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COO’s Corner: 9 and Feeling FINE

COO’s Corner: 9 and Feeling FINE

This Saturday, August 15 will mark All Points PR’s ninth anniversary as an agency, and what a year it’s been!

From new hires and promotions to the physical expansion of our office space, All Points has grown in so many ways. We’ve welcomed a host of incredible new clients to our roster while continuing to strengthen the relationships with those who have been with All Points since our first few years of business. The team has led a variety of seminars to expand each other’s knowledge on topics including digital advertising, media relations – even work-from-home best practices during a global pandemic. We climbed the rankings in Entrepreneur’s Top Franchise Suppliers list and “Powered Up” for the International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention in Orlando with our electrifying campaign.

Despite all of the challenges faced in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain optimistic about better days ahead, the strength of persistence, and all the lessons we’ve learned along the way so far. They say that hindsight is 20/20! I’d like to take a moment to reflect on a few more of my favorite positives we’ve shared as a team: 

Positive Impact

Over the last year, the All Points team has worked together to make an difference with organizations including Cradles to Crayons (September 2019) and Bernie’s Book Bank (February 2020) through our Positive Impact program. Through this program and a commitment to corporate social responsibility, we strive to do our part in helping the communities in which we live and work with philanthropic and volunteer efforts.

At the beginning of the nationwide lockdowns in March, we made some adjustments to ensure we could safely continue our mission. In April, we created the All Points Positive Impact Activity Booklet, which was distributed to the team’s friends and family. Copies were also donated to a local nursing home and senior living community – members of this senior living community will also soon receive some handwritten letters from their All Points pen pals! Through these initiatives, we aim to spread positivity and light during these difficult times.

PRo Community Project

The PRo Community Project was proudly launched in 2019, and we set on a journey to partner with a Chicagoland nonprofit and offer free public relations services centered on an upcoming event, as well as volunteer support with a special Positive Impact program. This past October, we teamed up with Culinary Care to help generate publicity and provide support for their Gourmand Gala, a charity event that raised $250,000 toward Culinary Care’s mission to support cancer patients and families in need by providing free meals.

We recently announced the 2nd annual PRo Community project to provide much needed support – our world has been shaken, and the Chicago community has voices that need a boost to truly be heard. To learn more about the PRo Community Project and to submit an application, please click here.

The Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA)

Despite the limitations of the pandemic, our dedication to the franchising industry has never been stronger. We’re proud to have hosted five events through The Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA) with Marks & Klein this past year, further extending our commitment to Chicagoland’s franchising community.

More recently, the NIFA went virtual for the first time ever in April with an event hosted over Zoom, “How to Come Out of the Gate Strong and With the Right Approach,” featuring presentations led by distinguished franchisee and franchisor leaders and vendor partners. The virtual approach continued in June with a second event, “Pandemic-Inspired Innovation and Learnings,” and the NIFA is currently gearing up for its next virtual gathering in the coming weeks.

 As we celebrate our ninth year in business and look ahead to double digits, it’s clear that All Points is driven by a passionate and persistent team, as well as all of our outstanding clients and partners. Happy anniversary to All Points, and thank you to all of those who have helped us grow as an agency. We’re nine and feeling fine – be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook and count down the days with us!

Lauren Izaks is the COO and executive vice president of All Points Public Relations, a franchise-focused PR agency based in the Chicagoland area,

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