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All Points Prioritizes Continued Education

All Points Prioritizes Continued Education

In a 2016 ClearCompany survey, 87 percent of millennials said that professional development was “very important” to their job satisfaction. In a similar survey, 76 percent of employees say that, as a top non-financial motivator, they want opportunities for career growth. These numbers are not insignificant – employers who value employee loyalty should take this into consideration when developing programs interally.

At All Points PR, we take continued education and professional development seriously, and we have many programs in place to ensure that employees at every level feel professionally fulfilled with a clear career path.

One of these programs is our seminars – rotating individuals from the All Points team give monthly seminars to the whole office on a variety of topics, from updates to the world of social media and design to writing tips, pitching refreshes and grammar workshops.

In addition to seminars, team members are encouraged to find outside learning opportunities such as conferences, workshops and networking events that pertain to their roles within All Points. Employees have attended conferences to enhance their knowledge in franchising, PR, marketing, social media and writing.

In a changing workplace, it’s more important than ever that employees feel fulfilled and employers garner loyalty and help employees achieve job satisfaction. Check out the All Points Facebook page to keep up on our seminars!

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