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All Points PR Coordinates Press Coverage for Professional Cleaning Service Franchise

All Points PR Lands Press Coverage for Maid Service Franchise

You’ve Got Maids Celebrates a Decade of Franchising Success

You’ve Got Maids Celebrates a Decade of Franchising Success

Premier Home Cleaning Service Celebrates A Prosperous Year 

CHARLESTON, S.C. – You’ve Got Maids, the eco-friendly home cleaning service with dependable and professionally trained teams, is celebrating another successful year and wrapping up their first decade in franchising.

Since its conception in 2005, You’ve Got Maids has made a name for itself in the cleaning services industry with more than 50 locations nationwide. In 2019, seven new franchise owners joined the team, including four in new metropolitan markets.

“We are not only celebrating another successful year of growth and development, but a rewarding first decade in franchising,” said Joseph Berger, President of You’ve Got Maids. “It is humbling to see  how much the company has grown each year since we began franchising, and we will continue to carry this momentum into 2020 and beyond.”

In addition to franchise growth, You’ve Got Maids also focused on the company’s professional development, making significant updates to their internal education system, Maid University. In order to maintain a staff of well-rounded and technically proficient maids, You’ve Got Maids also offers a proprietary, comprehensive training program called “Maid University” for all of its employees. Maid University consists of both an Associate’s Degree in Maid Service Sciences (A.M.S.S.), focusing on the fundamentals of residential house cleaning, and the opportunity to graduate with a B.C. (Bachelor’s of Clean) focusing on socially relevant coursework to create top-notch employees prepared for supervisory roles.

“For 2020, the ultimate goal is to carry on improving our processes and creating the most successful support infrastructure for our franchisees,” added Joseph. “We want to continue to add value to our clients, associates, and franchise owners while also expanding the brand in new and existing markets. The excitement for the future of You’ve Got Maids is contagious; we are confident the improvements made in 2019 will help make 2020 the brand’s best year yet.”

You’ve Got Maids’ uniformed employees work in teams for efficiency, arrive in a logoed company car and have a fully trained supervisor on-site at all times. They come equipped with all necessary cleaning supplies and clean with eco-friendly products. Whether it’s a weekly, biweekly or one-time cleaning service, clients receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee every service. In order to maintain a staff of well-rounded and technically proficient maids, every You’ve Got Maids team member trains through Maid University.

To learn more about the You’ve Got Maids franchise opportunity, visit: https://www.youvegotmaids.com/franchise

To learn more about the brand, visit https://www.youvegotmaids.com

About You’ve Got Maids

Known as the dependable and professional residential cleaning service homeowners can trust, You’ve Got Maids offers weekly, biweekly and one-time eco-friendly cleaning services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Its licensed, bonded and insured employees go through a proprietary, comprehensive training program called “Maid University”, work in teams for efficiency and have a supervisor on-site at all times. Founded in 2005, You’ve Got Maids is referred by clients for a reason and has grown to more than 100 locations nationwide, increasing the opportunity for clients from coast to coast to enjoy family, friends, and life. It’s a great day when You’ve Got Maids!