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All Points PR Associate Lauren Baca Shares Lead Ad Primer

All Points PR Associate Lauren Baca Shares Lead Ad Primer


One of the most essential components to the All Points PR employee experience is our commitment to ongoing learning and education. To that point, PR Associate Lauren Baca recently took it upon herself to learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn lead generation ads and educated the team during the monthly seminar.

Lauren, while not an expert in social media strategy or even a Social Media Associate, did substantial research and discussed the ways that our PR team can harness the expertise of our social media team. With so much information at our fingertips online, it’s more accessible than ever to better educate our clients – and ourselves – on how lead generation ads can be a successful component to any earned or owned media campaign.

She explained the role that lead generation ads play in an overall franchise growth/lead acquisition strategy, and the team now has a more comprehensive overview of this complex topic to apply to our day-to-day PR, content marketing and social media work. From answers to common lead generation questions to in-depth understandings of how to target, retarget and create lead ads, the All Points team is prepared for even more franchise development social media trends.

Lauren’s presentation encouraged the team to find topics they’re curious about and to take the first step toward learning them, thus adding valuable services and expertise to our client offerings. Stay tuned for December’s seminar!

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