Grassroots PR


PR from the Ground Up

Grassroots PRIn conjunction with strategic publicity efforts, All Points PR can launch targeted grassroots PR and outreach campaigns in which we connect company heads with local community leaders, such as top city, regional economic development and chamber officials.

The goal is to build relationships that are mutually beneficial for our clients and community business leaders. All Points PR initiates this process by researching the appropriate community-based contacts. We then serve as a liaison between our clients and the community leaders, making introductions and organizing meetings. All Points PR handles all the details to make this yet another opportunity for growth-minded companies to share their stories and advance their goals.

Plus, throughout the process as momentum builds with each networking opportunity, unique press opportunities come into focus. The meetings with local economic development leaders and governmental officials validate the company’s growth plans for editors and reporters as they consider a story on the concept. Further, these are fantastic opportunities to snap a photo of brand representatives and together with community leaders.

In the end, franchisors benefit from the market knowledge and networking capacity contained within each office. In our experience with this proven grassroots approach, we have seen several qualified candidates emerge and development deals come to fruition.