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Feeling Great About Eight

Feeling Great About Eight

Feeling Great About Eight

By Jamie Izaks

Another year has come and gone at All Points PR, and if one thing’s for sure, it’s that we’re feeling great about eight! I’ve taken some time to reflect on all the milestones we’ve reached and the goals we’ve accomplished in our eighth year as an agency, and this year has certainly been one for the books. From the growth and development of our team members to the relationships we’ve built with our stellar clients and the connections we’ve reinforced and developed with both long-term and new networking partners, I’d like to share some of the highlights as we turn the page on another wonderful year.

By far, the talented team we have in place is more accomplished than ever before. As we’ve continued the expansion of our office space, we’ve grown the All Points team by an entire new pod. Now five pods strong, we’ve welcomed several new faces into the office, and have also had the pleasure to celebrate meaningful promotions among our seasoned staff. The All Points team members continuously prove their abilities to elevate the agency and our presence as a whole through curiosity, creativity and persistence.

The collaborative nature of our office, coupled with continued education through our monthly seminars (which included a visit from Google this year) and industry workshops, has had a profound impact on the professional development of our staff and our client work. And, we’re taking great pride in seeing just how far our skills can evolve. Across the public relations, creative, digital and content marketing disciplines, we’ve produced high quality and creative campaigns that are leading to bigger, better results for our clients.

And, speaking of our clients, our client roster has never been stronger. We’ve welcomed a variety of new brands this year, many from the restaurant, home and commercial services and fitness industries. We continue to solidify strong relationships with our clients, from the newcomers to those we’ve had the pleasure of working with for years.

One of the biggest moments of 2019 was All Points PR on display at the International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention in Las Vegas. Our campaign as a whole, “Tell Your Story, See Results, Grow Your Franchise,” was absolutely outstanding. It all began with our pre-Convention push, continued with our presence at the Convention and will live on until December of this year through our franchise industry marketing campaign. The All Points team members responsible for the campaign certainly rose to the occasion.

The IFA Convention wasn’t the only opportunity our team had to make our presence felt. Our eighth year also offered incredible volunteering experiences through our Positive Impact program. The All Points team strives to positively impact communities far and wide through our philanthropic and volunteer efforts, and this past year we had the chance to work with organizations including Project Linus, Feed My Starving Children and the Alliance for the Great Lakes. When the All Points team visited our local Feed My Starving Children organization, we packed more than 40 boxes, providing nourishing meals for an entire year to more than 25 children in need.

We are also proud to have launched “The PRo Community Project,” a contest geared toward organizations in need of additional marketing services. Through this exciting initiative, we invite nonprofit leaders to submit an application for the chance to win free services and volunteer support from our team. Created and launched by one of our team members, The PRo Community Project provides us a tremendous opportunity to shine a light on a nonprofit organization that is working to enhance the lives of others. One of our next Positive Impact programs will include a volunteering initiative with Culinary Care, the winner of this year’s PRo Community Project contest.

Our team has enjoyed a wealth of opportunities to connect with our current clients, prospective clients and networking partners. From events including the IFA Convention and the Franchise Times Finance and Growth Conference to exciting client conventions and meetings that took us to New York City, New Orleans, Portland and beyond, our team enjoyed many unique chances to align on goals, initiatives and strengthen our relations with clients and others in the franchising industry.

And, our dedication to the franchising industry didn’t stop there. We’re proud to have hosted another great year of events through The Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA), further extending our commitment to Chicagoland’s franchising community. Through these events, which included a Luncheon discussion led by IFA President and CEO Robert Cresanti and a June gathering during the Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals game focused on private equity investment in franchising, we had the wonderful opportunity to connect with guests, clients and networking partners over today’s most pressing franchise-related topics.

Looking ahead to our ninth year, it’s clear that All Points is driven by the hard work and persistence of our outstanding team, as well as the incredible relationships we foster with our clients. To put it simply, we’re just as excited about eight as we are nine! Happy anniversary to All Points, and a huge thank you to those who’ve helped us grow as an agency. Cheers!

Jamie Izaks is the president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area,

Trending: The Implications of Social Media Apps on Travel, Content and Business

Trending: The Implications of Social Media Apps on Travel, Content and Business

“Do it for the gram” has become a well-known phrase in today’s social media-savvy age as the platform Instagram has risen in popularity, which now boasts more than one billion active users every month. The hashtag of the same phrase has more than 500,000 posts on the app, packed with photos from amateur photographers to dedicated social media influencers going the extra mile to snap just the right shot for their filtered feeds.

Upon visiting the hashtag, it doesn’t take much scrolling to find photos of travelers exploring the globe and documenting their every move. In the influencer world, there are many users from high-profile bloggers to micro-influencers who curate feeds under travel niches. And, with the launch of the new travel app “Depalo,” which helps users pinpoint “Instagram-worthy” locations, it’s becoming easier than ever to locate these hotspots and plan your next trip. So, what are the implications of the ever-advancing technology of social media? Here are a few to consider the next time you peruse the gram.


Instagram-friendly destinations around the globe have been dealing with an influx of tourists. A survey from Expedia found that 30% of Americans are influenced or inspired by social media when booking a trip. Thanks to geotagging, a feature on Instagram that allows users to tag their posts down to the latitude and longitude of the physical locations stored by mobile devices, it doesn’t take much searching to find attractive locations that can lead to those coveted “likes” and follows. Plus, with apps like Depalo, social media continues to evolve in support of this trend.

