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APPR Seminar: Idea Generators Are on the Way to Clients

APPR Seminar: Idea Generators Are on the Way to Clients

This month’s seminar, hosted by Senior Director Bailey Hewitt, set the tone for an exciting next few weeks to come. Our idea generators have been shipped to clients and will arrive shortly, and our team couldn’t be more excited to share what we’ve brainstormed together for our clients for the latter half of 2021.

As discussed in our most recent seminar, idea generators are part of our biannual planning process in a proactive approach for building integrated strategies for our clients. We brainstorm, design and present our ideas in a collaborative presentation as we lay the groundwork for the coming months.

With these presentations comes dedicated practice. Bailey led the team in discussing the wins and learnings from last year’s presentations. She offered tips and tricks for leading an informative, interactive and engaging client call that accurately reflects the time, thought and creativity that we infused into our Blueprints.

On a similar note, Bailey also refreshed the team on best practices for structuring our monthly update reports to better communicate the valuable results of our integrated public relations, content marketing and digital and social media initiatives from the idea generators from first half of this year.

We always strive to go above and beyond for our clients, and update reports are an excellent visual tool representing all aspects of our work and indicating the immense value our team provides.

Both update reports and idea generators present opportunities to showcase our hard work and creativity.

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APPR Seminar: Q3 & Q4 Idea Generators

APPR Seminar: Q3 & Q4 Idea Generators

The All Points PR team held our monthly seminar, hosted by Senior Director Bailey Hewitt and Creative & Digital Account Lead Marin McCall, as the agency begins planning Q3 & Q4 idea generators. This biannual planning process is our proactive approach for building integrated strategies for our clients.

We call these plans our Idea Generators. In our 2021 design, the Idea Generators take the form of a custom blueprint. These blueprints lay the foundation for collaborative discussions with our clients on specific ideas for building up their franchise brand during the latter six months of 2021.

Looking back at Q1 and Q2, our agency celebrated big wins with our integrated campaigns. We melted into the candle business as we created pie-scented candles for our client, Perkins. Christian Brothers Automotive revived love for old “clunker” cars. Spherion applauded their female leadership team members for Women’s History Month, while Carebuilders at Home’s “Love is in the Care” campaign highlighted the impact of caregivers and the work they’ve done in the community.

By taking this proactive planning approach, we are able to pause and be creative. We work in a fast-paced environment, but idea generators provide the opportunity to put our heads together and think out of the box. The final product outlines six months’ worth of ideas integrated across public relations, content marketing, social media and digital marketing.

We kick off our planning process with a brainstorm, followed by internal edits and strategy design before finally presenting to our clients. Our goal is to present comprehensive ideas while remaining timely and flexible when the time comes. Every strong foundation and beautiful work of construction begins with a strategic blueprint.

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Developing Your PR Plan for the New Year in 4 Steps

Developing Your PR Plan for the New Year in 4 Steps

It’s that time again – planning season is here, and at All Points, we’re leading the charge with our clients to generate fresh ideas and strategies for 2021. Whether you’re planning within an agency setting for multiple clients or fleshing out ideas for a single business, there are four key steps that are essential to any PR plan.

Step #1: Brainstorming

Great ideas start with a good old brainstorming session. Zero in on what the company or client objectives are and think of creative ways to get to that point. In the spirit of collaboration, don’t limit yourselves to one small brainstorming group. Bring other members across departments into your sessions – whether or not they’re tied to the specific work or client, they will have great ideas to share. Brainstorming requires more than only grouping up with those you commonly work with, so take the initiative to open up the group to fresh perspectives. 

Step #2: Paper Edits

Next comes the paper edit phase. This is an important time to take a step back, reflect on your ideas and put them onto paper. Add context and build out your thoughts into complete sentences and paragraphs so you can start to form more concrete plans. Your ideas should be original, unique to the year (not recycled) and catered to the objectives of your company or client. 

Step #3: Strategy Design

This is where you bring your ideas to life through carefully-selected words and images. It’s all about putting together a strategy for a presentation that you believe in. When you firmly believe and are confident in your plan, it becomes much easier to earn the buy-in from key stakeholders. In PR, words alone don’t do your plan justice – you need to have visuals to support the direction that you’re headed in. Take the ideas you’ve formed and create something you can show your stakeholders, so they can visualize what your plan will look like. This is especially important in integrated planning.

Step #4: Presentation

Now that you’ve solidified your ideas within a visual presentation – it’s time to show them off. At All Points, many of our presentations carry a theme. This planning season, we’re thrilled to share with our clients a Blueprint theme as we lay the foundation for the first half of the year. Better known as idea generators in our agency, we shared a custom Blueprint, or fresh set of ideas, with our clients. These collaborative discussions with our clients included a thorough presentation of ideas that we outlined specifically for their franchise brands during the first six months of 2021.  However you’ve decided to design your presentation, the critical component is that it’s well thought-out, practiced, and that you have the energy to knock it out of the park. You’ve put time into the brainstorm, writing it out and coordinating the ideas, so now is not the time to phone it in. Back your ideas with energy and excitement to earn the trust of top company management or your clients. Most importantly, keep it a two-way street that’s open for feedback and collaboration.

The stage is set, and here at All Points, we’re ready to start the new year off stronger than ever before.

Jamie Izaks is the president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area, www.allpointspr.com.