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COO’s Corner: Fostering a Culture of Leadership

COO’s Corner: Fostering a Culture of Leadership

Companies that make leadership development a strategic priority attract and retain the best talent. Often, it’s a strong leadership team that makes an organization.

At All Points PR, leadership is engrained in all of our employees, at every level. We foster a culture of leadership across the agency through mentorship, recognition and investment, both professionally and personally.


Mentoring is critical in helping mentees and mentors develop leadership skills in a variety of ways. One of the key benefits of mentoring is developing and refining mentees’ leadership philosophies.

At All Points PR, we implemented this idea through our mentorship program. Each team member chooses a mentor from the very beginning of their APPR career to talk through challenges, give advice and serve as another resource for help. Mentees become mentors, continuing the cycle and passing on wisdom to the next group of young professionals.


Quality leaders encourage their teams to recognize one another for their achievements. By recognizing your employees for the work they’re doing, you will instantly boost employee engagement and morale.

One small, yet effective way we praise your team is through publicly acknowledging a “win of the week.” Since highlighting accomplishments though agency-wide weekly email updates, All Points employees have jumped at the chance to submit each other for the honor and work to earn the honor themselves.


There’s no better way to nurture employee leadership than investing in their potential. As an agency, we’re always looking for learning opportunities for our staff. Many have taken courses and attended leadership conventions to expand their skillsets. By offering employees additional training opportunities, we’re investing in the advancement of their careers while adding value to our clients. 

We are fortunate to have the ability to continue to grow our team. Be sure to check out our current job openings here to become the next era of APPR leaders.

Lauren Izaks is the COO and executive vice president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area,

August Seminar Recap: Intern Wrap Up & Agency Case Studies

August Seminar Recap: Intern Wrap Up & Agency Case Studies

As summer comes to a close, we’re saying a bittersweet goodbye to our team of interns. For the first half of our agency August seminar, we took a trip to “Intern Island” to highlight our three hard-working interns Luke Cunningham, Justin Engerman and Anna Kedjidjian. Our interns became an integral part of our agency, delivering real results for our clients including writing pitches, building media lists and securing press opportunities.

In addition to PR support, our interns supported the creative and digital team and content marketing by drafting email and blog copy, creating graphics and creating social media calendars. Just like our full-time employees, our intern program took an integrated approach with experience stretching across all departments. Luke, Justin and Anna embodied our mission of persistence with a professional, adaptable outlook.

While we’re sad to see them go, we’re thankful for their impact on APPR this summer and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. And, we’re proud to celebrate our stellar APPR team that spearheaded the summer internship program: PR Account Lead Maddy Valente, Content Marketing Associate Jessica Banks and Creative and Digital Account Lead Jonathan Bazar.

Case Studies & Campaign Recaps

Next up, Creative and Digital Account Lead Marin McCall spoke on the importance of client case studies. Our agency utilizes monthly case studies to record the development of a particular client project over a period of time. These are important both internally and externally as it analyzes the success of a recent project while offering a chance to showcase our achievements.

Past examples include Wing It On!’s new menu launch and Junk King’s Lovestruck campaign where we developed and executed high-performing integrated results. Each case study is visually packaged and shared on our social platforms to showcase our effectiveness with both qualitative and quantitative data.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office.

All Points Public Relations Launches Third Annual PRo Community Project to Benefit Chicago Area Nonprofits

All Points Public Relations Launches Third Annual PRo Community Project to Benefit Chicago Area Nonprofits

Growing Chicagoland Integrated Public Relations Agency is Celebrating  10th Anniversary in Tandem with Yearly Philanthropic Campaign

DEERFIELD, Ill. – All Points Public Relations, a Deerfield family-owned integrated public relations agency, is celebrating a milestone 10-year anniversary this August while gifting its communications services to nonprofits in need.

In conjunction with its decade landmark, the agency is hosting its third annual All Points Public Relations PRo Community Project, an initiative that awards one Chicagoland nonprofit organization with pro bono integrated marketing support.

Playing homage to the All Points team’s philanthropic spirit, the annual contest is geared towards organizations in need of integrated public relations support. From August 2 to 30, Chicagoland-based nonprofits can submit their applicationsharing why their organization could benefit from publicity, social media, graphic design and content marketing. All Points Public Relations will be evaluating entries based on how the integrated PR services awarded will positively benefit the applying organizations through awareness, membership and fundraising for a specific campaign.

“For 10 years, our team’s passion, professionalism and mission of persistence has established us as reputable leaders in all areas of integrated public relations,” said Jamie Izaks, president of All Points Public Relations, who co-owns the firm with Lauren Izaks, his wife and the COO of the company. “Every day we’re committed to making an impact on our clients’ goals—and our hands-on, personalized approach has been foundational in setting us apart. But our drive to make a positive impact on our home community of Chicago is equally important. With the PRo Community Project, we’re pursuing our philanthropic principles and sharing our services with neighborhood nonprofits that need it most.”

