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Watch All Points PR President Jamie Izaks Explain the Importance of a Crisis Management Plan

It’s every company’s worst nightmare – your business is in the news, and not for something good. Maybe it’s the departure of a high-profile executive, an accusation of racism, sexism or homophobia or simply a misunderstanding that escalated quickly. The public eye can turn on you in a flash, and it’s important to have a calm, calculated approach to crises.

You don’t need to look too far to see instances where PR crises abound – take from United Airlines’ customer complaints to a nasty bout of food poisoning from Chipotle, no one is safe.

All Points PR President Jamie Izaks recently appeared in a short video to talk about the importance of mitigating these PR disasters by putting a preemptive plan in place. A crisis management plan helps an organization to determine the point people in case of a crisis, as well as establishes a pattern for written and verbal statements in a multitude of situations.

Click here to watch Jamie’s video on the All Points PR Facebook page. Be sure to follow along for even more quick tips.

Postal Connections’ Military Moments Campaign Honors Troops

Postal Connections’ Military Moments Campaign Honors Troops

Brand Celebrates Success of Second Annual Nationwide Donation Drive for Military Appreciation Month

FRISCO, Tex.Reflecting its support of the military and veterans, Postal Connections is celebrating the success of its second annual Military Moments donation drive – a nationwide initiative resulting in the shipment of more than 600 pounds of care packages to military personnel.

In honor of the nationally recognized Military Appreciation Month, Postal Connections locations across the country participated in the brand’s philanthropic efforts to gather much-needed items for military members serving overseas and on the home front.

Throughout the entire month of May, the pack and ship service centers accepted hundreds of donations from local residents, businesses and community members to create large care packages for men and women stationed at select military bases. Among the donated items were a variety of healthy snacks, drink mix packets, microwavable food, non-perishable food and essential toiletries.

“There are countless men and women who fearlessly defend our country day in and day out,” said Fred Morache, COO of Postal Connections. “Sending care packages with items we often take for granted is a simple, yet a meaningful way to show our utmost appreciation for those military members who are making the ultimate sacrifice. The impact Military Moments can have on our troops will continue to grow as we actively engage with Postal Connections’ communities and rally for their support.”

Adding to the donation drive’s significance, Postal Connections also hosted a month-long social media contest, which encouraged the community to share a photo of their family members, loved ones and friends that are serving or who have served in the military with the hashtag #MilitaryMoments. The selected national winner received a $100 Visa gift card. Taken together, the brand’s call to action garnered positive awareness about Military Appreciation Month and generated media attention throughout the country.

As a testament to Postal Connections’ year-round commitment to the military community, the franchise concept offers significant discounts on the brand’s franchise fees to military veterans and spouses in conjunction with VetFran, an initiative through the International Franchise Association. The incentive encourages veterans to seek out franchise opportunities, while making business ownership an obtainable goal.

About Postal Connections

Founded in 1995, the Postal Connections franchise network was bought in 2007 by Andy Thompson and Fred Morache who solely own the company and in 2009 they bought the iSOLD It franchise network. To learn more about Postal Connections, visit or call (619) 294-7550. For more information on Postal Connections franchise opportunities, visit or call 1-800-POSTALS (767-8257).

All Points PR Secures Our Clients Local Media Placements

At All Points PR, securing media placements for local franchisees is one of the most important parts of our jobs – the ability to help a community understand what a new business can provide for it is critical to helping the business succeed.

Working alongside our contacts in markets large and small, we rely on the heartwarming, inspiring tales of franchisees who have overcome obstacles to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship – in turn, this inspires readers to dig deep and find their own entrepreneurial spirit.

Every client has different media placement goals, so we consider which publications are the best fits for every brand. From local business journals and widely read regional newspapers to the smaller community sites and papers, All Points knows how to find the right niche and tell a story there.

We invite you to explore our Results tab to see the exceptional ways that All Points PR is securing press coverage on all levels – national, local, regional, social media, trade and consumer-facing – for our franchise industry clients. More eyes on your brand equals more franchise leads – a win-win!

All Points Coordinates First-Ever Workshop

The All Points team has many strengths – we’re creative thinkers, critical analysts and hard workers – but our greatest strength is our ability to come together as a team and work together to brainstorm creative solutions for our clients.

That was Director Stephanie Blake’s intention when she conceptualized the first-ever All Points Workshop – she worked with other agency leaders to put together round table discussions that played to each of their strengths to enrich the office as a whole.

The whole team came together June 1 at Northbrook’s Di Pescara Restaurant for a delicious lunch followed by round table discussions hosted by President Jamie Izaks, Director Stephanie Blake and Senior Account Leads Bailey Hewitt and Amy Lecza.

Jamie’s table, titled “Crushing it as a Client Communications Expert,” put team members in the role of crisis communication experts assessing and leading a crisis simulation. Stephanie’s table was designed to help the All Points team reevaluate their productivity and prioritize their days effectively with new time management techniques. Bailey’s table unleashed the inner campaign strategist in everyone, helping the office to come up with new campaigns for our clients. Amy’s table allowed the team to harness their natural creativity by seeking out new, emotion-centered story angles for pitches and written material.

