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The All Points Team Looks to Bridge the World of PR and Upcoming Graduates

The All Points Team Looks to Bridge the World of PR and Upcoming Graduates

The All Points PR team recently enjoyed a seminar led by Account Lead JoeyLauren Jiracek, who introduced the “AP University Initiative” and its goals to the team.

The AP University Initiative is designed to strengthen partnerships between All Points and nearby or team alma mater colleges through three methods:

  • On-sight classroom and registered student organization visits
  • Speaking engagements
  • All Points agency tours

These face-to-face visits with our team can serve a great purpose for upcoming graduates who are looking to enter the public relations field and learn about our growing integrated PR firm.

By visiting schools both near and far, All Points looks forward to sharing our mission with students who are eager to learn more about what they can expect with a PR team like ours. Likewise, students who wish to explore our agency environment for themselves or inquire about job opportunities are welcome to contact Lauren Izaks:

3 Workplace Resolutions to Explore in the New Year

3 Workplace Resolutions to Explore in the New Year

For many, the new year offers a fresh start. It’s a great time to reflect on the past year to evaluate the goals set and aspire to achieve new ones. When asked about their New Year’s resolutions, the All Points team had many great workplace goals to share. Here are several workplace resolutions that are worth exploring in the new year and why our team feels they’re important.

Seek out leadership opportunities

The world of public relations offers plenty of opportunities to step into a leadership role. Whether it’s tackling a new project, leading a presentation or initiating an integrated campaign, new and established PR professionals can always find more ways to strengthen their skillset. Emily M., one of our Public Relations Associates, has just that in mind looking into 2019.

“One of my biggest workplace resolutions for this year is to take on more leadership opportunities,” says Emily. “As a growing PR professional, I am soaking in all that there is to know about my field. As I continue to master certain skills, I gain the ability to help my team grow with me. By taking on more projects with added responsibility, I can help guide newer colleagues as they learn and grow.”

Learn more about tools and programs

Technology plays a powerful role in today’s PR climate. Email platforms, design programs and other management systems are essential to running successful campaigns, generating leads and building brand awareness. Barbara, one of our team’s Digital and Creative Associates, understands that there is always the opportunity to learn more and seek efficiency with the programs she uses, no matter her experience.

“My workplace resolution is to learn more about the programs I use daily,” says Barbara. “Even if you think you are experienced with using certain software, it’s important to realize that you can be doing things more efficiently. Learning keyboard shortcuts is a great, universal way to get started no matter what software you use. There’s a multitude of tutorials online with specific ways of improving efficiency and learning new skills. Incorporating these new learnings every day is critical to cement them into your skill set.”

Go above and beyond for clients

At All Points, our team is always looking for more ways to exceed our clients’ expectations. Meredith, one of our Content Marketing Associates, recognizes that there is always room to grow when it comes to going above and beyond expectations.

“It’s important to not only meet the needs of clients, but to exceed them,” says Meredith on her workplace resolution. “Going the extra mile when working on a project shows the client that they are a priority, as well as encourages you to push yourself professionally in order to grow individually. It can be extremely rewarding to see your work benefit the client, and going above and beyond from what is expected of you can make that happen.”

The All Points team looks forward to 2019 and all the opportunities for personal and professional growth to come.

The All Points Team Shares Their 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

The All Points Team Shares Their 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

The All Points team has big plans for heading into the new year. From traveling and volunteering to living healthier and continuing education, our team is looking forward to a fresh year filled with more opportunities to achieve our goals. Check out our 2019 New Year’s resolutions!

Maddy: …to get better about finding HAROs for my clients and to find more ways to be active after work.

 Megan: …to cook more! I want to spend time each week trying new recipes and figuring out my go-tos for lunch-prep, party hosting and everything in-between.

Emily M: …to adapt a healthier lifestyle and keep a positive mentality through 2019!  

Barbara: …to pursue continued education. There’s so much more to learn about the programs I use on a daily basis, and my goal is to stay on top of any new updates and changes.

Sydney: …to continue my 2018 resolution of reading one book every month, and to seek out new professional learning opportunities for myself, my teams and the office.

