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All Points Coordinates First-Ever Workshop

All Points Coordinates First-Ever Workshop

The All Points team has many strengths – we’re creative thinkers, critical analysts and hard workers – but our greatest strength is our ability to come together as a team and work together to brainstorm creative solutions for our clients.

That was Director Stephanie Blake’s intention when she conceptualized the first-ever All Points Workshop – she worked with other agency leaders to put together round table discussions that played to each of their strengths to enrich the office as a whole.

The whole team came together June 1 at Northbrook’s Di Pescara Restaurant for a delicious lunch followed by round table discussions hosted by President Jamie Izaks, Director Stephanie Blake and Senior Account Leads Bailey Hewitt and Amy Lecza.

Jamie’s table, titled “Crushing it as a Client Communications Expert,” put team members in the role of crisis communication experts assessing and leading a crisis simulation. Stephanie’s table was designed to help the All Points team reevaluate their productivity and prioritize their days effectively with new time management techniques. Bailey’s table unleashed the inner campaign strategist in everyone, helping the office to come up with new campaigns for our clients. Amy’s table allowed the team to harness their natural creativity by seeking out new, emotion-centered story angles for pitches and written material.

The whole All Points team enjoyed an engaging afternoon of team exercises and left with a renewed enthusiasm for our work. Check out the All Points Facebook page for more photos!

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