Structural Elements® Announces Strategic Franchise Growth Plan

Structural Elements® Announces Strategic Franchise Growth Plan

Structural Elements® Announces Strategic Franchise Growth Plan

Holistic Orthopedic Wellness Brand Makes Plans to Expand Footprint, Bringing New Clinics to Communities Coast to Coast

HAGERSTOWN, Md. – Structural Elements®, a unique wellness brand offering a transformative and therapeutic approach that focuses on how the body functions, announced today a strategic franchising growth initiative that is filling a critical gap in the health and orthopedic care industries by bringing the Structural Elements® approach to new communities throughout the country.

The name Structural Elements® refers to the proprietary approach founder and CEO Doug Bertram developed as an acupuncturist. Operating on the fundamental belief that the body is a single unit, Bertram developed a mapping technique locating patterns of focal adhesions in response to mechanical stress. Structural Elements® practitioners, also referred to as body engineers, can be practicing physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and osteopathic physicians alike.

“Since I first discovered this alternative approach to orthopedic pain in 1995, I knew it was going to make a lasting impact on my patients and the wellness industry,” said Bertram. “There is a strong need for quality orthopedic care that takes into account the whole body and how all parts of the body are intertwined. Our team is committed to growing the brand alongside like-minded individuals or groups that share the same passion and promise to care.”

With four locations currently open in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD, Leesburg, VA and Milwaukee, WI, Structural Elements® has its eyes on expanding in similar markets where the demand for orthopedic care is high. Currently, Structural Elements® is tapping into Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida for franchise growth.

In existing markets, Structural Elements® has carved out its niche as being a reliable clinic for customized care using a combination of acupuncture/dry needling, manual soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilization. Structural Elements®’ typical patient is someone who has tried other orthopedic centers or treatment methods, but has failed to find relief. It’s common for patients to identify a nagging pain that got worse over time, rather than a recent injury. Usual complaints are joint-based and include lower back, knee or shoulder pain. Athletes – professional, recreational and high school students – are common Structural Elements® patients. These individuals will seek treatment to help with pain management and to improve their skills.

“The need for this type of care is growing,” added Bertram. “Anyone who has ever experienced chronic or unmanageable pain, understands the immense damper it can bring to your everyday life. We’ve found a pain management treatment that works; and we’re thrilled to introduce this concept to more people in need. The franchise opportunity allows us to help the masses and offer people a rewarding opportunity to take control of their career.”

The ideal Structural Elements® franchisee is someone who understands the brand’s mission, wants to develop long-term relationships with patients by supporting their community members in overcoming injuries and achieving activity goals. Also, the individual or group should maintain an active lifestyle and be willing and able to invest in the health and wellness industry.

Joining the Structural Elements® franchise is a unique opportunity to balance a passion for wellness with achieving personal entrepreneurial goals. With Structural Elements®, you get access to a proven system based on years of business and medical experience, plus comprehensive initial training, site selection and build-out assistance, distinctive image and interior design, group vendor savings and ongoing expert access. For the average 2,000 sqft. clinic, the initial investment ranges between $225,000 – 300,000, in addition to the $45,000 franchise fee. If you are interested in learning more about the Structural Elements® franchise opportunity, please visit:

About Structural Elements®:

Structural Elements® is an orthopedic wellness clinic that strives to provide the highest standard of care through a contemporary business model and a proprietary treatment approach. The approach was discovered in 1995 by Structural Elements®’ Founder Doug Bertram. He operated his own practice until opening the first official Structural Elements® clinic in Hagerstown, Maryland in 2013. Structural Elements® opened the first franchise location in 2015, and is committed to igniting brand growth via the franchising model throughout the country, with a strong emphasis on the southeast. To learn more about Structural Elements® visit