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All Points Team Prepares to “Switch & Pitch”

All Points Team Prepares to “Switch & Pitch”

In the spirit of continual education and innovation, the All Points team hosts monthly seminars where team members give presentations on a variety of subjects with the aim of improving the company’s overall skill set. This month, PR Associates Liz Robinson and Mackenzie Coopman presented on pitching the media – specifically, how to make sure a pitch resonates with the media and several ways to rehab a pitch to be new and fresh.

Liz and Mackenzie discussed how to eradicate overused corporate jargon (“synergy,” “thought leader,” “unicorn,” “the Uber of XXXX”) from pitches, isolating the correcting pitching channels and tailoring each pitch to the specific reporter and client. They also shared some helpful hints about building relationships with reporters and crafting thought-provoking subject lines.

The presentation, while informative on its own, served a greater purpose: to be the lead-in for a brand new All Points initiative spearheaded by Mackenzie and Liz. Dubbed “Switch & Pitch,” each All Points team member will be assigned a partner to switch clients and phone pitch for an hour during the month of May.

Switch & Pitch is an innovative way for the All Points team to bring fresh ideas to our clients and fully utilize the variety of skill sets that our team brings to each account. Stay tuned for results, and for next month’s seminar!

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