Media Training


Say it Right the First Time

Franchisees, employees and other stakeholders have one chance to get it right during interviews with reporters. All Points PR prepares its clients for the moment.

In advance of interviews, we develop key message documents complete with Q&A. All Points PR team members fully research reporters and present our clients with past stories that reporters and bloggers have written or broadcasted. This helps company spokespeople get a feel for the interviewers and a sense of the perspective the media outlet traditionally takes on stories. As part of the process, we make sure our clients are clear on the sentiment of each story to best determine if the interview serves as an opportunity to advance the goals of the company or provides no true value.

Additionally, during the prep work, an All Points PR publicity specialist will play the reporter role with our clients. All Points PR doesn’t sugarcoat it either. We’ll make sure our clients are prepared for the questions that fall into their wheelhouse and those that may be a bit more difficult to answer. We make certain that spokespeople are confident heading into interviews.

Whether for a national television program or a local community newspaper, we are seasoned media buffs that accurately anticipate questions and story angles.