their goals. The agency’s expertise in the well-defined franchising niche comes from 20-plus years of work in the industry with brands that vary from well-known, national concepts to small franchise systems with less than 100 units, as well as start-ups.

“Nonprofits play a crucial role in representing underserved communities’ needs, but how often does someone help represent their organization?,” said All Points Senior Account Lead JoeyLauren Jiracek, who played an integral role in founding the agency’s PRo Community Project. “At All Points, social responsibility is engrained in our culture—we’re passionate about using our skills to do good for others, and that especially holds true now.”

Nonprofit organizations interested in the All Points PRo Community Project can submit an application at: https://bit.ly/PRoCommunityProject. Submissions will be accepted until Monday, August 31, and the winner will be announced through All Points’ social media channels, as well as contacted directly via email by Monday, September 14.

For rules, terms and conditions, please visit: https://bit.ly/PRoCommunityProject.

About All Points Public Relations

All Points Public Relations is a Chicagoland-based franchise PR firm that offers clients one agency to cover all the points — publicity, social media, content marketing and lead generation strategy. From seasoned serial entrepreneurs and startups to big name franchise brands, All Points PR digs in deep with its clients to tell the stories that generate top quality publicity and drive awareness with a targeted audience. For more information about All Points Public Relations and its services, please visit www.AllPointsPR.com or call (847) 897-7470.

APPR Seminar: Digital Advertising 201 with Sr. Creative & Digital Account Lead Spencer Abbott

APPR Seminar: Digital Advertising 201 with Sr. Creative & Digital Account Lead Spencer Abbott

Sr. Creative & Digital Account Lead Spencer Abbott recently led an All Points PR team seminar, “Digital Advertising 201,” to share best practices for launching digital work and providing our clients with ongoing advertising support.

As an integrated agency, the All Points team consistently shares new procedures, best practices and the latest trends across the agency to ensure each team member stays up-to-date. From setting up ads and adjusting targeting to monitoring and sharing results, Spencer covered all of the essential steps to ensure ads are running, and effectively reaching and engaging targeted audiences.

With a wide range of digital advertising capabilities on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google, this seminar served as a helpful touch-base to align on best practices, and for the Creative & Digital team to share their learnings with the other departments across the agency.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office and stay up-to-date on our latest seminars.

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All Points PR Prepares for Safe Return to the Office During June Seminar

All Points PR Prepares for Safe Return to the Office During June Seminar

All Points PR is back in office!

As a world and as an office, we’re all learning how to embrace change. Our June seminar, led virtually via Zoom by COO & Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks on Friday, June 5, provided in-depth information to our team on reopening procedures and in-office safety measures.

Though we’re all facing a new normal, this seminar was an important time for our team to gather and reinforce our mission of persistence. It offered space for us to ask and address questions, align on expectations and share each other’s excitement for a safe return. We’ve found a silver lining in all of the lessons learned over these past few weeks, from mastering our FaceTime and Zoom skills to the power of teamwork and perseverance during challenging times. These lessons will certainly be embraced as we all make this new transition.

It’s been great having members of the team return to the office over the past week, and we look forward to officially welcoming the full team back on Monday, June 22.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office and stay up-to-date on our latest seminars.

APPR May Seminar Led by Professional Speaker Anne Bonney

APPR May Seminar Led by Professional Speaker Anne Bonney

The All Points PR team recently welcomed professional speaker Anne Bonney to lead our monthly seminar on Monday, May 18, entitled: “Ignite Your Team: Leadership and Collaboration Summit.”

Anne specializes in delivering “engaging, inspiring and educational programs igniting the courage in audiences to embrace the discomfort of change, effective communication and presenting.” She connected with the team over multiple sessions via Zoom and led interactive discussions on leadership, effective communication and conducting virtual meetings and presentations.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has certainly redefined the way in which we work and communicate with one another, a change that many professionals around the world needed to adapt to very quickly. Anne shared a variety of tips and tricks to consider as we work remotely and practice social distancing, many of which focused on leading team meetings, conference calls and presentations virtually. She demonstrated several functions we can leverage via Zoom, such as polls, chat messages and screen annotating. Anne also expanded on ways in which we can reframe our approach to communicating with one another to effectively convey our thoughts and ideas.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Anne for spending the day with the APPR team and leading such a spirited discussion on leadership and collaboration. Our team looks forward to implementing these learnings through our work, remotely and when we’re back in action inside the office.

