National Publicity


Publicity to Push Your Business to the Next Level

Nothing grows a business like high quality national media coverage, and All Points PR excels in this arena.

For our clients, national publicity delivers the greatest impact – enhancing lead generation, raising awareness and increasing customer count. On numerous occasions, our work with widely recognizable national press outlets has resulted in interviews for our clients that have culminated in lengthy feature stories. In turn, the press coverage generated high quality franchise candidate leads, signed agreements and other business development opportunities.

Recognizing the important role national media plays in helping the brands we represent reach their goals, All Points PR has developed close connections with national media stationed across the country at a wide variety of outlets.

So, whether it’s traditional print reporters at USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, online editors at CNN Money, and the nation’s leading blog sites such as Huffington Post, or show producers with FOX Business and CNBC, All Points PR has spent years cultivating meaningful relationships with many of the most influential members of the national media.

We share well-crafted, compelling feature story ideas that draw on the human side of our client’s businesses, often tying these news hooks back to the innovative leaders that are redefining their industries through trend-setting business practices, products and services.

We keep a close eye on the news of the day so that we approach our contacts from the right angle. Through our national media connections, we routinely help our clients capture the attention of millions of readers, viewers and listeners coast to coast. Check out some of the latest national feature stories we secured.