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All Points PR Team Shares Strategies for Fostering Better Client Communications

All Points PR Team Shares Strategies for Fostering Better Client Communications

In our recent September seminar, Lead Project Manager Megan French presented the significance of client communication. Within this presentation, she shared strategies for fostering a better understanding between the team and our clients.

With the goal of easing communication on both sides, Megan shared her ideas on succinct and clear ways to ensure that everyone is on the same page during update and strategy check-ins. For example, because our office works with clients from all around the United States, many updates with clients are conducted over the phone. Since this eliminates the face-to-face factor, Megan shared helpful reminders when speaking with clients. This included speaking clearly and confidently so that ideas can be heard and absorbed, both by the team and our clients.

Additionally, Megan took some time to remind the team the importance of action items following the call. By actively taking notes throughout client calls, our team is able to effectively keep track of next steps and outline them for our clients.

With these reminders and strategies in place, All Points is able to create a helpful environment where everyone is clear on the work, goals and initiatives. It’s important that these items are understood all around to ensure we’re productively moving forward.

The entire All Points team enjoyed learning more about Megan’s strategic plan to ease client communications. Our office is always working to build a strong bridge that connects us with our clients and establishes a better understanding of our work.

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