The whole All Points team enjoyed an engaging afternoon of team exercises and left with a renewed enthusiasm for our work. Check out the All Points Facebook page for more photos!

Global Franchise Opportunities Expands Franchise Empire in First Quarter

Global Franchise Opportunities Expands Franchise Empire in First Quarter

Franchise Conglomerate’s Start to 2017 Indicates Strength of Aggressive Growth Phase

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Global Franchise Opportunities (GFO), the system of internationally recognized and proven franchise concepts including A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI), iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions and iHandyMan, today announced first quarter expansion that has launched its brands’ collective

2017 growth strategy and positioned each to carry its services into key new markets.

Taken together, GFO finishes 2017’s first quarter on a high note, including five new North American locations. ABCHI has opened units in North Bay, Ontario; Truro, Nova Scotia; Deerfield Beach, Florida; and Greeley, Colorado; and an iCare location recently opened in Calgary, Alberta.

“We have laid the foundation for incredible growth among our brands,” said Bill Redfern, founder, president and CEO of GFO. “Our success is grounded in the strength of support we offer our franchise partners – we appreciate that we are only as good as our partners. We’re passionate about facilitating their capabilities as entrepreneurs. They are the next generation of GFO family members who are setting the course for 2017 and beyond.”

After a year of growth accomplishments in 2016, including ABCHI’s expansion into India, the growth of iCare in Atlantic Canada and the launch of the professional repair service, iHandyman, which has already launched in six countries, this first quarter is a strong indicator of similar expansion throughout 2017. GFO forecasts signing development deals that represent more than 75 new locations around the globe and opening up to 30 new locations in 2017.

As an indication of the evolution of GFO, the company has recently released new iterations of its websites for each of the brands, including advanced technologies to provide their audiences with a more content-friendly website geared specifically toward the services provided. The new websites detail the entire brand profile, enabling customers to more easily locate services in their markets.

The first quarter headway is indicative of the brand’s history of franchise innovation. Redfern started his home inspection business, ABCHI, in Canada in the mid-2000s, turning it into the country’s largest home inspection franchise after only two years. Today, ABCHI has over 200 franchises operating in 19 countries around the world.

Following ABCHI’s worldwide success, Redfern launched iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions in 2014 to meet the home healthcare needs of seniors everywhere. iCare offers services that help families overwhelmed with the responsibility of providing care to a loved one, all while ensuring your loved one remains in the comfort of his or her own home.

For self-starters looking for an opportunity to own their own business, ABCHI, iCare and iHandyMan offer a low-cost, proven path to success as part of a profitable home-based concept. Global Franchise Opportunities is one of the few franchisors offering master franchise opportunities for all three of its franchise concepts. Master franchise opportunities, which start at $117,000, are for entrepreneurs looking to develop a larger territory consisting of multiple franchise locations. Unit franchises start at $39,900. Unit franchise owners can work on their own or with a staff, hiring and managing outside contractors for larger jobs.

For more information about Global Franchise Opportunities, visit the new

About Global Franchise Opportunities

Launched by serial entrepreneur Bill Redfern, Global Franchise Opportunities includes internationally recognized brands A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI), iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions and iHandyMan. Global Franchise Opportunities offers master franchise and unit franchise opportunities. Existing businesses in these sectors can be converted to Global Franchise Opportunities and receive support and ongoing training from the proven concepts.

For more information about Global Franchise Opportunities, call (954) 933-7129 or visit

NIFA Hosts Spring Luncheon with Guest Speaker Dr. Ben Litalien

The Northern Illinois Franchise Association (NIFA), founded by All Points PR executive team Jamie and Lauren Izaks as well as friend and Marks & Klein lawyer Andrew Bleiman, hosts quarterly events, continuing its work of education the Chicagoland’s franchise community about the most pressing franchise-related topics of the day.

Thus far, NIFA has had two spectacular 2017 events – the March Luncheon, which was sponsored by Laner Muchin and co-hosted by Job Creators Network (JCN) and held at Chicago’s River Roast; and the May Luncheon, which was sponsored by Patriot Software and was held at Joy District in River North.

The March Luncheon featured keynote speaker Stephen Bienko, the CEO of Fownders, former president of 42 Holdings and expert in sports marketing and Olympic athlete management. His engaging and dynamic presentation discussed how millennials are changing the game in franchising and entrepreneurship. He also showcased the importance of franchise models adapting to the new generation of potential business owners.

Dr. Ben Litalien led the May Luncheon. He gave an informative keynote address about the future of franchising, and the ways that franchisors can go about being more flexible and creative in attracting millennials. He also talked about how marketing to millennials and touting corporate social responsibility are closely connected, and how in order to appeal to millennial franchisees, it’s essential to connect consumers to supplies to the product in demand.

