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Earning Trust for National Tech Client through Integrated PR

Earning Trust for National Tech Client through Integrated PR

All Points PR has been working with longtime client CMIT Solutions to secure publicity and create campaigns for several years. Always looking for ways to enhance our clients’ brand images, All Points put together an integrated social media, content marketing and publicity campaign around trending technology topics.

Our integrated plan included strategic national media relations, targeted social media, content marketing as well as local, national and trade media placements. The topics focused on the most pressing consumer-focused technology matters of the day.

All Points’ targeted pitching was quickly successful – the brand saw several placements in extremely well-read national publications such as USA TodayForbes and Inc. Locally, All Points trained CMIT Solutions’ franchise partners to go on regional TV stations to discuss trending technology issues as well. Coupled with compelling content marketing, social media and graphic design efforts, CMIT Solutions is positioned well in the public eye.

Click here to read the full CMIT Solutions case study and learn more about All Points’ strategic approach to helping franchise brands grow their images through integrated social media, content marketing and publicity.

All Points Coordinates Tech Day to Promote Internal Learning

All Points Coordinates Tech Day to Promote Internal Learning

The All Points team has many strengths – we’re creative thinkers, critical analysts and passionate learners – and when we work together to grow these strengths, great things happen.

That was the mentality behind Tech Day, conceptualized by Director Bailey Hewitt, where several members of the All Points team each put together presentations to teach a technical component of our work to the entire team. The goal was to make every member of the team more well-rounded, teaching everyone graphic design, content marketing, digital strategy and review management skills to enhance our team’s knowledge as a whole.

The group gathered at a beautiful meeting space at Bernie’s Book Bank and heard from Directors Stephanie Blake and Bailey Hewitt, Senior Content Marketing Lead Amy Lecza and Creative Lead Allie Kramer on various topics.

Stephanie’s presentation focused on Photoshop editing techniques, while Amy and Bailey showcased some email marketing management systems and how to track the analytics that generate leads for our clients. Allie discussed digital campaign management and showed the whole team some social media updates to take our current campaign work to another level. Finally, we heard from a Yelp team member who talked about interesting ways to leverage review management sites to clean up a brand’s reputation.

In an effort to utilize all the skills we learned at Tech Day, Project Lead Megan French introduced a new contest: Think Tank. Each pod has come up with an innovative digital/social client tactic to implement in the month ahead to garner the best results for the chosen client. We’re looking forward to kicking off the contest soon!

The whole All Points team enjoyed an engaging morning of learning followed by a delicious team lunch and left with a renewed enthusiasm for our work. Check out the All Points Facebook page for more photos!

Emerging Social Media Trend Watch: Vero

Emerging Social Media Trend Watch: Vero

If you’re tuned into social media trends, you’ve probably heard some buzz about Vero, an emerging social media app that aims to compete with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Vero found near overnight popularity by offering free accounts to the first million users, making it the No. 1 social media app on iTunes as of Feb. 27. At this point, Vero’s popularity has surpassed the one million subscriber mark and they extended the offer to even more users.

But we’ve seen this before – Meerkat, Ping, Orkut and others have dropped on to the scene as disruptors, only to fizzle out after the initial buzz dies.

Vero’s differentiators seem to be unique: it’s a no-ad platform with no algorithm. Their mission is to create a “more authentic” social media platform that “makes our users our customers, not advertisers.”

Though the staying power of Vero still has yet to be determined, its emergence and quick rise to popularity speaks volumes about what users want from a social media experience – an ad-free experience that doesn’t use algorithms to push posts up based on popularity.

Essentially, people want transparency – and as PR pros who work in the digital and social space, we can use this lesson to fuel our work both on and off the channels. We’ll be interested to see how these “ad-free” channels may impact the future of digital advertising, but one thing is clear: transparency in both paid and organic messaging is highly valued by consumers.

All Points Team Hits Phoenix for IFA Convention

All Points Team Hits Phoenix for IFA Convention

In what most in the franchising industry consider to be the most exciting few days of the year, several members of the All Points team headed for Phoenix to participate in round table discussions, educational seminars and plenty of networking time with current and future franchise clients.

The IFA team had lots of great takeaways from the convention, which they shared with our full All Points office during our February seminar. Here’s what stood out to them this year:

Bailey: This year, I really focused on finding networking opportunities in unexpected places. From the elevator to the women’s restroom, there’s no bad place to make a connection!

Gillian: Conducting casual conversations with people we met about PR and franchise development can really set you apart from the competition – we show our value by demonstrating expertise, not going for the hard sell.

Allie: The IFA was a great time for me to share how to “close the loop” with social media. Many franchisors are looking for the final step to close deals, and often, social media and digital lead generation tactics may be the answer.

Baca: At a convention the size of the IFA, you never know who’s sitting next to you. It pays to just say hello and start the conversation!

Jamie: It’s always great to see our clients face-to-face and to make connections that will lead to new clients. We have loyal clients who are our biggest cheerleaders, and we continue to look forward to doing great work for them for the rest of the year.

Check out our Facebook page for even more information and photos from All Points at the IFA!

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