Deerfield natives, the Izaks launched All Points Public Relations in August of 2011 in pursuit of their own entrepreneurial dream, using the power of integrated campaigns to help franchise brands achieve their strategic goals. The agency’s expertise in the well-defined franchising niche comes from 20-plus years of work in the industry with brands that vary from well-known, national concepts to emerging franchise systems and innovative start-ups.

As All Points reaches its decade milestone, the agency continues to expand its team with talented young professionals entering the integrated communications industry and has grown its client base nationwide. Despite the pandemic-related challenges last year presented to business owners, All Points has expanded its staff 75% from 2020 to 2021 alone. The integrated public relations agency plans to add six additional team members for senior leadership, content marketing, creative and digital positions.

Using this robust team and integrated expertise to its advantage for the annual PRo Community Project, All Points Public Relations looks to provide one nonprofit organization with pro bono services for the remainder of 2021, October through December. Services may include: media relations (press release development, media outreach); graphic design (flyer/brochure creation); social media (content creation); and content marketing (email and blog creation).

“Nonprofit organizations are essential to representing and advocating for underserved communities’ needs, but those same nonprofits rely on outside help to amplify their mission,” said All Points Public Relations Director JoeyLauren Jiracek, who played an integral role in founding the agency’s PRo Community Project. “At All Points, social responsibility has been engrained in our culture since day one. We’re passionate about using our skills to do good for others, and that especially holds true now as nonprofits look to restore and strengthen their marketing efforts after a difficult year.”

For 2019’s PRo Community Project, All Points Public Relations assisted Culinary Care, an organization dedicated to delivering “one less worry” by providing free, nourishing meals from local restaurants to cancer patients and their families, in raising $250,000 during their annual Gourmand Gala, the largest fundraising effort in the organization’s history. Last year, the agency supported Kidz Express—an education, mentorship and youth employment organization in Chicago’s South Austin neighborhood. The team collectively secured notable press coverage, created an Activity Booklet for children, printed holiday cards and prepared evergreen marketing materials. It was the largest marketing effort ever for the organization.

Nonprofit organizations interested in the 2021 All Points PRo Community Project can submit an application at Submissions will be accepted until Tuesday, August 31, and the winner will be announced through All Points’ social media channels, as well as contacted directly via email by Monday, September 13.

For rules, terms and conditions, please visit

About All Points Public Relations

All Points Public Relations is a Chicagoland-based franchise PR firm that offers clients one agency to cover all the points — publicity, social media, content marketing and lead generation strategy. From seasoned serial entrepreneurs and startups to big name franchise brands, All Points PR digs in deep with its clients to tell the stories that generate top quality publicity and drive awareness with a targeted audience. For 10 years the company has served the most reputable franchise brands in North America, serving clients across a wide array of industries including Food & Beverage, Technology, Health & Wellness, Automotive, Managed Services, Technology and Beauty. For more information about All Points Public Relations and its services, please visit or call (847) 897-7470.

July Seminar Recap: To-Do Lists are Key for Efficiency

July Seminar Recap: To-Do Lists are Key for Efficiency

How effective is your to-do list? Does it help you prioritize your day, or is it a never-ending list of tasks that always roll over into the next day? In this month’s agency seminar, Senior Director Bailey Hewitt, PR Account Leads Nicole Odziewa and Rachel Nehring and PR Associate Emily Cashen discussed how we can organize ourselves for a more productive work week.

Organization is a key part of our agency systems and processes. We set ourselves up with strong to-do lists in order to maximize communication efforts and work smarter—not harder. The team shared several organizational methods to help set our team up for success.

Personalize Your Method

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to organization. What works for one may not translate for an entire team. Whether your method is making a checklist or blocking out tasks hour by hour, creating a clear system to manage your various tasks for the given week is essential.

Stay on Top of Your Day/Week

It’s important to set time at the beginning of the week to get organized for the days ahead. Create a weekly plan with tasks slotted for each day. While we can sometimes plan for items several days or weeks in advance, others will pop up as the day goes on.

As an agency, we use the phrase “plan for the plop,” which means leaving flexible time in your schedule to handle anything that “plops” onto your plate unexpectedly. Daily and weekly lists are not static, and you’ll probably have to add and change things throughout the week.

Schedule Everything

Rather than collecting a large bank of tasks to get done throughout a full work day, some people benefit from scheduling everything into a dedicated time slot. Our agency recently made the switch to Google Calendar, which provides unique abilities to create personal calendars to outline your meetings, deadlines and to-dos.

No matter the method, keeping a prioritized list of the tasks helps manage time effectively and beats the work overload. If used successfully, you’ll be much better organized, ahead on deadlines and a more valuable asset to your team.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the office.

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