As always, NIFA stays committed to supporting the individuals and businesses in franchising at the franchisor, franchisee and supplier levels. Looking ahead, NIFA is planning a fantastic summer event – visit us at to keep track of the latest developments.

Land of the Free and Home of Kona Ice

Land of the Free and Home of Kona Ice

Iconic, American-Made Mobile Shaved Ice Brand Introduces New Patriotic Cup to Celebrate the American Spirit at Every Stop

FLORENCE, Ky. – This Memorial Day weekend Kona Ice will introduce the most American way to enjoy a shaved-ice treat: a red, white and blue cup displaying the words to the Star-Spangled Banner, the country’s national anthem. The new cup is designed to pay tribute to the founders of the country while celebrating America’s rich tradition of persistence, optimism and pride that has remained throughout the challenges and triumphs of the nation’s history.

Inspired by the hardworking and resilient spirit of the American people, Kona Ice almost exclusively uses American-made products, and the patriotic cup is no exception. The new cup, which features the American flag, will serve as a reminder of the country’s ever-present pride and strength as a nation.

“Here at Kona Ice, we are proud to use American-made products in almost everything we do – from our shaved ice to our trucks, we seek out domestic materials,” said Tony Lamb, founder and CEO of Florence, Kentucky-based Kona Ice. “It’s important to us to support other businesses here in our own country and we do that through buying and selling products that are made right here in the USA by fellow Americans.”

To ensure the brand is using high-quality products made in the United States, Kona Ice created a division of the company, aptly named Kreations Flavoring, to create and produce its proprietary flavors, which customers can use to customize the taste of their shaved ice. The mobile shaved ice trucks now offer more than 20 different flavors, resulting in more than 500 possible flavor combinations.

In addition to the domestically produced flavorings, Kona Ice trucks are also made in the United States. The Kona Entertainment Vehicle, or KEV, starts as a Chevrolet or Ford truck, depending on the model, which are made in Elkhart, Indiana. It then gets outfitted with all the machinery and appliances needed to start shaving ice and making sweet treats. Then it gets decorated with the colorful truck wrap and final touches that make it uniquely identifiable as a Kona Ice truck.

Together with its deeply rooted American loyalty, Kona Ice is committed to the betterment of the country through its community giveback efforts. Fulfilling the responsibility to help fellow Americans and people across the world, Kona Ice has earned a reputation for serving communities across the country through donations and fundraising partnerships. With more than 800 franchises throughout 46 states, Kona Ice has given back more than $40 million since inception in 2007.

As Kona Ice continues to celebrate its nation-wide patriotic initiatives, the brand is also celebrating monumental growth. Moving at a rapid pace, Kona Ice is on track to have 1,000 trucks on the road, carrying on the tradition of community giveback, by the end of 2017.

For more information about available franchise opportunities with Kona Ice, please visit:

About Kona Ice

A true community ally renowned for facilitating endless fundraising options, Kona Ice has given more than $40 million back to neighborhood schools, organizations and teams since its inception in 2007. The brand’s iconic truck offers customers a one-of-a-kind experience, featuring the opportunity to create their own shaved ice on the self-serve Flavorwave™, while enjoying the soothing sights and sounds from the tropics. Currently, there are 800-plus franchise units in more than 45 states.

All Points Team Dives into the Murky Waters of Copyright Law

During the May monthly seminar, Account Lead Sydney Trepel shed some light on what was one of our most interesting seminars to date, focusing on copyright law as it pertains to the media.

Using the example of a piece of art (we all drew a picture on a piece of paper), Sydney illustrated the protection that copyrights have on any created image or work – be it video, audio or written. She also discussed copyright ownership, exclusive rights and copyrighting ideas.

Most of the presentation was dedicated to sharing the legal ramifications and exceptions to copyright law, and how we, as frequent users of copyrighted information, can legally and effectively share it with our clients, our networks and internally without violating any laws.

As a PR agency, we’re often faced with questions about copyright infringement. Sydney’s presentation was an easy-to-digest conversation about a complicated topic, and she taught us some great tips and provided us with resources to make sure we’re compliant in the future

Stay tuned for next month’s seminar!

All Points PR Coordinates Multiplatform Social Media Results

Media relations is a combination of several key components of the public relations mix, and one of the most important to our clients is social media. Our franchise industry clients rely on us to be the experts in the latest and greatest social media platforms so they can better reach their targets, be they franchisee prospects or consumers.

Our PR and social media teams research industry-leading trends that we can apply to our clients’ accounts, utilizing analytics alongside fresh, creative ideas to bring campaigns to life. We drive engagement using a combination of enticing visuals and snappy language, highlighting the components of every brand that set it apart from the competition.

All Points’ clients rule the various social media channels and have appeared on high-profile Instagram pages, in popular lifestyle blogs and on widely circulated Twitter pages. Our team of creatives also conceptualizes colorful social media campaigns that garner consumer engagement and media attention.

