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The Top PR and Social Media Trends that will Power Up 2020

The Top PR and Social Media Trends that will Power Up 2020

2020 is here, and as we embark upon the new year, our team at All Points has been laser focused on new and fresh ideas that maximize trending PR and social media strategies for our clients. The All Points team looks forward to sharing more about these strategies with our current and prospective clients in the franchising industry at the upcoming IFA Annual Convention. We will be there with our 2020 marketing campaign, Power Up!, in its fully glory. Our team is ready to discuss how we plan to Power Up franchise brands by amplifying sales, revenues and awareness.

Taking place in early February, we will already be in “go mode” by the time we gather in Orlando for the IFA 2020 Annual Convention.  So, it’s important to have a high-level understanding of the trends impacting the PR scene in the new year as you prepare to get the most out of this element of the marketing mix for your brand before we speak at the Convention.

From the presidential election to the ever-growing impact of new social and digital media introductions, there are no shortage of opportunities in 2020 to make your voice heard – what’s important is that you take the right approach for your brand. Here’s a closer look at the trends we have top of mind in the new year, and what to keep in mind to energize today’s cutting-edge lead generation and revenue-building strategies.

Election Year

In this election year, the media’s attention will be heavily focused on the political debates and issues. So, how can your brand messaging break through the clutter? It’s all about timing and angles. Once you nail down the right angle that’s significant to both the issue at hand and your brand, it’s important to choose the most relevant time to insert yourself into the conversation and ensure that you’re really heard.

 User-generated content

The voice of your fans can make a huge impact. Strong testimonials reflect well on your brand, and help establish credibility in a time where trust is everything. So, what platform can you provide to help them share more often about your brand? In what ways can you inspire them to talk about their positive experiences? Ultimately, what’s most important is that the content authentic so that newcomers can get a genuine feel for your brand, and that established fans can build upon that trust.

 Functional content

People want to research on their own, and with access to a wide variety of devices and technology platforms, it’s never been easier to do so. What content should you share to create loyalty or interest? Think infographics and short videos – ensure that the content is digestible and, more importantly, adds value for the viewer.

 Community Engagement

Consumers and investors value authenticity and social responsibility, so it’s important for your brand to get involved with organizations that represent your values. When consumers use a product or service of a socially responsible company, they feel like they’re doing their part. The same holds true for investors who want to align with a brand that reflects their values. Everything you do will reflect on your brand in some way, so take control of the narrative and truly show your audience what you stand for.

 Social Media

You only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, so make them count. Do you have a live streaming strategy? Eye-catching imagery on file? Video content with good production value? Create an arsenal of content spanning multiple mediums that can be shared across various platforms – remember that content can and should be repurposed in multiple ways to help you gain the most mileage. It’s important to mix your media and not just rely on text-heavy posts to tell your brand’s story.

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