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The All Points Team Discusses Work from Home Best Practices During March Seminar

The All Points Team Discusses Work from Home Best Practices During March Seminar

It’s now more important than ever to be connected, especially during times of uncertainty. In light of recent developments, the All Points team grouped up for our March seminar earlier in the month before departing the office to work from home.

Led by COO and Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks and Senior Director Bailey Hewitt, the March seminar focused deeply on best work-from-home practices. It’s essential that we leverage the tools and systems we have in place to stay productive and connected. This seminar served as a great opportunity to implement our new collaborative workflow tool,, for work-from-home purposes. We explored all the ways in which we can work together, organize our tasks and create consistency across the board by using the comments section, “My Week” function, email alerts, status labels and more.

As a tight-knit office, we understand the significance of communication, especially when it comes to the support of our clients and staying strong as a team. By aligning on best practices, our team members are better equipped to approach each day with a solid plan.

Here are a few tips we encourage those working from home to keep in mind:

  • Get ready as if you were leaving for work (take a shower, get dressed, etc.)
  • Create a dedicated workspace
  • Maintain regular working hours and mealtimes
  • Limit household distractions (electronics, roommates, family members, etc.)
  • Stretch, stand and stay active – consider at-home workouts and fitness apps

The health and safety of our team members, families, clients and communities is of utmost importance. Maintaining social distance during this time allows us to keep ourselves and others healthy, and continue to provide effective integrated public relations support to our clients.

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NIFA Panel Discussion Prepares Businesses for Growth During the 2020 March Luncheon

NIFA Panel Discussion Prepares Businesses for Growth During the 2020 March Luncheon

We want to thank all of the panelists, hosts, guests and sponsors for an incredible gathering during the Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA) March Luncheon, hosted at Cooper’s Hawk in Chicago. It’s more important than ever to stay connected during times of uncertainty. Gatherings such as these luncheons allow NIFA to foster meaningful discussions among Chicagoland’s franchising community and encourage valuable networking opportunities. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s time.

We hope that everyone stays safe, and we encourage you to stay connected through the NIFA LinkedIn group. Together we are stronger, and with that in mind, we are hosting an ongoing Virtual Town Hall Discussion within the group to help provide guidance on maneuvering the current challenges that businesses are facing today. No business topic is off limits, so feel free to join the conversation.

The March Luncheon featured a spirited panel discussion, “Preparing Your Business for Growth,” led by Wintrust Franchise Finance heads Sandra McCraren and Sean Willison. Panelists included: 

  • Kevin Cook, Multi-Unit Owner, McDonald’s – Minnesota
  • Aziz Nathani, Multi-Unit Owner, Dunkin’ – Chicagoland
  • Jackie Lobdell, Executive Director of Franchise Development, Slim Chickens

The group of distinguished franchisee, franchisor and industry leaders covered a variety of discussion points related to business growth and fostering a positive culture, as well as the biggest opportunities and challenges businesses face today. The panel highly emphasized the importance of people. From attracting and retaining the best talent to listening and implementing franchisee input, each panelist provided strong input. An audience Q&A followed the discussion.

The March Luncheon was sponsored Wintrust (Title Sponsor) and Colliers International (Valet Sponsor).

Visit for more information about the organization.

COO’s Corner: Spring Clean Your Workspace and Routine

COO’s Corner: Spring Clean Your Workspace and Routine

Spring is quickly approaching, so you know what that means. It’s time for some spring cleaning! Organization and tidiness are essential for a clear mind and increased productivity, so I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping a clean environment at work. Here are three ways to spring clean your workspace and routine:

Strive for inbox zero

A cluttered inbox = a cluttered mind. It’s important to stay on top of your emails to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Utilize your filing system and flags to organize, label and prioritize your emails. Treat your inbox as a version of your to do’s by putting the quickest and most important tasks at the top of your list. Don’t need it? Delete it. Done with your task? File it away! Everyone should strive for inbox zero at the end of each day using these tips.

Keep your workflow organized

We continue to refine the processes and systems related to our workflow, which includes the use of online filing systems and programs. All of these tools are highly collaborative, so in order for them to be the most effective, everyone must do their part in keeping their areas up to date. Ensure you’re properly naming and saving documents, images, etc. in the appropriate shared files – none of these items should ever be left saved on your desktop! In terms of workflow and to do’s, ensure you and your team are on the same page by consistently sharing updates. Take some time throughout and at the end of each day to note the status on your current projects.

Sanitize your desk

Did you know that the average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat? Recent research reveals that more than two thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to dirty desks. Think about the items you touch most often that probably aren’t being cleaned enough, such as your keyboard, telephone and mouse. When was the last time you wiped them down? In the spirit of spring cleaning and keeping everyone healthy, it’s important to regularly sanitize high-traffic areas in the office such as your desk.

With collaboration and effort, we can all work together to keep a cleaner and more organized office.

Lauren Izaks is the COO and executive vice president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area,

All Points PR Volunteers at Bernie’s Book Bank for Q1 Positive Impact Program

All Points PR Volunteers at Bernie’s Book Bank for Q1 Positive Impact Program

On Monday, February 24, the All Points PR team volunteered at Bernie’s Book Bank in Lake Bluff, IL for our first quarter Positive Impact.

Bernie’s Book Bank is “the leading provider of quality books to under-served children in the Chicagoland area,” with the belief that “books and reading are both the vehicle and road to a better life.” The organization sources, processes and distributes new and gently used children’s books to help increase book ownership among underserved children, from infants to school age. Six books per child are distributed twice a year for a total of 12 books annually.

The All Points team broke up into groups to help put together individual bags containing six books each. From educational reading to stories featuring popular cartoon characters, each bag featured a variety of books appealing to early childhood readers. Each individual bag was then placed into a tote – once a tote reached 32 bags, it was sent to a loading area for distribution.

Bernie’s Book Bank reports that two out of three children from low-income families don’t have any books of their own. Since its founding in 2009, Bernie’s Book Bank has distributed more than 17 million books, and is on target to distribute 3.6 million books annually to 360,000 underserved children in Chicagoland. 45,000 volunteers are welcomed every year.

The All Points team enjoyed a hands-on opportunity to help impact the literacy crisis in Chicagoland and spread the joy of reading to today’s youth. We strive to positively impact communities in which we live and work through our philanthropic and volunteer efforts with the Positive Impact program. We are passionate about our commitment to corporate social responsibility and making a positive impact on meaningful social, community and environmental organizations. We look forward to our next Positive Impact and the cause we will serve!

Click here to learn more about the Positive Impact program.

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