We invite you to explore our Social Media Results tab to see the exceptional ways that All Points PR is securing social media coverage on all levels for our franchise industry clients. More eyes on your brand equals more feet in the door and more franchise leads – a win-win-win!

America’s Dog & Burger Unveils New Menu and Restaurant Design

America’s Dog & Burger Unveils New Menu and Restaurant Design

Chicago-Based Restaurant Announces New Chef-Inspired Hot Dogs and Gourmet Burgers; Redesigns Chicago’s Randolph St. Location to Exude All-American Eatery Environment 

CHICAGO – Chicago’s celebrated America’s Dog & Burger (AD&B), the tastiest idea to ever come out of a great American road trip, debuts its most innovative menu to date, rolling out a brand new collection of chef-driven, gourmet burgers and mouth-watering, city-inspired hot dogs.

Bursting onto Chicago’s culinary scene more than 20 years ago on the heels of their automotive adventure that included tasting the best hot dogs in cities throughout the United States, AD&B cofounders Manolis and George Alpogianis of Chicago’s renowned TAG Restaurant Group announced today a new line of creative and indulgent menu options. The updated menu further establishes the brand’s distinguishable position in the Windy City for offering the most compelling tastes of the nation in one dynamic, All-American eatery.

The new lineup at AD&B ranges from the Santa Fe Hot Dog (Vienna all beef hot dog, hardwood smoked bacon, chipotle aioli, caramelized onions, beer battered jalapeno caps and cotija cheese on a Texas toast roll) to the Ghost Burger (hardwood smoked bacon, spicy ghost pepper cheese, guacamole and onion strings on a butter brioche bun). And, beyond its acclaimed city dogs and burgers, AD&B is also unveiling a selection of chicken sandwiches, salads and sides. Everything on the menu is fresh, never frozen and all ingredients are prepared in-house. The full menu can be seen at

“We’ve channeled our vast culinary experience and thrown in more hometown flavors from cities coast-to-coast to create a menu that’s both diverse and unique,” said Manolis Alpogianis, who has helped his family operate several well-known restaurants, including the awarding-winning Kappy’s American Grill in Morton Grove, Illinois. “There’s no better place for our guests to enjoy the tastes of the nation, than right here in the culinary epicenter of the country – Chicago.”

As partner and executive chef for AD&B, Manolis’ brother George leveraged his food expertise to spearhead the brand’s menu innovation. After previously working at well-known Chicago restaurants including City Tavern, Lawry’s and Rosebud, George acquired a passion for the varied cuisines of America and perfected his mastery of flavor combinations, which have been carried over into AD&B’s recipes. Unique to AD&B, the brand will partner with Chicago celebrity chefs to introduce a new chef-driven hot dog each quarter.

Beyond its menu development, AD&B also has plans in store to revamp the brand’s existing Randolph St. location later this year. Gensler, the esteemed international design firm, recreated the restaurant’s interior to exude a classic, all-American eatery environment. The remodeled layout features community picnic-style tables, food truck condiment stations and photos of family and friends’ road trips lining the wall. The décor and dining space channels the nostalgia of the original road trip, adding to the restaurant’s fun, casual and inviting atmosphere. Plus, the renovated interior serves as inspiration for AD&B’s new prototype design, which will be rolled out with all future franchise locations – a strategic growth initiative AD&B announced earlier this month.

Maintaining a recipe for success, AD&B currently has three locations, each situated at prime destinations – Chicago’s Navy Pier, O’Hare Airport and in Chicago’s Loop at the corner of Randolph and State Streets. Now, with the family-run restaurant’s strategic growth plan in place, the brand foresees tremendous regional expansion ahead and is awarding franchise opportunities to passionate individuals and teams attracted to AD&B’s distinguishable niche.

To learn more about America’s Dog & Burgers, visit For more information about its franchise opportunities, visit

About America’s Dog & Burgers  

Entrepreneurial brothers Manolis and George Alpogianis co-founded AD&B after a cross-country road trip through the United States. This now famous journey inspired the two to open a restaurant that offered the most compelling hot dog tastes of the nation in one dynamic environment. The brand uniquely positions itself in the dog and burger scene by offering guests a variety of fresh, gourmet burgers, city-themed hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, Italian beef, salads and more. After more than 20 years of proven success, the family-run business is in strategic growth mode, awarding franchise opportunities to passionate individuals and teams attracted to the brand’s distinguishable niche.

To learn more about America’s Dog & Burgers and its franchise opportunities, visit For more information about the restaurant, visit

Zippy Shell “Transports” Tampa Bay into New Era of Moving and Storage

Zippy Shell “Transports” Tampa Bay into New Era of Moving and Storage

Cost Effective and Cutting Edge Concept to Redefine Moving and Storage Locally

TAMPA, Fla. – Zippy Shell is zapping the age-old moving and storage model in Tampa Bay. The fastest growing business in both the moving and storage industries is pulling its chic-looking shell into Tampa.

Easily recognized for its bright blue shell carrying storage containers, Zippy Shell is set to open late April. Its arrival in Tampa Bay means homeowners and businesses throughout greater Tampa will have access to the most innovative and affordable moving and portable storage services in the nation.

