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Brand Your Business

Brand MarketingAll Points PR works with a collection of what we consider to be the best in class brand marketing partners. When our clients need marketing support beyond our specialties, we call upon these partners to engage with our clients in marketing elements such as creative print, email, broadcast and online advertising, as well as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click keyword campaigns. As we guide our clients toward other agencies, we work closely with them and the outside marketing firms to ensure our clients’ consistent brand messaging.


FranDeavorThe industries we serve are flooded with competition. Yet, there are opportunities to differentiate. All Points and its branding agency partners help develop positioning statements that are then activated with tactics to clearly deliver the company message. A good branding strategy complemented by operations that live up to that brand promise creates lifelong customers. The leadership team at All Points PR has more than a decade of experience in creative and strategic brand for existing and start-up businesses.

And, when it comes to working with marketing agencies that specialize in branding for franchise companies, we will often refer our clients to FranDeavor. Click on the FranDeavor company logo to learn more about the agency and its founder Christine Mudd.

Development of creative concepts

Stone WardBeyond the creative public relations, social media and graphic design work All Points PR specializes in, we have experience collaborating on large-scale media events that include several tiers of marketing elements. From PR stunts in New York’s Central Park and Guinness World Record attempts to community-based fundraisers and online Facebook giveaways, All Points PR has put its creative cap on to develop campaigns that leave a lasting impression on the minds of consumers and business customers. We’re willing to push the envelope as far as our clients can, brainstorming and initiating ideas that keep consumers and the press interested in our clients.

When we build integrated marketing campaigns on a larger scale, often we refer our clients to Stone Ward for the work involving advertising, direct mail and event planning. Click on the Stone Ward logo to learn more about this dynamic marketing agency.

Copywriting for websites and advertisements

Third PersonOur clients can expect to work with professional writers – individuals who have written award-winning stories as reporters and have carried these talents to the PR discipline. However, when it comes to website and advertisement copywriting, All Points refers clients to Third Person. The team at Third Person works with top franchise brands to develop the messaging, tone and style for their websites and advertisements relative to the industries and customers they serve.

Click on the Third Person logo to learn more about the talented team based in Milwaukee and the company’s founders Michael and Melinda Caughill.


Photos light up the pages of stories, both in print and online. They make a huge difference in attracting the attention of readers. Plus, reporters and editors love it when we can provide them with high quality images that they can use in their stories. This is especially true with trade press, where staff and budgets are limited. All Points can connect its clients with affordable photography solutions and provide direction on the type of photos that are useful for press, marketing collateral and websites.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and website design

IntegraphixThese two components of the online landscape go hand in hand. The importance of SEO should not be lost on any business owner. It directly impacts where your business appears in search engines, and becomes a crucial component to customers finding you. Further, ambitious businesses want sleek looking sites that reflect brand positioning. All Points PR works closely with web development teams that “get” what it means to compete in today’s virtual world. We connect our clients that are in need of refreshing their sites or building them from scratch with cost-effective solution providers who can turn their online anonymity into sales-generating opportunities.

All Points often refers its clients to Integraphix for web design and SEO programs. Click on the company’s logo to learn more about their client success stories as well as Scott Ventura, founder and creative director of Integraphix.