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All Points PR Team Share Tips for Networking and Deskside Tour Planning

All Points PR Team Share Tips for Networking and Deskside Tour Planning

In our recent July seminar, Account Leads Joey Jiracek and Lauren Baca presented to the full team about their learnings from arranging deskside visits with reporters in New York as well as their lessons from the NewsWhip conference, which they both attended in June.

With the goal of leveraging existing relationships and establishing new media connections, both Joey and Baca worked tirelessly to make personal connections to New York media contacts, culminating in a visit to the city to meet these individuals in person to further grow their relationships and develop future story angles for our franchise clients. Among the reporters that they met with were freelancers and social media consultants who contribute to publications and sites such as Globe Street, the Wall St. Journal, Money-Ish, Bustle and more.

Joey and Baca gave their best tips to the group for arranging in-person visits and avoiding the inevitable pitfalls of awkwardness that come with networking, such as being prepared with a location ahead of time, having printed materials on hand and reaching each individual at a personal level.

Our two networking gurus, fresh from a series of New York City deskside meetings, then attended the NewsWhip conference which centered around humanizing data. They brought back a host of great tricks, including using language with compelling indicators (first, last, only, smallest, largest) in the subject line as well as how to tactfully add a socially conscious component to a brand identity.

The whole All Points team enjoyed hearing about the deskside tours and best practices from the conference alongside a well-designed presentation. We’re already looking forward to the August seminar – nice job, Baca and Joey!

Got Great Press? Close the Loop with Social Media and Content Marketing

Got Great Press? Close the Loop with Social Media and Content Marketing

As PR pros, we work hard to secure press for our franchise industry clients – from reporter research and crafting a personalized pitch to media training the client and follow-up, it’s a multi-step process to get the hit. And after so many well-thought-out steps, it’s only natural to share the press coverage in as many places as possible to get as much exposure out of it.

Social media is an important component to our integrated strategies at All Points PR, and that includes sharing secured press coverage via social media. All Points PR President Jamie Izaks explores the idea of “closing the loop” in the video below.

As Jamie pointed out, the crossover from PR to social media can also be useful when it comes to crisis communication and content marketing. We aim to help our franchise clients maintain the equity they’ve built in their brands through social media, blog and email campaigns alongside traditional earned media.

Click here to see how All Points’ secured coverage enhances brand reputations within the franchise industry. And, don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more of Jamie’s PR Tips of the Month!

All Points PR Shares Client Social Media Successes

All Points PR Shares Client Social Media Successes

Like we often write about and share on our own social media pages, building relationships with influencers has grown in importance when it comes to understanding the full scope of what public relations can encompass in an increasingly digital world.

Much of our work with influencers comes down to the time and research it takes to determine the best fit for a client. To this point, we’ve secured several great social media placements for our franchise clients that have helped to further their footprint nationally, regionally and locally.

Recently, All Points secured a placement with @CLTEats, a Charlotte food blogger who visited a newly opened Potbelly location and shared a post, plus a full Instagram story with her nearly 17K followers.

It’s not just humans who are influencers, either – All Points got in touch with @tinsley_carter, a Yorkie puppy that visits local businesses, to visit a Sloan’s location and enjoy a doggie sundae! With more than 12K followers, Tinsley is one popular pup.

More than just driving business to an individual store, working with influencers enhances the entire reputation of a brand – and in franchising, this total exposure can be deeply beneficial to the brand as a whole.

We invite you to explore our Results tab to see the exciting ways that All Points PR has secured press coverage on all levels – national, local, regional, social media, trade and consumer-facing – for our franchise industry clients. More eyes on your brand equals more franchise leads – a win-win!

All Points PR Team Contemplates Privacy vs. Personalization Paradox

All Points PR Team Contemplates Privacy vs. Personalization Paradox

In our recent June seminar, Creative and Digital Lead Allie Kramer presented to the full team about some of the new social media strategies impacting our industry, instigated by her recent attendance at the Chicago Social Media Strategies Summit.

Allie shared some fascinating statistics about current social media usage, including the percentages of the adult population who regularly use each social media channel (we were surprised to hear that 73% of U.S. adults use YouTube compared to 68% on Facebook). She also brought to light the impact that Generation Z (current pre-teens and teens) is having on social media – namely, the rise of online influencers over celebrities.

Additionally, Allie brought to light a very interesting conversation happening in social media circles – the privacy vs. personalization paradox. Essentially, as Allie noted, 94% of marketers believe personalization is critical to success reaching an audience, but 92% of U.S. internet users are simultaneously expressing concern about their online data privacy. Navigating these waters has proven challenging for marketers who want to respect consumer wishes and is a conversation worth paying attention to.

Finally,  Allie educated our team on some recent Facebook ad news, namely that following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is responding by removing third party data targeting. As a reference, nearly half of Facebook’s 1,200 targeting criteria comes from third party data sources.

Staying up on the most recent social media trends is important to the All Points team as we’re constantly honing our digital and creative techniques to drive leads and results for our franchise industry clients.

We’re already looking forward to next month’s seminar – nice job, Allie!

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