Lauren:  …to learn something new. Give back. Read more.

Katie: …to cook more often, finish decorating my apartment and appreciate the little things in life more! 

Stephanie: …to focus my attention on becoming the best new mom that I can be and ensuring that all is prepared ahead of my son’s arrival in May.

Emily B: …to stay on track with my fitness goals and get back to working out regularly like I used to.

Amanda: …to give myself and my plants more water, develop a consistent and healthy workout and weight routine, actually use my gym membership, read at least one book every month and dedicate more time to friends, family and my own self care.

Allie: …to clean my inbox in some way each day and to drink more water.

Mackenzie: …to make more time for volunteering in the community and to use my PTO time more wisely throughout the year rather than just saving the majority of it for the end of the year. I’m also hoping to start my Master’s degree before the end of the year!

Spencer: …to learn how to play the banjo. To accomplish this I plan to dedicate a minimum of three hours per week fumbling the strings until I can finally pluck a tune.

Jessica: …to make more memories through travel and new experiences.

Meredith: …to continue to exceed clients’ expectations and keep my apartment clean!

Alex: …to cut back on my daily screen time and read instead.

Gillian: …to learn how to garden and start growing fruits and vegetables indoors.

Jenna: …to implement healthy habits into my life in and outside of work like drinking more water, eating healthier and exercising more.

Annie: …to spend less money on Starbucks and Dunkin’ and to transition to a morning workout person.

Jamie: …to recalibrate my advisor role versus my tactical role. I will be more assertive with myself as it comes to strategy, leadership and coaching.

Joey: …to establish a morning routine that sets me up for a successful day. I want to get up earlier, enjoy a cup of coffee and consume the news before heading into work. More me-time in the morning will help me feel fully charged!

Bailey: …to spend more time volunteering with local youth organizations.

Gautier: …to get seven hours of sleep a night. It’s the key to consistent productivity and keeping your mind agile!

The All Points PR Team Reflects on 2018 Growth and the Years to Come

The All Points PR Team Reflects on 2018 Growth and the Years to Come

The All Points PR team recently celebrated the holiday season during our 2018 holiday party. There, the team enjoyed dinner, desert and a gift exchange, complete with the inaugural “APPRs” and a team seminar.

President Jamie Izaks kicked off the night with our Q4 contest, The 2018 APPRs. In the weeks leading up to the first-ever awards event, the team filled out ballots nominating team members and pods for their hard work in the following categories: Media Relations, Social Media & Graphics, Content Marketing, Client Management & Professionalism, and Integration. Winners included Senior Account Lead Gillian Losh for Top Notable Placement, Director Sydney Thompson for Strongest Byline and Creative and Digital Associate Barbara Krygowska for Best Integrated Campaign of the Year.

In the seminar, COO and Executive Vice President Lauren Izaks shared a reflective overview of the agency’s growth, as well as what’s to come in the new year with the collaboration of several team members. Lauren began the presentation with a timeline of the agency’s growth – from its founding in August 2011 to a new and improved office location, the introduction of team seminars, the Positive Impact program and much more. The team was then treated to a photo collage video highlighting 2018 as a whole, from conferences and holiday celebrations to team outings and general fun around the office.

Lauren then invited several team members to discuss new developments and systems moving into 2019. Lead Project Manager Megan French was the first to take the stage to review important scheduling information across the agency. Director Bailey Hewitt then went over 2019 dates for our monthly seminars, encouraging team members to seek out new learning opportunities to share.

On the creative side, Senior Creative & Digital Account Lead Allie Kramer and Creative & Digital Associate Barbara Krygowska shared exciting materials coming into play beginning in January. One reveal featured a client-focused newsletter, showcasing the diverse insights and services of All Points in digital marketing and social media, content marketing and public relations.

Lauren wrapped up the presentation with a few words of inspiration and an exciting announcement on an initiative designed to bring our team even closer to our clients. The team enjoyed reflecting on 2018 as a whole, taking a look at past years with the agency and anticipating all that’s yet to come. The holiday season and celebratory atmosphere of the night certainly set the stage for ringing in an exciting new year at All Points.

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