Local resident and entrepreneur Luigi Del Basso is opening the business and will be managing daily operations. With experience founding a startup software business, Del Basso has the expertise and fortitude to successfully manage and run the new business. With help from his team, Del Basso is prepared to support families, students and businesses moving throughout Tampa amid life’s big transitions.

“Tampa is a vibrant city with an increasing need for easily accessible and reasonably priced moving and storage options,” said Del Basso.Whether you’re relocating across the country or to a nearby town, our goal is to help ease the transport process and alleviate the stress that comes with moving. I’m confident that Zippy Shell will have a strong impact on residents and businesses throughout the community, and I look forward to introducing our services to Tampa.”

Establishing itself as a prominent and disruptive force in the moving and storage industries, Zippy Shell excels in its competitive space by offering customers a simple cost-effective way to securely transport or store their personal belongings.

At the forefront of innovation, Zippy Shell’s containers are open-air, lightweight units uniquely designed to be shipped inside traditional dry vans or via national freight lines, and then can be collapsed and easily shipped back at rates that are much less costly than other containers. This cost-effective model allows Zippy Shell to pass savings onto its customers, and the delivery system ensures better mobility through urban and suburban downtown, as well as access to more locations across the country.

Zippy Shell also recently launched a new all-weather storage container that can remain outside on various properties and withstand the elements to keep items inside safe. The new product propels Zippy Shell’s ability to work with a greater number of commercial business customers.

In addition to the transport services, the brand’s containers can also be stored in a nearby climate-controlled Zippy Shell facility until customers are ready to have the container hauled for unloading. And as a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, consumers can customize their jobs and opt to have their items packed and loaded into the container by a trained and efficient Zippy Shell moving crew. To ensure a quick and hassle-free experience, all orders are promptly processed via the brand’s mobile-friendly website or call center and directed to the customer’s local Zippy Shell office.

“It’s clear that Luigi has a passion for the industry and shares our commitment to providing high quality service to his community,” said Rick Del Sontro, President of Zippy Shell. “We are proud to have Luigi as a partner and look forward to supporting his endeavors as he establishes his business and grows the Zippy Shell brand throughout the region.

As a national provider of portable storage and moving solutions, Zippy Shell has a network of franchise locations and licensed partners to seamlessly provide customers with an array of services ranging from self-pack storage to full service relocation.

With 51 locations across the country, Zippy Shell’s emergence in Tampa Bay comes on the heels of the brand’s strategic expansion plan to double its U.S. presence in the next three years and to expand the company’s innovative services into key markets coast-to-coast.

For more information about Zippy Shell of Tampa Bay, visit or contact Luigi Del Basso at 

About Zippy Shell

Founded in Australia in 2007 and brought to the United States in 2010, Zippy Shell brilliantly streamlines two industries – practical, personal storage and safe, secure moving – into one simple and easy model. Through a network of franchise locations and licensed partners, Zippy Shell provides a complete suite of services to the customer ranging from self-pack storage through full service moving. The brand’s rapid franchise expansion into new markets across the country creates opportunities for seasoned entrepreneurs looking to build and expand their portfolios. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Zippy Shell currently has 51 independently operated, corporately operated or jointly operated facilities in 120 markets. For more information, visit

What We Can Learn from Huge, Public PR Crises

It’s certainly been a hectic few weeks for the corporate communicators and PR pros. Where to begin? Pepsi’s tone-deaf commercial? United’s trio of non-apologies? Sean Spicer’s epically disastrous White House press conferences? The subject of crisis communication training from these potentially reputation-altering disasters has been explored in depth over the last several days – PR Daily and PR News have good examples, if you’re curious.

What’s most interesting to me is how the PR discipline and profession is at the center of the news cycle. Suddenly, people are in tune to how mega corporations such as Pepsi and United “spin” controversial topics. Crisis communication is publically discussed, and everyone is a critic. This can be nerve-wracking for those of us who work in PR and represent different clients – the dawning realization that we’re all just one misstep away from being under a microscope.

So what can we learn from this? As PR pros, we have to conduct ourselves (and instruct our clients to conduct themselves) as if they’re always on the verge of the whole country seeing inside their operation. We need to push our clients to move toward proactive diversity in their executive team and company representation. We should be the gatekeepers of spin, ensuring that we never let the truth run away from us. And finally, if a mistake happens, we need to make sure that the apology is genuine.

The chances of one of our clients running into a major international PR crisis is slim, but most businesses will deal a public problem of some size at some point. The difference between our clients and mega brands such United or Pepsi is that our clients don’t have the firepower of a multibillion dollar brand behind them – it’s up to us, their PR representatives, to handle the situation as ethically as possible. Let’s let these big stories serve as a reminder to review crisis communication plans and rededicate ourselves to ensuring that telling truthful stories is at the center of our PR strategies.

