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All Points Promotes Continued Education with Seminars

All Points Promotes Continued Education with Seminars

Professional development continues to have a large impact on the satisfaction and performance of employees. In fact, one survey reports that 68 percent of workers say that training and development is the most important work policy. Millennials in particular value professional development, as a ClearCompany survey reported in 2016 that 87 percent consider it very important to their job satisfaction. Not to mention, professional development also positively influences employee retention.

Given above, it’s no question that continued education and professional development in the workplace is a must. At All Points PR, we take the two very seriously to ensure employees feel fulfilled in the workplace, both personally and professionally. We have many programs in place to do so, one of our biggest being our monthly seminars.

Not only do our monthly seminars promote this ongoing education and development, but they also motivate and inspire our employees through relevant topics and exciting information. Individuals from the All Points team rotate each month to deliver these seminars, exposing the office to a variety of current topics such as the power of social media, tips for pitching and building better communication skills.

At All Points, employees come to find very quickly why we do seminar. Our seminars contribute to continued knowledge about topics that are most relevant to our work. Plus, they serve as the perfect time to come together as an office and experience something new.

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