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Facebook’s 3D Photo Feature a Visual Storytelling Game-Changer

Facebook’s 3D Photo Feature a Visual Storytelling Game-Changer

You’ve experienced films in their three-dimensional glory through the power of 3D glasses, but with Facebook’s latest photo feature, those glasses won’t be necessary. The social media giant is fully rolling out its 3D photo experience, simulating depth and movement where users can scroll, pan and tilt photos to see the visual content in realistic 3D.

While the technology behind it is a little more complicated, users can share 3D photos to their feed simply by taking a “portrait mode” photo using a compatible, dual-lens iPhone and sharing it through Facebook’s 3D photo option. According to The Verge, a number of other phones feature dual cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and LG V35 ThinQ, but Facebook will be adding support for more devices in the future. Essentially, the technology works by capturing the distance between the subject in the foreground and background, which is why a dual-lens camera is needed.

Facebook’s 3D photo feature was first announced in May during its “F8” event. Currently, everyone can now view 3D photos on their desktop or mobile Facebook news feed, or in virtual reality through Oculus Go’s browser or Firefox on Oculus Rift.

The ability to create these 3D photos will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Through this new feature, Facebook has given people and brands a unique way to improve visual storytelling and challenge creativity through the use of this advanced technology. 3D photos have the ability to provide a more immersive experience for Facebook users following the pages of their favorite brands, products, people and services. For example, 3D photos can provide for a more realistic online shopping experience, making objects such as cars and furniture pop off the news feed and allow viewers to more realistically picture the product in their home.

Not to mention, this technology amps up the way brands show off event-based experiences and behind-the-scenes, providing a whole new way to connect with followers on a more intimate level. Whether someone wants to capture a more interactive shot at an amusement park, a museum or a celebration, viewers are one step closer to feeling as though their visual experience is reality.

The All Points Team Shares How to Best Prepare for Client Meetings and Conferences

The All Points Team Shares How to Best Prepare for Client Meetings and Conferences

In our recent seminar, Director Bailey Hewitt and Account Lead Mackenzie Coopman shared the best practices for traveling to client meetings and conferences. There is a significant amount of preparation that goes into successful client meeting and conferences, and the duo covered all of the essentials and prep necessary for before, during and after each client interaction.

Bailey and Mackenzie kicked off their informative presentation with purpose, as the pair explained that it’s important to define your purpose in each client meeting and conference. These gatherings serve to build and strengthen client relationships, learn more about the client, discuss strategies, plus much more. In addition to defining your purpose, it’s important to ask yourself questions to effectively establish the technicalities and the goals of each meeting.

The “before” stage requires careful preparation over the course of a few weeks leading up to the meeting, including office prep, travel arrangements, collection of materials, plus proper items and attire to pack. While each stage holds its own significance, this planning stage is crucial to ensure the next two stages go as smoothly as possible. As a helpful tool for the team, Bailey and Mackenzie passed around copies of checklists for everything needed during client meetings and conferences.

In the “during” stage, Bailey and Mackenzie reminded the team of what can be expected out of these client interactions, and what exactly is expected out of our team to ensure the client is on the same page regarding the goals and initiatives of our work. They also shared several ways to make the most out of client visits, such as taking notes, participating in any sessions or roundtable discussions and taking opportunities to network with others.

Finally, the two wrapped up their presentation by sharing immediate action items after each meeting or conference, which include briefing the team and recapping the takeaways for the client. These items help establish the next steps for the account after a successful meeting.

Both seasoned travelers for the All Points team, Bailey and Mackenzie were able to weave in their own personal experiences and takeaways as well to make for an effective seminar on meeting clients and building relationships.

3 Common Professional Fears and How to Conquer Them

3 Common Professional Fears and How to Conquer Them

Fears come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to professional fears, they can have a big impact on your development and confidence in the workplace. While it’s not uncommon to have certain professional fears, it’s important to recognize them and address your fears before they seriously affect your performance. The All Points team shared a few common professional fears they’ve encountered and how they conquered them.


 Organization is key, and for good reason. While being organized helps us perform more successfully, good organizational skills can be difficult to develop. Emily B., one of our Creative and Digital Associates, shares how she conquered her fear of organization with the All Points team.

“One professional fear that I’ve dealt with is organization,” says Emily. “I thought I was very organized before starting at All Points, but as a new employee I quickly found that my old organization tools weren’t working anymore. This used to be a big fear of mine when I first started, but with the help of my team and coworkers, I’ve developed the perfect organization system that’s helped keep me on task.”

If organization is a source of struggle, enlist the help of your coworkers, discover what works for them and see how these methods can apply in your own personal system.

Public speaking

While there are those who enjoy public speaking, and even do so professionally, it can be a daunting task for many others. Katie, one of our Public Relations Associates, addresses her fear of public speaking and what has helped her gain more confidence.

“One professional fear that I’ve dealt with is public speaking,” says Katie. “One way I’ve started to overcome this is by starting off small, first presenting with my Pod in the office (much less scary) to eventually working my way to present in front of a client. Although it’s a work in progress, starting off small helped me gain the confidence I needed.”

Public speaking is not an easy task, but with plenty of practice in front of a small, comfortable group, you can gain the confidence you need to tackle a larger presentation without fear.

Meeting expectations and goals

 As a professional, you want to set the bar high for yourself and exceed expectations. However, this can often result in fear of falling short. Emily M., one of our Public Relations Associates, discusses how she overcomes this fear.

“A professional fear of mine is not meeting or growing my goals and expectations in my career,” says Emily. “One way to overcome this fear is to set real and achievable expectations for myself. Nobody knows my capabilities better than myself, and it is very important to be realistic when setting goals.”

With overcoming any professional fear related to growth, it’s essential to reflect on your performance and identify what is and isn’t working for you in achieving your goals.

“Don’t aim too low or too high,” Emily adds. “I set personal goals weekly and refer to them at the end of the week to assess myself and what I can do to continue to reach my goals and grow as a professional.”

The All Points team is committed to each other’s professional growth and is always seeking new and improved ways to tackle professional fears and achieve big goals.




All Points PR Team Shares Strategies for Fostering Better Client Communications

All Points PR Team Shares Strategies for Fostering Better Client Communications

In our recent September seminar, Lead Project Manager Megan French presented the significance of client communication. Within this presentation, she shared strategies for fostering a better understanding between the team and our clients.

With the goal of easing communication on both sides, Megan shared her ideas on succinct and clear ways to ensure that everyone is on the same page during update and strategy check-ins. For example, because our office works with clients from all around the United States, many updates with clients are conducted over the phone. Since this eliminates the face-to-face factor, Megan shared helpful reminders when speaking with clients. This included speaking clearly and confidently so that ideas can be heard and absorbed, both by the team and our clients.

Additionally, Megan took some time to remind the team the importance of action items following the call. By actively taking notes throughout client calls, our team is able to effectively keep track of next steps and outline them for our clients.

With these reminders and strategies in place, All Points is able to create a helpful environment where everyone is clear on the work, goals and initiatives. It’s important that these items are understood all around to ensure we’re productively moving forward.

The entire All Points team enjoyed learning more about Megan’s strategic plan to ease client communications. Our office is always working to build a strong bridge that connects us with our clients and establishes a better understanding of our work.

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