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All Points Team Hits Phoenix for IFA Convention

All Points Team Hits Phoenix for IFA Convention

In what most in the franchising industry consider to be the most exciting few days of the year, several members of the All Points team headed for Phoenix to participate in round table discussions, educational seminars and plenty of networking time with current and future franchise clients.

The IFA team had lots of great takeaways from the convention, which they shared with our full All Points office during our February seminar. Here’s what stood out to them this year:

Bailey: This year, I really focused on finding networking opportunities in unexpected places. From the elevator to the women’s restroom, there’s no bad place to make a connection!

Gillian: Conducting casual conversations with people we met about PR and franchise development can really set you apart from the competition – we show our value by demonstrating expertise, not going for the hard sell.

Allie: The IFA was a great time for me to share how to “close the loop” with social media. Many franchisors are looking for the final step to close deals, and often, social media and digital lead generation tactics may be the answer.

Baca: At a convention the size of the IFA, you never know who’s sitting next to you. It pays to just say hello and start the conversation!

Jamie: It’s always great to see our clients face-to-face and to make connections that will lead to new clients. We have loyal clients who are our biggest cheerleaders, and we continue to look forward to doing great work for them for the rest of the year.

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