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APPR May Seminar Led by Professional Speaker Anne Bonney

APPR May Seminar Led by Professional Speaker Anne Bonney

The All Points PR team recently welcomed professional speaker Anne Bonney to lead our monthly seminar on Monday, May 18, entitled: “Ignite Your Team: Leadership and Collaboration Summit.”

Anne specializes in delivering “engaging, inspiring and educational programs igniting the courage in audiences to embrace the discomfort of change, effective communication and presenting.” She connected with the team over multiple sessions via Zoom and led interactive discussions on leadership, effective communication and conducting virtual meetings and presentations.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has certainly redefined the way in which we work and communicate with one another, a change that many professionals around the world needed to adapt to very quickly. Anne shared a variety of tips and tricks to consider as we work remotely and practice social distancing, many of which focused on leading team meetings, conference calls and presentations virtually. She demonstrated several functions we can leverage via Zoom, such as polls, chat messages and screen annotating. Anne also expanded on ways in which we can reframe our approach to communicating with one another to effectively convey our thoughts and ideas.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Anne for spending the day with the APPR team and leading such a spirited discussion on leadership and collaboration. Our team looks forward to implementing these learnings through our work, remotely and when we’re back in action inside the office.

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