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All Points Team Prepares to Celebrate No Taxation without Relaxation

All Points Team Prepares to Celebrate No Taxation without Relaxation

During the March seminar, PR Associate Lizzie Baunach presented an agency-wide campaign for one of our most colorful clients, Kona Ice.

Beginning with colorful leis for the entire team, Lizzie kicked off the presentation by sharing some of the work that All Points has done on behalf of the Kona Ice brand in our tenure as its public relations agency, specifically for its National Chill Out Day campaign. From cultivating relationships with local media to share Kona’s dedication to givebacks to securing national TV segments and placements, All Points has dedicated an enormous amount of manpower and hours toward making this campaign a success.

And 2017 is no different – with newer, bigger goals in mind, Lizzie pumped the team up to get involved at every level – pitching the media, securing interviews and analyzing the data to make this the most successful National Chill Out Day yet!

The presentation concluded with a surprise FaceTime appearance from Kona Ice’s CEO, Tony Lamb, who showed up on the big screen in the conference room to deliver a pep talk ahead of the campaign’s beginning.

After a thoughtful, articulate presentation, Lizzie generated lots of inter-agency excitement for the upcoming Kona Ice campaign. Stay tuned for next month’s seminar!

All Points PR Secures Our Clients National Media Placements

All Points PR Secures Our Clients National Media Placements

Media relations is the crux of what we do at All Points PR. Our franchise industry clients rely on us to develop meaningful relationships with the media at all levels in order to shout the franchising message to a broader audience, and nothing showcases these mutually beneficial relationships like national press placements.

Our PR team dedicates hours every day to connecting to the influential national media on behalf of our clients, telling stories of small business victories, entrepreneurial journeys and industry expertise that persuade readers to look deeper into these franchise opportunities.

Every client has different media placement goals, so we consider which publications are the best fits for every brand. Our clients have appeared in some high-profile business publications, such as Inc., Business News Daily, Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post. We’ve also secured national consumer-focused placements in Thrillist, Foodbeast, Parade Magazine and Nation’s Restaurant News, among others.

We invite you to explore our Results tab to see the exceptional ways that All Points PR is secured press coverage on all levels – national, local, regional, social media, trade and consumer-facing – for our franchise industry clients. More eyes on your brand equals more franchise leads – a win-win!

All Points’ IFA Team Shares Lessons from Convention

All Points’ IFA Team Shares Lessons from Convention

During the February seminar, the All Points PR IFA delegation – Stephanie Blake, Bailey Hewitt, Mackenzie Coopman and Liz Robinson – shared their takeaways, lessons and some fun photos with the team.

The IFA convention is sponsored by the International Franchise Association and is considered to be the premier global franchising convention – as a franchise-focused PR agency, we were especially excited to hear from our delegation as they shared what they learned in terms of trends in franchise relations, management and leadership, financing, multi-unit growth, international growth, franchise development and social media/marketing.

The IFA team met with prospective and current clients and spent ample time networking and both facilitating and attending roundtable discussions. During the seminar, the team shared what they learned: the importance of presenting and measuring the value of PR in tangible ways to franchisors, the significance of storytelling in selling a franchise experience, the difference it makes to clients to speak the franchising language and the importance of trying new social media tactics for lead generation on social media.

In addition, the team expressed how much they learned from the keynote speakers, specifically Tim Ferriss and Marcus Buckingham. Overall, everyone enjoyed themselves and took home some relevant lessons about franchising, leadership, teambuilding and the PR industry.

Stay tuned for March’s seminar!

Will Snapchat’s IPO Influence the App’s Future?

Will Snapchat’s IPO Influence the App’s Future?

Snapchat, the social media app best known for allowing users to send and receive images and videos that disappear in 10 seconds or less, has blown apart the world of social media as one of the pioneers of the “story” concept. Now, other apps like Instagram and Periscope are harnessing this component, but Snapchat remains immensely popular, with most of its users under the age of 18. The company itself is valued at over $20 billion after being on the market for just five years.

Earlier this month, Snapchat took the next step – releasing its IPO to investors eager to cash in on this opportunity. And when you talk about following the money, it extends further than investors – advertisers, already keen to reach younger audiences, are using sponsored geotags to promote brands to an engaged following.

However, concerns over the lack of marketing metrics for ads and demographic info have led many advertisers to transfer their budget into Instagram advertising instead, reaching a similar audience. Forbes says Snapchat is losing more money than ever, but also earning more, too, which may fluctuate in the months following the IPO.

As for its 158 million daily active users? No one seems to be giving up on Snapchat just yet. Users open the app an average of 18 times a day, which is all but compulsive usage. The model works – but is it sustainable?

Check out the full story on Mashable for more info on Snapchat’s IPO and industry experts’ opinions on the future of the app.

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