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All Points Coordinates Tech Day to Promote Internal Learning

All Points Coordinates Tech Day to Promote Internal Learning

The All Points team has many strengths – we’re creative thinkers, critical analysts and passionate learners – and when we work together to grow these strengths, great things happen.

That was the mentality behind Tech Day, conceptualized by Director Bailey Hewitt, where several members of the All Points team each put together presentations to teach a technical component of our work to the entire team. The goal was to make every member of the team more well-rounded, teaching everyone graphic design, content marketing, digital strategy and review management skills to enhance our team’s knowledge as a whole.

The group gathered at a beautiful meeting space at Bernie’s Book Bank and heard from Directors Stephanie Blake and Bailey Hewitt, Senior Content Marketing Lead Amy Lecza and Creative Lead Allie Kramer on various topics.

Stephanie’s presentation focused on Photoshop editing techniques, while Amy and Bailey showcased some email marketing management systems and how to track the analytics that generate leads for our clients. Allie discussed digital campaign management and showed the whole team some social media updates to take our current campaign work to another level. Finally, we heard from a Yelp team member who talked about interesting ways to leverage review management sites to clean up a brand’s reputation.

In an effort to utilize all the skills we learned at Tech Day, Project Lead Megan French introduced a new contest: Think Tank. Each pod has come up with an innovative digital/social client tactic to implement in the month ahead to garner the best results for the chosen client. We’re looking forward to kicking off the contest soon!

The whole All Points team enjoyed an engaging morning of learning followed by a delicious team lunch and left with a renewed enthusiasm for our work. Check out the All Points Facebook page for more photos!

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