City Wide Maintenance Celebrates “Change, Challenge, and Opportunity” at Annual Franchise Convention

City Wide Maintenance Celebrates “Change, Challenge, and Opportunity” at Annual Franchise Convention

Franchisees and Home Office Leadership Come Together for 14th Annual Franchise Convention and Awards Ceremony

LENEXA, Kan. – City Wide Maintenance, the nation’s leading building maintenance management company, hosted its 14th annual franchise convention and awards ceremony at the Green Valley Ranch Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas from Sunday, February 26th through Tuesday, February 28th.

Themed “Change. Challenge. Opportunity,” the convention encouraged franchisees to “embrace the change, accept the challenge, and capture the opportunity” that 2017 brings. Home office leadership and franchisees also celebrated key accomplishments for the brand such as opening eight new offices and achieving a new record in company-wide sales.

The three day convention began with a welcome reception complete with food, drinks, and live music by the pool. The following days included a State of the System address by City Wide President Jeff Oddo, an inspiring speech by honored educator and world champion athlete Murray Banks, and roundtable discussions and breakout training sessions. Topics for those discussions included client retention, growing sales, recruiting employees, and other tangible skills to achieve continued success and increase revenue.

“Our convention is a key component to City Wide’s success and overall growth,” said Oddo. “Bringing our franchisees together with the home office leadership for a few days of training, learning, and idea sharing is greatly beneficial to achieving our goals. Everyone leaves with a renewed sense of inspiration, and it shows as City Wide sees exponential growth and new brand accomplishments each year.”

The convention wrapped up Tuesday evening with the annual awards ceremony, giving special recognition to franchisees and their team members who excelled in 2016.

During the awards ceremony, Oddo presented the prestigious “Platinum Market” designation to two City Wide locations – Nashville and San Diego. To earn the recognition, franchise locations needed to achieve a series of high marks in all criteria judged, including total revenue, revenue increase, operations, retention, community involvement, and participation within the franchise system. The award winners will receive a special visit from Jeff Oddo and/or the COO, Darin Hicks, who will take the team out for a “Platinum Market” celebration.

Another prestigious award presented at the ceremony was the “Chairman’s Club 2016” designation, which was awarded to seven locations for meeting high requirements in various aspects of sales and operations. Awarded markets were Nashville, San Diego, Boston, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, and Oklahoma.

City Wide also presented eleven other awards to franchise locations based on various achievements in sales, revenue generation, performance, and other operations metrics.

Additional honorees from the convention include:

  • Operations Team of the Year – Boston; North Carolina
  • Sales Representative of the Year – Julie Harris of San Diego
  • Highest Total Revenue Growth – Jacksonville
  • Highest Total Revenue Percent Increase – Nashville
  • Total Revenue Retention – San Diego
  • Highest NJS – Louisville
  • Highest Revenue per Capita Increase – South Carolina
  • Highest Net Gain – Tampa Bay
  • Rookie of the Year – Central Pennsylvania
  • Excellence in Performance – San Diego
  • Million Dollar Club – Boston, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Metro Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, South Carolina, and Tampa Bay

Throughout 2016, City Wide achieved new sales records, celebrated many great accomplishments, and the brand has set new goals for the year ahead. The company has already opened three new locations in 2017 and looks forward to continued success.

 About City Wide

Founded in 1961, City Wide has become synonymous with building maintenance in its home Kansas City market and the 50-plus U.S. regions where it has grown through franchising since 2001. A single-source solution for all building maintenance services, City Wide contracts with independent contractors to give clients access to dozens of interior and exterior services. City Wide simplifies the maintenance matters that mean most to building owners, operators, and management companies, easing the time, stress, and resources typically required to oversee an entire facility.

For more information about City Wide’s services, please visit

Zippy Shell Zooms into Aggressive Franchise Expansion Phase

Zippy Shell Zooms into Aggressive Franchise Expansion Phase

Breakthrough Brand Disrupting Dual Industries Advances Cutting Edge Moving and Storage Concept

WASHINGTON D.C. – Built for the long haul (and the short haul too), Zippy Shell is making a move that further solidifies its undisputable presence as the most prominent and disruptive force in both the moving and storage industries.

The brand announced today that it has initiated a coast-to-coast expansion plan to double its U.S. presence in the next three years, expanding its innovative service offerings into key markets. Momentum has shifted into high gear with four first quarter 2017 openings – Atlanta, Cleveland, Tampa and Denver. Plus, projections call for up to 12 additional franchise units this year…with the second quarter forecasting to be equally as strong as the start of the year.

“We’ve cracked the code on a pair of antiquated sectors,” said Rick Del Sontro, president of Zippy Shell. “No other concept can do what Zippy Shell can to disrupt both the moving and storage industries. The business model has been designed to achieve maximum efficiencies on all sides of the business, which gives our franchisees and their customers the ultimate value proposition.”