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April APPR Seminar Led Virtually by COO & Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks and President Jamie Izaks

April APPR Seminar Led Virtually by COO & Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks and President Jamie Izaks

On Thursday, April 30, The All Points PR team hosted its first-ever virtual seminar via Zoom, led by COO and Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks and President Jamie Izaks.

Jamie kicked off the seminar by diving into some of the positives we’ve shared as a team so far this year. This reflection included our growth as an agency and the strategic planning we’ve implemented with our clients, from the beginning of Q1 to navigating the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Lauren then took the virtual stage to cover a variety of topics related to working from home, returning to the office and keeping our mental and physical health top of mind. While the uncertainty of this time can be overwhelming, Lauren offered a variety of tips and tricks addressing these areas, as well as ways to keep ourselves grounded. Complete with a demo of the “box breathing” technique, she provided plenty of thoughtful insights on managing our work, health and wellness. Ultimately, we were reminded of the importance of staying focused and channeling our energy toward situations that we can control.

Although the team couldn’t be together physically for the April seminar due to social distancing, it was an essential time for us all to gather and reflect on the impact of the current situation at hand. It’s critical that we remain positive, continue to work together as a team and keep pushing forward, both personally and professionally. Thank you to Lauren and Jamie for hosting such a great seminar, and we look forward to all that’s in store for the next one!

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The NIFA Hosted Its First-Ever Virtual Event: How to Come Out of the Gate Strong and With the Right Approach

The NIFA Hosted Its First-Ever Virtual Event: How to Come Out of the Gate Strong and With the Right Approach

Due to circumstances regarding COVID-19 and social distancing, the Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA) hosted its first-ever virtual event over Zoom on Wednesday, April 29: “How to Come Out of the Gate Strong and With the Right Approach.”

The virtual event, sponsored by All Points Public Relations and Marks & Klein, featured several presentations led by distinguished franchisee and franchisor leaders and vendor partners to encourage proactive planning for the future. An audience Q&A followed the presentations.

This event enabled professionals in the franchising industry throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond to share ideas and gain insight on how to recover, rebuild and reenergize in the wake of these global economic changes. There has never been a more important time to plan for success.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to those who could attend and to all of our presenters who made this event possible. Their insights fueled a valuable discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the franchising industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see below to review the order of presenters, their roles and the topics covered:

  • Samuel Stanovich, Area Representative and Franchisee, Firehouse Subs: “Franchisee Support and Real Estate Opportunities”
  • Ken McAllister, President and Founder, MY SALON Suite: “How to Get the Customer Back”
  • Meg Schmitz, Senior Franchise Consultant: “Networking & Career Moves”
  • Patrick Lucas, Director, BMO Harris Bank: “Working with Your Banking Partner During the Pandemic”
  • Bailey Hewitt, Senior Director, and JoeyLauren Jiracek, Senior Account Lead, All Points Public Relations: “Lead Generation”
  • Peter Block, Executive Vice President, Colliers International: “How Has This Changed the Real Estate Market?”

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the virtual event, or you would like to listen to the presentations and Q&A again, click here to download the video recording. You can also download the presentation slide deck that was shared by clicking here.

We remain optimistic about the better days ahead, and will continue to share our knowledge and proactively plan for the future. We encourage you to stay connected through the NIFA LinkedIn group, and be on the lookout for future events.

Visit www.northernilfranchise.org for more information about the organization.

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President’s Point: The Four-Stage Integrated PR Strategy for Brands Maneuvering Social Distancing and Stay-At-Home Orders

President’s Point: The Four-Stage Integrated PR Strategy for Brands Maneuvering Social Distancing and Stay-At-Home Orders

We’ve all adjusted several aspects of our businesses due to COVID-19. However, we must remain proactive about planning for a return to normalcy. Yet, brands have several considerations to make along that journey to life as we knew it. At All Points PR, we’ve created a path for an integrated strategy that takes shape in four phases: 1. Stay-at-home strictly enforced; 2. The start of markets reopening; 3. A more consistent nationwide opening; 4. Life as normal. We’ve now entered a critical period where stay-at-home orders are either being extended, or plans are being set forth toward lifting them.