However, in November 2018, the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board launched a campaign that encouraged visitors to “tag responsibly,” allowing Instagram users to tag their photos generically under “Keep Jackson Hole Wild” rather than using the geotag feature. The main goal of the campaign was twofold, helping to preserve natural resources of the travel destination by preventing overcrowding and destruction while boosting awareness of conservation efforts. 

Content Fatigue

Depalo’s website states: “As your location scout, Depalo will lead you to the exact latitude and longitude of the best Instagrammable murals, coffee shops and viewpoints so you can focus your time creating Insta-worthy moments.” However, in an article with CNN, Beca Alexander, founder and president of influencer casting and marketing agency Socialyte, points out that apps such as Depalo can create content fatigue. “I worry this just makes it easier for everyone to just continue posting the exact same content,” Alexander says of Depalo.

Photo vs. Business

In the same article, Alexander notes that people have a tendency to visit “Instagrammable” spots, such as businesses, just for the photo rather than to try the food or product the business is offering. While Instagram and influencer marketing can do wonders for business by attracting potential local customers, Alexander explains that this tendency is not always a good thing. “These places and restaurants are trying really hard to cater to the ‘grammers, but they’re not always seeing the benefit of it financially,” she says. “People are just going for the sake of taking a photo.”

Rebecca Aneloski, a lifestyle blogger who launched Depalo, explains that she works to strike a balance and ensure that businesses feel positively about being featured on the app. “We encourage people to do business while they’re there, not just show up and take a photo,” says Aneloski. “We definitely want to uplift these local businesses. We think too that if they are going to make their place pretty Instagrammable, it’s almost expected in this day and age to have people snapping photos in that space.”

The All Points Team Reflects on Critical Thinking Skills During July Seminar

The All Points Team Reflects on Critical Thinking Skills During July Seminar

During our July seminar, the All Points team went above and beyond in a presentation that challenged our office to think more critically.

The team recently gathered to discuss going beyond the obvious and applying critical thinking skills each and every day. Led by Director Bailey Hewitt and featuring insights from President Jamie Izaks, the presentation kicked off with a review of some of the top characteristics in critical thinkers, including objectivity, introspection and humility – reminding the office that clear communication, thoughts and actions, as well as self-reflection, is essential when thinking outside the box.

The presentation also included several sterling examples of critical thinking around the office, plus the press, social media and content that followed as a result. Bailey guided the team through a few situations that asked for bigger and bolder thinking, such as spearheading a creative campaign to better drive brand awareness or finding the perfect pitch for a story lacking a timely hook. Boiling down to the key takeaways, critical thinking calls for challenging the norm, setting aside time to think bigger and to exercise all of your options. Most importantly – never settle.

Our monthly seminars serve to promote ongoing education and refinement of skills, motivating and inspiring our employees through relevant topics and exciting information. As a creative and integrated PR agency, the All Points team boasts an abundance of critical thinkers. The July seminar was a great way to re-stimulate a more creative and critical way of thinking and to encourage new angles for the office to consider.

Be sure to check out All Points PR on Facebook and Twitter to hear about our latest seminars, and follow along on Instagram to keep up with the office.

COO’s Corner: Dress for Success in the Summer Heat

COO’s Corner: Dress for Success in the Summer Heat

As the weather heats up and it’s finally time to break out the summer clothing, I’d like to chat about office dress code policies. While All Points has established a casual dress code, not all clothing is suitable for the office. Here are a few helpful guidelines to help you dress for success in the summer heat.

Don’t dress for the beach, gym or nightclub

My ultimate rule of thumb when it comes for dressing in a casual work environment is that if you can wear it to the beach, gym or nightclub, don’t wear it to work! Clothing that is meant for hitting the beach, such as cover-up dresses or flip-flops, is not appropriate for a professional appearance at work. Likewise, any sneakers, leggings or tank tops that can be worn to the gym should be kept outside of the workplace. Nightclub attire, such as low-cut or midriff tops, is not acceptable!

Keep it clean and appropriate

Dirty and torn clothes are never appropriate for the workplace, even in a casual setting. Use your best judgment when wearing jeans with holes and fraying – keep it to a minimum. Casual dresses may be worn and should be at a length at which you can sit comfortably in public. Despite the heat, shorts in any form should not be worn. Casual shirts, dress shirts, polos or golf-type shirts are perfectly acceptable, but any t-shirts with words, terms or pictures that may be offensive to other employees cannot be worn to work.

Think sensibly about your footwear

While it’s tempting to break out your favorite pair of flip-flops or gym shoes for the summer, remember that footwear should still be sensible and appropriate for the office. Dressier sneakers and flip-flops may be worn.

All Points is a creative environment, so expressing your unique style through your clothing, jewelry, hairstyle, etc. is always welcome. However, with a casual dress code, the goal is not to encourage a fashion show, but rather to promote dressing comfortably and for success. Finally – and I cannot stress this enough – remember to layer up! No matter how warm it is outside, take the office AC into account when choosing your outfit.

Lauren Izaks is the COO and executive vice president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area,

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