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Watch All Points PR President Jamie Izaks Explain in 90 Seconds Why Visual Storytelling on Social Media Will Make or Break Your Brand

Watch All Points PR President Jamie Izaks Explain in 90 Seconds Why Visual Storytelling on Social Media Will Make or Break Your Brand

HikingAs publicists, brand advocates and creative folks everywhere know all too well, the social media landscape is two things: extremely important and always changing. In order to stay on top of recent developments, All Points’ entire team meticulously researches and engages on several different channels to help our clients better represent their brands on social media.

All Points PR President Jamie Izaks recently appeared in a short video to talk about the importance of visual storytelling on social media. He used the example of client Vitality Bowls and a campaign the All Points team spearheaded on behalf of the brand, “Fuel Your Day.”

The campaign encouraged fans of the brand and customers to share photos of the ways they start their days off in a healthy, active way, which ties directly in with the Vitality Bowls brand lifestyle. As Jamie hints at in the video, social media is one of the most important ways you can engage with current and potential customers – so taking advantage of their attention with a carefully curated campaign can make the difference between new leads and stagnancy.

Click here to watch Jamie’s video on the All Points PR Facebook page. Be sure to follow along for even more quick tips.

Senior Account Lead Katharine Nichols Discusses How to Build a Genuine Connection with Clients

Senior Account Lead Katharine Nichols Discusses How to Build a Genuine Connection with Clients

20160505_100930At All Points PR, we take great pride in the genuine relationships we have built with our clients. While we are always their biggest cheerleaders, we also consider ourselves an extension of their brands, reputations and images. This connection can be easily spotted in any of our press releases, e-blasts, blog posts or social media calendars, where the on-brand verbiage and overall tone is specific to our clients’ unique voice.

This month, Senior Account Lead Katharine Nichols chose to focus her presentation on our PR firm’s valuable connections with our clients and the distinct ways we have built upon these relationships in our day-to-day. Katharine mentioned the value of updating clients on our media outreach efforts through frequent update calls and email communications, as well as providing personalized PR update reports on a monthly basis. By looping in our clients very closely every step of the way, they can, in turn, have the peace of mind to focus on what they do best, while knowing our PR firm is diligently working on their behalf.

Stay tuned for June’s seminar!

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning your Writing Skills

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning your Writing Skills

ImageEven the most creative writers can use a refresher from time to time, especially when phrases get stale and those pesky grammar rules start to get fuzzy. For those of us who write for a living, it’s even more important to be on top of our game. Take the spring cleaning season one step further and examine your writing for ways to perk it up a bit – you’ll be glad you did! Here are five tips to start you off.

Remember the basics

It’s not the most fun thing on earth (to most of us, anyway!), but nothing turns “pretty good” writing into “great” like technically perfect rhetoric. Your clients rely on you to be the dictionary, thesaurus and AP Stylebook for their brand, so take it seriously and dedicate the time and energy necessary to make sure that your writing is completely correct in spelling, grammar, style and usage.

Structure is key

Don’t let your sentence structure get lazy – keep your subject-verb agreement tight, avoid fragments as much as possible and remind yourself of the proper usage of dependent and independent clauses. Need a refresher? Check out this link for some quick exercises to keep you at the top of your game.

Read the tone

The chances are good that you’re responsible for writing many different pieces for multiple outlets – emails to clients, internal reports, professional presentations and perhaps even bylines. Keep your tone appropriate for the outlet – and when in doubt, have a colleague read over your work to get an outside opinion.

Brevity isn’t bad

Why write 500 words if your point can be conveyed in 300? Everyone is strapped for time, so keeping your writing short and sweet is almost universally appreciated. In fact, professional copy editors are trained to edit articles down to as few words as possible. Take a page from their papers and try the technique – you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get to the point!

Let your personality shine

A professional tone is appreciated in nearly all applications, but don’t be afraid to break the rules and use conjunctions, exclamation points (where appropriate) or asides to spice up your writing. Your personal brand or clients’ brands depend on your skills – keep it tight, consistent, fresh and appropriate for the best results.

All Points Team Attends Adobe Summit and Storytelling Seminar

All Points Team Attends Adobe Summit and Storytelling Seminar

PhotoAll Points is passionate about being a group of lifelong learners, dedicated to constant growth and improvement in the fields of public relations, graphic design, content marketing, writing and communication. As such, we take every opportunity we can to learn from other industry experts, whether it’s at a large national conference or a local seminar.

Senior Digital & Creative Lead Whitney Sirard recently attended the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, where she joined thousands of other creative folks for roundtable discussions, keynote addresses and classes of all shapes and sizes. Her biggest takeaway? Brands must deliver united, compelling, consistent customer experiences to be relevant. With a host of new ideas to breathe new life into All Points’ content marketing, social media and media relations services, Whitney presented her learnings to the entire All Points team.

Additionally, Account Lead Bailey Hewitt attended a PRSA-sponsored Visual Content and Media Relations course in Chicago and presented to the All Points Team as well. Learning more about how recent technological advances have led to a major shift in the role and relationships between publicists and journalists, Bailey shared how online content can make or break a placement. Bios, supporting information, high-res downloadable images, easy-to-use quotes, infographics, logos and videos are all highly sought by journalists after in a world increasingly reliant on fast-moving online content. If we, as publicists, can provide this content for reporters, we enhance our mutually beneficial relationships even further.

This month’s seminar provided our team with inspiring ideas and strategies from two very informative seminars. As always, we look forward to serving our franchise industry clients with more in-depth skills and ever-evolving strategies for success.

Stay tuned for May’s seminar!

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