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Every business strives to generate more transactions. To achieve this, it is important to attract consumers and not only tell them about your brand, but to share a unique perspective or information they did not have prior to visiting your blog, website or social media channel. Content marketing is a mindset that is integrated into the entire marketing mix, and a great content marketing strategy is a process that must be strategic and well thought out.

While there are a variety of content marketing formulas that have proven to be successful, there is a common strategic thread that binds winning approaches to this element of the public relations game:

1. Define your target

Before producing any content, it is essential to define your target audience and understand their interests. Think about what information your reader needs and how you can supply it in a memorable way.

2. Set goals

Remember that the purpose is to provide valuable insight to the reader. Focus on the needs of your target audience, rather than simply listing your services. Be sure your strategy fits in the sales funnel and integrate your brand's image within the content.

3. Produce driven content that includes an attainable call to action.

Crafting great content that educates is essential, but asking people to do something with the content should always be top of mind. Position your brand as the expert and point consumers/clients to your online sources, locations or services to get more information.

4. Distribute to multiple channels to amplify the message

Repurposing your content and distributing it to all appropriate channels is essential. This will help reach new people who might not otherwise see your content.

At All Points we see content marketing as an evolving process that is dependent on creative and persistent execution. We recognize that producing content is ours to own as public relations practitioners because of our distinctive ability to be effective communicators through multiple channels. The roll out of our Content Marketing service comes as another way to support our clients with impressive publicity results, creative graphic design and engaging social media.

by Jamie Izaks December 9, 2013 chicago crisis communication agency, chicago franchise PR, chicago franchise public relations, chicago public relations, franchise industry PR, franchise PR, franchise PR firm, franchise public relations, franchise public relations agency, chicago PR agency

The award for best performance of Thursday night's live production of The Sound Of Music goes to DiGiorno Pizza. As viewers prepared to enjoy the heartwarming theater production of the 1965 film, Digiorno Pizza was cooking up a tasteful treat for the audience.

The popular frozen pizza brand had the Twitter-verse hanging on every word during it's live-tweet of the show with comments including, #TheSoundOfMusicLiveCan't believe pizza isn't one of her favorite things."

The twitter-feed can be viewed here:

Their tweets were so popular that #DiGiorno soon became a trending topic right next to #TheSoundofMusicLive.

This was a fantastic move by DiGiorno's social media team. They had a captive audience with all the publicity generated surrounding this musical premiere and used this to their advantage.

According to a recent article by Caroline Moss, Business Insider, "This outburst of weird and enthusiastic tweeting from DiGiorno over a rendition of an iconic musical could have easily worked against the brand. But everyone loved it. DiGiorno was praised by the likes of BuzzFeed , The LA Times , AdWeek and The Hollywood Reporter."

Twitter is an open forum where companies can appear more human and interact with their followers. If done tastefully and in the right context this could be a widely successful maneuver to increase brand awareness.

by Jamie Izaks November 26, 2013

When it comes to media relations the ultimate goal is to capture the reporters' attention and secure an interview for your client. Reporters are inundated with phone calls and emails from publicists everyday and in a world where news is condensed to 140 characters or less, it is important to make your point known succinctly.

Whether it is over the phone or via email, it takes about five to 10 seconds before you lose a reporters' interest. So how do you keep them listening or reading?

Here are some tricks of the trade to keep in mind when pitching the media.

Hook, Line & Sinker – When sending an email pitch your subject line is very important. It needs to be captivating with just enough information for the reporter to open the email. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick or secret to creating the perfect subject line – just trial and error.

What's the News – Just because your client is opening a new store in Chicago doesn't make this news to a reporter. What makes this news is the number of jobs this will create and what this means for the local economy. Keep this in mind when writing new pitches. Ask yourself, what is the news.

Reinvent the Trend – "Did you know that frozen yogurt is so passé and designer ice cream is taking center stage." If your client is offering something unique such as a custom flavor ice cream shop than your client is leading the charge on a new trend in desserts.

VIP Treatment – Offer an exclusive and let them know that you wanted to share this news with them first. Reporters like to feel as if they are special and that this pitch was made specifically for them.

Stop Trying So Hard – Sometimes it is not necessary to go in with a 'hard pitch.' There is no harm in calling a reporter and making an introduction. This is the perfect opportunity to see what type of stories they are working on and how your clients could be of use to them.

Media relations are an important part of PR. Securing coverage and interviews are what keep clients happy. Remember to be concise and get to the point.





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