There are several factors driving Zippy Shell’s dynamic growth. First, the brand has begun to tip the scale towards market dominance through its strategic franchising initiative. It is cementing its brand recognition now with more than 50 locations across the United States covering more than 120 territories from Florida to the Pacific Northwest. Because of the surging brand awareness, demand is growing and additional franchise territories are available to meet the needs of both consumer and business clients.

Additionally, Zippy Shell is advancing its position in the moving and storage industries with the introduction of a new all-weather storage container. The newly created container is better equipped to withstand all weather environments and can stay outside for longer periods of time than the original wire mesh unit.

Another indication of the climb Zippy Shell is making to the top of the moving and storage industries is the first quarter performance of its relocation services. Up 350 percent compared to the same timeframe last year, this portion of the company’s offerings serve as a significant sales opportunity for locations across the country to meet the corporate demand for more cost-effective and safer solutions.

“Our entire organization is motivated by the direction the company is headed,” Del Sontro said. “Between the new openings, the development of our new advanced container and record breaking relocation sales numbers last quarter, we’re on the brink of sailing past our competition. With the way things are going, there are so many reasons our corporate office team and our franchisees should feel energized.”

Zippy Shell bridges the gap between moving and storage in a cost effective way for both franchisees and their customers. Efficiencies are achieved on several levels, including Zippy Shell’s open-air, lightweight containers that are uniquely designed to be shipped inside a traditional dry van or freight truck and then can be collapsed and easily shipped back at freight rates that are much less costly than other containers. Further, customer convenience and security are prioritized through Zippy Shell storage services in nearby warehouses until ready for hauling or unloading.

Franchisees benefit from Zippy Shell’s competitive advantages. The model requires less capital and less equipment costs, which differentiates it from all other moving and storage companies. In turn, Zippy Shell is able to pass savings on to its consumer and business customers. Moreover, the Zippy Shell loading and delivery system is much more mobile and can access more locations than traditional services, and drivers do not need special training.

Offering entrepreneurs interested in investing in the franchise a full suite of support services ranging from initial and ongoing training to sales and marketing programs, Zippy Shell also provides a central call center that works to connect local offices with customers in their areas. Ideal franchise candidates are those who can consider the semi-absentee business model, are interested in opening multiple units and can invest a significant amount of capital at the onset in order to see the business develop into an empire over time. Franchise partners could be individuals, small teams and/or multi-unit owners of franchises.

For information on franchising opportunities, visit

About Zippy Shell:

Founded in Australia in 2007 and brought to the United States in 2010, Zippy Shell brilliantly streamlines two industries – practical, personal storage and safe, secure moving – into one simple and easy model. Through a network of franchise locations and licensed partners, Zippy Shell provides a complete suite of services to the customer ranging from self-pack storage through full service moving. The brand’s rapid franchise expansion into new markets across the country creates opportunities for seasoned entrepreneurs looking to build and expand their portfolios. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Zippy Shell currently has 51 independently operated, corporately operated and jointly operated facilities serving more than 120 markets. For more information, visit

Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center℠ Appoints Director of Education and Training

Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center℠ Appoints Director of Education and Training

Dallas-Based Educational Child Care Franchise Welcomes Dr. Martin-Smith to Brand’s Leadership Team

FORT WORTH, Texas – Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center℠, widely recognized as the leading values-based, early-education child care provider in the United States, announced today the appointment of Dr. Kristi Martin-Smith as Director of Education and Training.

Martin-Smith will be responsible for managing the recently accredited Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S.℠ curriculum and providing training to the operations team and all franchisees, ensuring the best possible educational programs for all children enrolled at Childrens Lighthouse Learning Centers℠ across the country.

“With Dr. Martin-Smith on board, Children’s Lighthouse will continue to achieve new successes and bring high quality education and child care to even more students,” said Pat Brown, CEO and co-founder of Childrens Lighthouse Learning Centers℠. “Dr. Martin-Smith’s expansive background in early education and curriculum development makes her the perfect fit for this role. We are very happy to welcome her to the Children’s Lighthouse family, and we look forward to seeing all she accomplishes here.”

Martin-Smith’s professional education experience spans more than 30 years, and she has earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and a master’s in Early Education Administration. She has experience in all facets of education from teaching at both the early education and collegiate levels, to developing early learning and extra-curricular programs for preschool students.

Most recently, Martin-Smith was the executive director of the Early Education Department at Harvest Christian Academy in Fort Worth, Texas, a position she held for more than 23 years. In this role, Martin-Smith managed all areas of the preschool program, including curriculum development and management, strategic planning, parent communication, staff training and development and securing and maintaining curriculum accreditation, uniquely qualifying her for her new role as Director of Education and Training for the entire Children’s Lighthouse franchise system.

“I’m very passionate about bringing quality education to as many families as possible, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do so with Children’s Lighthouse,” said Martin-Smith. “I’m looking forward to being a part of Children’s Lighthouse’s ongoing objective of engaging students and motivating them to enjoy learning at every age. With the recent curriculum accreditation and other national achievements, this is truly an exciting time to join the Children’s Lighthouse team.”

