Local Market PR


Point Your Business in the Right Direction

The power of publicity cannot be understated. On the local level, it can quickly turn around stagnant sales for existing franchisees.

All Points PR often dedicates significant time to working with existing franchisees to support events, business successes and other initiatives (i.e., systemwide promotions, new hires, anniversaries, etc.) with public relations tactics. This could include securing franchisee profile stories, on-location live segments and other creative press strategies to give franchisees’ businesses a boost. This approach also helps build awareness about the franchise opportunity, as we work hard to make certain the stories report the business as a franchise, thus alerting potential candidates in neighboring communities about the opportunity.

Local business owners and management teams can also use public relations and social media on their own to grow their businesses. As part of Local Market Public Relations 101, All Points prepares its clients to maximize the opportunities PR presents. We write customizable press releases that franchisees can tailor to their local market. All Points then trains franchisees and local management teams one-on-one or through webinars on how to research media, develop relationships with them and share appropriate publicity materials. 

Whether for systemwide promotions, grand openings, community events, philanthropy or simply to gain momentum through press coverage, there are a vast amount of unrealized opportunities available to gain exposure. Whether handled by our team or through franchisees that have received PR training, All Points PR ensures that it covers all the bases on the local level.