We’ve noted the four stages of integrated public relations execution in the guide below as stay-at-home orders progress toward ending, both on the consumer and the franchise development sides. Right now, many of us are between Stages 1 and 3. Whether stay-at-home orders are still effectively in place in your area or they’re beginning to lift, there’s no time like now to plan for what’s ahead.

While we’re all navigating uncharted waters, it’s clear that there are certain business practices we’ve developed and fine-tuned for years that are key in maintaining good relationships with customers and potential franchisees during this crisis. We’re looking forward to all of us entering Stage 4, but what we do now will set us up for success in the future.

Check out our four-stage guide to integrated PR through the end of stay-at-home orders and beyond. And, remember – we’re all in this together.

Download the PDF file .

Jamie Izaks is the president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area, www.allpointspr.com.

All Points PR Shares Positive Impact Activity Booklet with Local Nursing Homes and Community Members

All Points PR Shares Positive Impact Activity Booklet with Local Nursing Homes and Community Members

At All Points PR, we’re passionate about integrated public relations, but we’re also passionate about our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We strive to do our part to help the communities in which we live and work with our philanthropic and volunteer efforts, which is most noticeably achieved through our quarterly Positive Impact program.

In these unprecedented times, we looked for a unique way to keep our Positive Impact program going strong. We decided to create the All Points Positive Impact Activity Booklet to share with friends, family, neighbors and the community. Our team compiled our favorite kids activities, at home tips and checklists, recipes, exercises and brain games into one activity booklet for all ages to stay entertained and motivated during their time at home.

In total, we printed and donated 125 copies to Elevate Care nursing home and 150 copies to the Weinberg Community for Senior Living. Our team also hand delivered another 100 copies to families with small children and elderly neighbors. And, we’re pleased to share the digital version with you! Feel free to download your own copy of the booklet here, and be sure to check out some more photos from our team’s deliveries here.

We understand that these are difficult times, but we remain optimistic about the better days ahead. With these activities, our team hopes to put a smile on everyone’s faces and encourage some much-needed fun. Whether you’re looking for puzzles for your next game night or a recipe or workout that the whole family can enjoy together, the All Points Positive Impact Activity Booklet has you covered. Stay safe and enjoy!

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The All Points Team Discusses Work from Home Best Practices During March Seminar

The All Points Team Discusses Work from Home Best Practices During March Seminar

It’s now more important than ever to be connected, especially during times of uncertainty. In light of recent developments, the All Points team grouped up for our March seminar earlier in the month before departing the office to work from home.

Led by COO and Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks and Senior Director Bailey Hewitt, the March seminar focused deeply on best work-from-home practices. It’s essential that we leverage the tools and systems we have in place to stay productive and connected. This seminar served as a great opportunity to implement our new collaborative workflow tool, Monday.com, for work-from-home purposes. We explored all the ways in which we can work together, organize our tasks and create consistency across the board by using the comments section, “My Week” function, email alerts, status labels and more.

As a tight-knit office, we understand the significance of communication, especially when it comes to the support of our clients and staying strong as a team. By aligning on best practices, our team members are better equipped to approach each day with a solid plan.

Here are a few tips we encourage those working from home to keep in mind:

  • Get ready as if you were leaving for work (take a shower, get dressed, etc.)
  • Create a dedicated workspace
  • Maintain regular working hours and mealtimes
  • Limit household distractions (electronics, roommates, family members, etc.)
  • Stretch, stand and stay active – consider at-home workouts and fitness apps

The health and safety of our team members, families, clients and communities is of utmost importance. Maintaining social distance during this time allows us to keep ourselves and others healthy, and continue to provide effective integrated public relations support to our clients.

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The All Points Team Powers Up 2020 with January’s Seminar

The All Points Team Powers Up 2020 with January’s Seminar

Going on six years, the All Points team holds an agency-wide seminar once a month that’s led either by a team member or an outside resource. The goal of these seminars is to empower others to share their skills and expertise to help the agency grow as a whole. Some months, topics focus on ideas related to PR, content marketing, digital advertising or social media, and other times, we focus on internal matters.

As we Power Up 2020, our January seminar focused on internal processes and systems. We pride ourselves on being an extension of our clients’ teams, and in order for us to do so, we have to have efficient programs in place.

We took an in-depth look at how our team members organize projects, communicate internally and how performance updates were delivered to clients. Led by Senior Director Bailey Hewitt, the agency gathered this month at an off-site location to dive into a full day of learning. During the seminar, we rolled out a new project management tool and refined other elements essential to how we serve our clients. Our team members also learned more about the social media platform TikTok, and how our clients can get involved.

