Development Publicity


How Deals Get Done… Great Press

Our clients rely on us to be their strategic partners in growing their business. For franchise organizations, we accomplish this through several public relations tactics that are all aimed at driving franchisee leads to our clients’ development teams.

We are relentless in our efforts to get the word out through local press and beyond. We utilize demographic studies and industry analysis to develop hard news story pitches that capture the attention of business section and business journal reporters. The stories that result often describe why our clients’ concepts are a good fit for their targeted communities and convey the type of individuals that are ideal fits for making an investment in the franchise.

In addition to generating press coverage in communities that our clients have yet to penetrate, signed development agreement announcements serve as another way to spread the growth message. As deals are signed, we pitch local and national, consumer and trade press the positive business news. The story angles reflect the aggressive expansion of franchise systems as well as local community economic growth, job creation and the coming introduction of new products and services.

Complete with the personal and professional motivations that led new franchise investors to purchase the business opportunity, these compelling hooks are used to announce the deal, drive awareness locally among the targeted consumer and business customer base, and inspire other potential franchisees to take action in neighboring communities and across the country.

In other cases outside of franchising, we align our messaging with our clients’ planned growth projections whether they are focused on annual goals or beyond. This could include expansion into new markets, recent company successes that reflect the company’s strategic direction, the addition of new lines of business and many other newsworthy storylines.

We work closely with our clients to identify the news angles we can use to hook reporters. All Points PR’s development focused publicity efforts can prove to be a pivotal component of reaching set goals.