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November Seminar Recap: A Sneak Peek at our New Service 👀

November Seminar Recap: A Sneak Peek at our New Service 👀

During our November Seminar our staff got a sneak peek at our new lead qualifying service, launching in early 2022.  Senior Director Bailey is spearheading this initiative and shared her learning from early trials.

Across the board, our clients share one universal goal: growth. For years we’ve been helping our clients generate leads, and now we are going to help them decipher the leads that are qualified to move through the discovery process.

All Points PR will contact new leads to learn more about their background and financial qualifications. If they’re a good fit, we’ll alert the client’s franchise development team to continue the conversation.

This service removes a major pain point for our clients as we know contacting leads is a huge time commitment, as well as creates opportunity for us to gather first-hand information on what motivates leads to explore the specific franchise opportunity which will help us in our franchise development messaging. Our team is excited to kick off this new journey and work collaboratively with our clients to grow their franchise.

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