Crisis Communications


Manage Your Reputation, Protect Your Image

CrisitHow do you respond to the media when they are breathing down your neck for a statement about an accident or injury that has occurred at your business? What do you say when an animal rights group attacks your brand? How about when a customer complains through an online forum or on your Facebook wall? Or, how should your franchisees respond to questions about unexpected and damaging company news?

Despite working hard to mitigate any chance of negative news or online banter, the truth is it happens. If these unfortunate instances arise, All Points Public Relations quickly takes action to provide its clients with a plan to respond, often before the media even take interest. Being prepared with a crisis communications plan is the key to alleviating worry, preventing further discussion or media coverage and protecting brands.

We assess each crisis situation before developing a response plan. In some instances a prepared statement is used only reactively. In other cases, we prepare our clients for television interviews, website statements and more. As needed, we also will draft press releases to properly address the situation.

All Points’ philosophy towards crisis communications is founded in showing care and consideration for those impacted while protecting the image of our clients.