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All Points PR Team Explores Creative PR Opportunities

All Points PR Team Explores Creative PR Opportunities

In our recent May seminar, Associate Maddy Moloney presented to the full team about a creative new way to garner press coverage with focused messaging for our franchise clients by utilizing AMAs. An interview reinvented, an Ask Me Anything (colloquially referred to as AMA) event is an authentic way to raise awareness for any subject at all.

Essentially, an AMA is a live web interview with any notable or interesting individual. Viewers can write in questions and the interviewee can type back responses during a certain time frame. For our clients, this is a great way to position them as experts in the field.

Maddy shared some other ways to boost the viewership of the AMA, including creating buzz by cross-promotion on social media and reaching out to reporters covering the topic. We’ve already launched two successful AMAs for our clients and our team has found the platform easy to use and adapt to ideal client messaging.

At the seminar, the results of the Think Tank contest were also revealed. Each team shared the campaigns they developed. Congratulations to Team 4 who put an Instagram Live and Instagram Stories campaign into practice for client DMK Burger Bar, using creative social media tactics to drive traffic to its franchise site and build awareness about its new franchise initiatives!

Stay tuned for next month’s seminar!

4 Tips for New PR Grads

4 Tips for New PR Grads

As the work force prepares to receive an onslaught of college graduates – the National Center for Educational Statistics estimates nearly 1.9 million students will receive bachelor’s degrees this year – graduates themselves are vying for jobs that will provide them with their desired quality of life. So what’s a new PR grad, freshly minted degree in hand, to do? Here are our best tips for new PR grads as they fight for the jobs they deserve beyond the standard resume cleanup.

Never lose a networking opportunity

Look for connections in unlikely places – reach out to your college professors to see if they have any former students or professional contacts in your area with whom you can set up a coffee meeting. Utilize your alumni network as much as you can. Find PRSA events in your city and attend a happy hour. Join a meet-up group. Just get out of your comfort zone and start connecting!

Be persistent in your follow-up

This is the first lesson of PR – persistence is everything. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but push past any potential perceived social awkwardness and send a second email, make a phone call or just generally politely bother someone until they respond to you.

 Clean up your social image

Any PR agency worth their salt will Google a candidate they’re seriously interested, so get rid of the keg stand pictures from college and try and present a professional face to the world! Take some time to scroll through your Twitter and Instagram pages, too – set them to private or clean them up.

 Just do it!

What’s the worst that can happen? Even if the job you’re applying for is a reach, you never know when the stars will align. Do something to help yourself stand out, like sending a handwritten thank-you note or creating a fun logo to brand your samples and materials.

Good luck out there!

All Points PR Senior Account Lead Gillian Losh Curates Confidence in Communication

All Points PR Senior Account Lead Gillian Losh Curates Confidence in Communication

The All Points team is a diverse group of individuals, but one of the most important things we have in common is our collective passion for communication. Our staff includes talented speakers, writers and communicators, and we’re always looking to learn more about the ways we can be more effective speakers.

Senior Account Lead Gillian Losh presented in the April seminar about building communication skills and led our entire team through a series of exercises designed to help us get to the next level when it comes to internal and external verbal and written communication.

These exercises stretched us to ask ourselves not only how we want to communicate, but to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and ask ourselves how we want to be perceived. She reminded us that everyone has a unique way of communicating, and to lean into our strengths while fixing our weaknesses in manageable pieces.

Gillian’s presentation encouraged the team to think deeper about their strengths and weaknesses in communication styles, and how to prioritize clear communication in all areas of life. Stay tuned for the May seminar!

Earning Trust for National Tech Client through Integrated PR

Earning Trust for National Tech Client through Integrated PR

All Points PR has been working with longtime client CMIT Solutions to secure publicity and create campaigns for several years. Always looking for ways to enhance our clients’ brand images, All Points put together an integrated social media, content marketing and publicity campaign around trending technology topics.

Our integrated plan included strategic national media relations, targeted social media, content marketing as well as local, national and trade media placements. The topics focused on the most pressing consumer-focused technology matters of the day.

All Points’ targeted pitching was quickly successful – the brand saw several placements in extremely well-read national publications such as USA TodayForbes and Inc. Locally, All Points trained CMIT Solutions’ franchise partners to go on regional TV stations to discuss trending technology issues as well. Coupled with compelling content marketing, social media and graphic design efforts, CMIT Solutions is positioned well in the public eye.

Click here to read the full CMIT Solutions case study and learn more about All Points’ strategic approach to helping franchise brands grow their images through integrated social media, content marketing and publicity.

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