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NIFA Q4 Recap: Entrepreneurial Empowerment

NIFA Q4 Recap: Entrepreneurial Empowerment

NIFA virtually welcomed Brittany Driscoll, the co-founder and CEO of Squeeze, to its Q4 gathering to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and how she’s inspiring new and experienced entrepreneurs to meet and exceed their dreams.

Prior to launching her own businesses, Brittany spent over a decade in marketing and advertising and an additional four years as the vice president of marketing for Drybar. There, she increased the company value from $30M to more than $100M.

As a female entrepreneur, cancer survivor and wellness advocate, Brittany has a strong passion for supporting other women in business and has become a thought leader in her community.

So, what’s her secret to success?

1. Embracing transition and chasing discomfort leads to fulfillment

To chase discomfort is a personal mantra of Brittany’s, formulated following an experience at an experiential marketing agency, where her passion led her to pitch a global campaign for Barbie.

Every person has a unique drive to fulfill a purpose. Discovering your passion, and dedicating yourself to pursuing it, can make a big difference in your happiness, self-motivation and achievement.

Brittany’s itch to the new reappeared four years into her role as VP of marketing at Drybar. She knew that she was ready to challenge herself and take on a new pursuit. After a heart-to-heart with Drybar founders Michael Landau and Alli Webb, together they created Squeeze.

If it hadn’t been for her willingness to embrace these pivotal moments of transition and embrace moments of discomfort throughout her career, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to create brands and experiences for people to make meaningful differences. Putting yourself out there is scary, but well worth the risk.

2. Empowering others is fundamental to your success

Empowering the people around you is the key to building a high-performance team. Whether it was at her marketing agency, Drybar or Squeeze, Brittany knew that the gateway to her success was cultivating an empowered team of individuals to make her visions a reality.

Every great visionary is striving for a purpose greater than themselves. If you can show sincere devotion to others in your organization to see them for who they are as humans and not just for what they do, you will unite everyone in bringing your shared vision to life.

3. It’s completely normal to not have all of the answers

Vulnerability has been a huge part of Brittany’s story, especially over the last two years.

Squeeze was just building their momentum when the pandemic caused the world to come to a screeching halt. As trying as some days were, their team stayed focused on their future. But not knowing all the answers is perfectly normal. Be encouraged that you’re figuring it out as you go.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Brittany’s talk during the Q4 NIFA event or would like to review the discussion, click here to download the video recording.

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