Why All Points


Manage Your Reputation with Strategic and Integrated Public Relations, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

All Points Public Relations brings an improved level of service to today’s franchise industry. Combining keen franchising business sense honed over more than a decade and a 360-degree viewpoint of the current public relations, social media, digital marketing and content marketing worlds, All Points PR is one of the leading franchise-focused agencies in the country. This intersection of franchising and integrated public relations talents stems from the All Points PR team’s experience working in newsrooms, in corporate PR departments for leading brands, serving in executive roles at top national public relations agencies and combined decades of involvement in the franchise industry.

This unique vantage point provides a solid base for the All Points PR employee training program, which blends the agency, corporate and news worlds to ensure that we are approaching our clients’ work with all perspectives in mind. This immersive and comprehensive onboarding allows our team to work closely with clients to learn the compelling stories behind their businesses and to be able to position them for press coverage.

All Points PR media outreach includes securing coverage at all levels: locally, regionally and nationally across mainstream consumer press, trade press and social media. This ranges from national television coverage on programs such as Good Morning America and CNN’s American Morning to local market community press and everything in between. Over the years, we’ve built close contacts at the media outlets that move the needle for our clients, and we have developed strategies for cultivating new relationships, whether with longtime press organizations or emerging media.

Our expertise in franchise development and franchise consumer business as a defined niche of public relations comes from work with businesses that vary from well-known, national brands to small systems with less than 100 units to start-ups. Every one of them has a story to tell — All Points PR digs deep to find and leverage them for impactful media coverage.