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All Points PR Coordinates Trade Placements for Our Clients

All Points PR Coordinates Trade Placements for Our Clients

At All Points PR, securing media placements within the trades is just as important as coordinating local and national press. Trade publications are critical for building the reputation of a brand within an individual industry – be it franchising, commercial cleaning or health care – so that it continues to grow as an industry leader.

Working alongside our contacts in industry publications, we rely on stories told from the perspective of industry insiders who have felt firsthand the disruption that comes when a truly innovative franchise brings a new service offering to the market.

Every client has different trade media placement goals, so we consider which publications are the best fits for every brand. From bylines in the cleaning and maintenance sector and home health care industry growth to restaurant expansion in new markets, All Points knows how to find the right niche and tell a story there.

We invite you to explore our Results tab to see the exceptional ways that All Points PR is secured press coverage on all levels – national, local, regional, social media, trade and consumer-facing – for our franchise industry clients. More eyes on your brand equals more franchise leads – a win-win!

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