As it can be difficult to set aside the time to focus on internal structure, it’s important to do as we continue to grow with our clients and develop new skills that help us stay creative and competitive. We look forward to implementing this tool and delivering more results.

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President’s Point: Public Relations for a New Decade

President’s Point: Public Relations for a New Decade

Public relations is often considered an art and a science. It requires an understanding of human behavior, and the ways in which PR evolves over time in order to effectively insert and represent yourself, your brand or your client in today’s world.

The way we communicate and rely on technology has especially changed, affecting how PR professionals pitch the media, as well as how the public consumes news. In order to prepare for PR in the new decade, it’s important to understand PR’s history, how it has reached where it is today and where it’s headed in 2020 and beyond.

1990s through the early 2000s

The late 1990s and early 2000s marked a revolution in communications with the tech boom. At the time, newspapers, magazines, radio and television were primary news sources, with journalists as the main gatekeepers to news. Press releases took a lot longer to go live, considering many faxed or snail mailed physical copies to editors.

Public attention was captivated by tech innovation, the excess of dot-coms and the first websites, including news sites and blogs, which all began to emerge. Individual use of the internet became widespread by the year 2000, and companies rushed to create their own online presence. The tech boom also ushered in new and quicker forms of communication, with electronic mail becoming a popular method of correspondence.

Cable news and 24/7 access wasn’t an entirely new concept in the 1990s – CNN, the first 24-hour cable news operation, was launched in 1980. The success of CNN inspired many other 24-hour cable news stations, with FOX News and MSNBC launching in 1996 to compete.

Cable news grew even more in the new millennium, with an increasing trend in cable networks becoming more opinion driven. The beginning of the 21st century also called for vast improvements in crisis communication following 9/11. Previously, PR professionals and agencies took longer periods of time to respond to a PR crisis due to limited and less timely communication channels. The 9/11 attacks heavily impacted the way crises were handled, with an increasing demand for speed and accuracy in news reporting.

The first recognizable social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997. 2003 marked the launch of LinkedIn, and 2004 onward led to the creation of additional social sites that are still heavily used today, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. By 2008, social media would be used extensively and effectively within politics. The public relations profession took a leadership role in social media’s use and development as a two-way communication tool between brands and consumers, as well as between professionals, such as PR pros and the media.

Just as social media was starting to gain traction, 2008 marked a complete crisis for newsrooms and journalists. In the wake of the economic crisis, there were nearly 8,000 job cuts in the media industry during the first five months of 2009. These layoffs would set the stage for continued employment decline in the news industry over the next ten years.

2010s to now

The start of the new decade created a major shift in the media landscape, with blogs, social media, podcasts, digital outlets and online review sites building up major influence in the 24/7 instant news cycle. As a result of the increasing number of bloggers and social media influencers, journalists were no longer the only gatekeepers of the media.

Today, PR professionals outnumber journalists 6 to 1, creating heavy implications for agencies trying to break through the clutter. In order to effectively reach journalists, it’s essential for PR professionals to hyper-customize pitches, spending more time than ever doing prep work.

Unsurprisingly, crisis management is also more important than ever. With the lightening speed of information online and through social media, word travels fast, so a quick response is vital. Organizations must have meaningful responses and thorough crisis plans that are regularly updated, enabling the appropriate individuals to address the public as quickly as possible and collect accurate details. Trust is essential, so don’t underestimate the power of a sincere apology. Recognize your wrongdoings, outline a clear plan of action and ensure you can – and will – follow through on those promises.

 PR for the future

 Everything connects. In the new decade, PR professionals should prepare for a world where androids and virtual assistants act as the new gateways or barriers in attempts to connect with people.

Primary survey data from Business Insider Intelligence indicates that as many as half of U.S. respondents reported living in a home with a voice-enabled AI device. In fact, 63 million American homes will qualify as “smart” by 2022! Smart homes can have the ability to learn about their owners, knowing and anticipating their needs. This allows them to provide recommendations on where to go, what to buy, who to vote for – the list goes on. It will be necessary to learn how data will be collected through new technologies and how this can be tapped to inform PR strategies.

