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4 Tips for Great Inter-Team Communication

4 Tips for Great Inter-Team Communication

At All Points PR, our team-centric approach to daily operations sets our franchise PR agency apart. Each of our franchise industry clients fits into a Pod, or a small team, that spends time working exclusively on that account. Prioritizing client satisfaction while giving clients a personal contact is important to us.

Here are four tips for great inter-team communication to help grow your team dynamic.

Consider the individual to boost the team

A team is made up of several individual people, all of whom have different ways of communicating and learning. It’s essential to determine which form of communication works best for the group, and to be clear about expectations.

Feedback is a two-way street

A good team has a leader, and a good leader opens his or herself up to reciprocal feedback. Whether it’s adding a management critique section to the annual review or sending an anonymous survey to your team, every member of the team should feel comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Keep an open door

When everyone is shut behind closed doors, it can breed an atmosphere of secrecy that creates distrust. Unless confidential information is being discussed, try holding meetings in a conference room with the door open – this helps reinforce the “open door” idea by encouraging regular communication.

Get out of the office together

The phrase “work hard, play hard” comes to mind here – your team works hard, so make sure to take some time to get out of the office together. Get lunch, visit a local museum or decorate mugs at a paint-your-own-pottery spot – this helps your team get to know one another outside of a work context, which can create open communication after fostering a more personal relationship outside of work.

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