Grand Opening Support


Get the Word Out the Right Way!

Grand Opening SupportThe goal of the public relations campaigns carried out in each new market is to generate publicity that accomplishes the following:

  • Builds awareness and visibility for the new business, its owner
    and management
  • Drives client leads
  • Creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the franchisee and the local press in which reporters, editors and producers routinely refer back to the franchisee as a source for stories related to the economy, jobs and entrepreneurship

All Points tailors the work done for each new location with a customized local market public relations campaign.

The services All Points provides for new owners and businesses includes:

Customized press releases
This is a critical public relations tool. All Points connects with new owners and “interviews” them to obtain the personal and professional information needed to customize the new office press release. From there, we draft the press release and send it through for review.

Aggressive local and regional media pitching
With the press release approved, All Points pitches local reporters, editors, producers and bloggers with a compelling hook about why they should do a piece on the franchisee and new office opening. We build customized local media lists that target all relevant print, broadcast and online media outlets. The press release is also a useful tool for local business owners to share with their chambers of commerce, given that many of these organizations have newsletters and other communication vehicles to share the good news.

Coordinating interviews
Once All Points has secured an interview, we coordinate all elements of the interaction between reporters and franchisees. Additionally, All Points offers pre-interview training on how to best handle answers to reporter questions.

Pre-Interview Training
All Points educates owners and management on how to best handle answers to reporter questions.

Post-interview follow-up
After interviews have taken place, All Points will followup with the press to ensure stories are on track to run and that they have all information and images needed for their articles.