 User-generated content (blogs, videos, social media posts, podcasts, etc.) will continue to grow into a source for news and information. Everyone has access to their own broadcast outlet online, and the number of online users is only going up. Statista reports that there were 0.97 billion social network users worldwide in 2010. In 2018, an estimated 2.65 billion people were using social media worldwide – that number is projected to increase to nearly 3.1 billion in 2021.

Influencers and other online content creators are affecting more traditional news outlets and journalists. In 2019, nearly 8,000 people lost their jobs in the media industry, the highest rate since the 2008 recession. As the number of professional journalists shrinks, the number of online influencers – and the demand for their service – becomes larger. Google searches for “influencer marketing” grew 1500% in the last three years. 

As we’ve come to discover in recent years, it will be more difficult to pitch stories to media outlets with massive audiences. While bloggers and social media influencers create more outlets, they will likely seek paid opportunities and sponsorships in return. It will continue to be necessary for PR professionals to build solid relationships with credible, respected journalists in the new decade, as well as influencers who attract wider or more appropriate followings.

As far as crisis management goes, it will need to evolve with technology. In the past, crisis management came down to experience and judgment of professionals – little data was available in fast-moving and uncertain situations. Today, predictive search analysis and other tools are allowing for anticipatory crisis prep, informed message development and real-time response measurement. Technology and AI-based solutions can help those responsible by assessing risk, developing training programs, monitoring the development of crises online and continuously improving upon strategies.

It’s no question that PR is always evolving. The new decade will bring an abundance of opportunities to inform strategies by leveraging the changing media landscape and advancements in technology. It will be more important than ever to keep up with these trends and ensure you’re using the right messaging and platforms to connect with your audiences.

The All Points Team Shares Their 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

The All Points Team Shares Their 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

The All Points team has big plans heading into the new year. From traveling and living healthier to continuing education and keeping up with hobbies, our team is looking forward to a fresh year filled with new opportunities to achieve our goals. Check out our 2020 New Year’s resolutions!

Maddy: …to run a marathon in 2020. I knocked out a half-marathon run in 2019, so I’m doubling up in the new year.

Allie: …to create more balance in my life to help me enjoy the little things more.

Lauren: …to find balance.

Tracey: …to hold myself to my morning routine of working out and eating a good breakfast. To read more. And to utilize the beautiful garden area we have at our new house (which means learning how to garden).

Meredith: …to cook more at home instead of taking out. I’d also like to learn a new skill.

Amanda: …to drink more water, keep a consistent morning workout routine, read one book every month and aim for seven or eight hours of sleep every night. I’d also like to spend less time scrolling on my phone and more time talking to loved ones on the phone, and visiting with them in person. Finally, I aim to run a total of at least 500 miles in 2020. 

Annie: …to expand my music library and run a half marathon.

Kate: …to stay off my phone! I find myself scrolling through social media mindlessly not even caring about what I’m looking at, and yet I’m still glued to my phone. I have a lot of family travel coming up in 2020 and less screen time will allow me to be more in the moment and really appreciate my time with them. I’d say my resolution should be to delete Instagram, but let’s be real – I can’t quit cold turkey.

Gautier: …to read more! I enjoy a good page-turner, but never prioritize reading— Netflix always feels easier than starting a new book.

Jessica: …to pursue continued education, read more and travel more.

Cole: …to do a better job of taking care of my physical health through diet and exercise.

Jamie: …to remain clearheaded and fresh. I’m predominantly optimistic, aim for consistent transparency and try to find the best in everyone, yet I’d like to have more wind in my sails everyday. That comes from keeping a clear mind and a fresh start to every day.

Marin: …to use my commute to learn something new. I plan on switching out the same playlist that I listen to every day for some podcasts, both career-related and some fun ones like “Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know.” Any recommendations are welcome!

Jonathan: …to be more positive and optimistic toward any situation I’m faced with. Following the cold season, I also want to spend more time outside every day. It’s important to always get some fresh air.

Rachel: …to make more time for my family throughout the year.

Alex H: …to read at least one book a month and to stop eating Twizzlers every day from the All Points food cabinet.

Jenna: …to make healthier choices, from eating healthier, to getting more exercise and putting more focus on self-care, whatever that means!

Mackenzie: …to grow my professional presentation skills and public speaking skills, drink more water and spend more quality time with loved ones, whether it be making the road trip back home to see family or Facetime dinner dates with friends!

Katie: …to go to bed earlier on a daily basis, travel to new places and worry less!

Spencer: …to learn how to play the banjo. Because I failed to finish my 2019 goal, my resolution to learn how to play the banjo has rolled over to 2020. Hopefully this time around I will be more dedicated and finally be able to pluck a tune.

Bailey: …to keep learning new skills— both personally with continuing tennis lessons and professionally with staying up to date on new trends and best practices related to our everyday work.

Nicole: …to make time for photography projects and get back into music photography. Also, being a more conscious consumer, which for me means not giving into fast fashion and investing money in clothes that are sustainable.

Mia: …to eat healthier by cooking more and to spend more time with family.

Joey: …to wake up earlier to enjoy some morning “me time” — a good cup of coffee and sunshine to fuel my soul.

Alex S: …to spend more time outside! Whether it is through traveling, exercising or changing my usual environment, I want to enjoy more of the outdoors (especially during the few days of nice weather that we have here in Chicago).

Gillian: …to finish the first draft of the novel I am working on and build a small indoor garden this spring.

NIFA Closes Out 2019 With In-Depth Discussion on Restaurant and Real Estate Trends During December Luncheon

NIFA Closes Out 2019 With In-Depth Discussion on Restaurant and Real Estate Trends During December Luncheon

The Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA), co-founded by Jamie and Lauren Izaks and Andrew Bleiman, recently hosted its 2019 December Luncheon at Tortoise Supper Club in Chicago.

The December Luncheon featured an in-depth panel discussion on 2020 restaurant and real estate trends, and we had a full house in attendance. Panelists included Andrew Margolick, President of ARM Consulting, LLC and Peter Block, Executive Vice President of Colliers International.

The panelists talked about a variety of topics exploring real estate considerations for 2020, with discussion points such as best practices for negotiating and re-negotiating leases, the impact of delivery services on retail, advice for working with landlords, and much more. Key takeaways from the panelists included being proactive with leases and having the willingness to renegotiate or change them, as well as balancing the rent-to-sales ratio. An audience Q&A followed the panel, allowing members to dive deeper into the need-to-know information on real estate considerations and trends.

In addition to the discussion, panelists and guests of the NIFA 2019 December Luncheon enjoyed time to network and eat a delicious meal, including the choice of the kale and quinoa salad, prime rib sandwich or roast chicken cacciatore, followed by assorted miniature house-made desserts. Free valet parking was sponsored by All Points PR and Marks & Klein.

We want to thank all of the panelists and guests for such a fantastic event to round out 2019, and we look forward to another exciting year in 2020! These events allow NIFA to continue its work educating the Chicagoland community about the most pressing franchise-related topics of the day, and encourage exclusive networking opportunities.

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming NIFA 2020 March Luncheon, and visit www.northernilfranchise.org for more information about the organization.

All Points PR’s Gillian Losh and Alex Sanchez Share Key Takeaways from the PRSA 2019 International Conference

All Points PR’s Gillian Losh and Alex Sanchez Share Key Takeaways from the PRSA 2019 International Conference

The All Points PR team is constantly looking for new ways to stay on the forefront of the industry and explore today’s latest and most pressing topics in public relations, social media and content marketing. Director Gillian Losh and Public Relations Associate Alex Sanchez recently attended the Public Relations Society of America 2019 International Conference in San Diego, CA, and the rest of the All Points team had the pleasure of hearing more about their experiences during the November seminar.

Featuring workshops and keynote speakers, including renowned journalists Bob Woodward and Laura Ling, the PRSA conference offered the exclusive opportunity to network with communications professionals and gain practical insights into today’s public relations landscape.

With tailored discussions about digital marketing, crisis management, big data and measurement and more, Gillian and Alex enjoyed the opportunity to hear from industry leaders on today’s best practices, trends and outlooks. Key takeaways included ways to enhance pitching with data, the importance of keeping an updated crisis playbook and the effect of tailoring your language to your audience by avoiding too many buzzwords and industry jargon.

Our monthly seminars serve to promote ongoing education and refinement of skills, motivating and inspiring our employees via relevant topics and out-of-the-box ideas. We thank Gillian and Alex for sharing more about their time at the PRSA 2019 International Conference, and we look forward to implementing and continuing their learnings across the agency.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook and Twitter to hear about our latest seminars, and follow along on Instagram to keep up with the office.