Launched 21 years ago, Children’s Lighthouse provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to open in approximately 11,000 square-feet of space in attractive metropolitan areas. Complete with initial and ongoing training and marketing support, ownership in a Children’s Lighthouse franchise includes a full suite of support services ranging from access to strategic leasing and financing partners to pinpoint site selection support. The company delivers its thorough market analysis with its powerful demographic software programs and real estate network, and its architectural partner assists in all aspects of the design work, leaving the entrepreneur to focus on what is most important – the business.

About Children’s Lighthouse

Established in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1995, Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center℠ is the leading values-based educational childcare system in the United States. Currently, Children’s Lighthouse has 40 centers in operation and 20 additional franchise locations in the pipeline. Children’s Lighthouse has been named one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Dallas Business Journal, and has received the “Franchise 500” designation by Entrepreneur magazine due to its stability, financial strength and growth. For more information about Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center℠, visit To learn more about available franchise opportunities, visit or contact Stephen Dixon at, (888) 338-4466 x1.

All Points Team Prepares to “Switch & Pitch”

In the spirit of continual education and innovation, the All Points team hosts monthly seminars where team members give presentations on a variety of subjects with the aim of improving the company’s overall skill set. This month, PR Associates Liz Robinson and Mackenzie Coopman presented on pitching the media – specifically, how to make sure a pitch resonates with the media and several ways to rehab a pitch to be new and fresh.

Liz and Mackenzie discussed how to eradicate overused corporate jargon (“synergy,” “thought leader,” “unicorn,” “the Uber of XXXX”) from pitches, isolating the correcting pitching channels and tailoring each pitch to the specific reporter and client. They also shared some helpful hints about building relationships with reporters and crafting thought-provoking subject lines.

The presentation, while informative on its own, served a greater purpose: to be the lead-in for a brand new All Points initiative spearheaded by Mackenzie and Liz. Dubbed “Switch & Pitch,” each All Points team member will be assigned a partner to switch clients and phone pitch for an hour during the month of May.

Switch & Pitch is an innovative way for the All Points team to bring fresh ideas to our clients and fully utilize the variety of skill sets that our team brings to each account. Stay tuned for results, and for next month’s seminar!

No Taxation without Relaxation: Kona Ice Invites Nation to “Chill” with Free Shaved Ice

No Taxation without Relaxation: Kona Ice Invites Nation to Chill with Free Shaved Ice

Tropical Shaved Ice Business to Giveaway FREE Shaved Ice on National Chill Out Day

 WHAT: To ease the pain of tax filing, Kona Ice is serving up a delicious cup of tax day relief for tense taxpayers in all corners of the country.

Kona Ice will be parked at post offices, tax preparation centers and businesses nationwide to hand out FREE cups of tropical shaved ice to all who stop by. The refreshing treat will ensure that there is no taxation without relaxation this tax season.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

WHERE: The public can find the Kona Ice truck in their community by tweeting their zip code to @KonaIce. Here is a sample tweet for readers to use: “Hey @KonaIce! Where can I find the Kona truck on #TaxDay? My zip code is _____.”

WHY: Tax Day is America’s least favorite holiday. Between sifting through the mail for the correct paperwork, filling out form after form with painstaking detail and paying a hefty sum of money to Uncle Sam, it can be a real drag. National “Chill Out” Day is one of the many ways Kona Ice is encouraging the nation to take a step back, relax and enjoy a KonaThrough partnerships with schools, youth sports leagues and other neighborhood organizations, Kona Ice has given back over $40 million to the communities it serves. To learn more about Kona Ice’s giveback efforts, visit:

Instagram: @konaice

Twitter: @konaice


A true community ally renowned for facilitating endless fundraising options, Kona Ice has given more than $40 million dollars back to neighborhood schools, organizations and teams since its inception in 2007. The brand’s iconic truck offers customers a one-of-a-kind experience, featuring the opportunity to create their own Kona Ice on the self-serve Flavorwave™, while enjoying the soothing sights and sounds from the tropics. Currently, there are 800-plus franchise units in more than 45 states.

For more information about booking Kona Ice for a fundraiser or event, visit To learn more about available franchise opportunities, visit or call (800) KONAICE.

All Points Team Gives Back with Positive Impact

“Driven by our core values, All Points strives to positively impact the communities in which we live and work through our philanthropic and volunteer efforts. We are passionate about our commitment to corporate social responsibility and making a positive impact on meaningful social, community and environmental organizations.”

This is the mission statement for All Points’ Positive Impact program, in which the whole company participates in community service activities throughout the year, and it’s something we always enjoy while adding to a fun All Points tradition. Not only do we get to spend some time as a team outside of the office, but we’re able to do our part to make our small corner of the world a brighter place.

A few weeks ago, All Points’ participated in Positive Impact by spending a day working with Bernie’s Book Bank in Lake Forest, Illinois. Bernie’s Book Bank’s mission is to collect, process and distribute quality new and gently used children’s books to at-risk infants, toddlers and school-age children throughout Chicagoland. This resonated with our staff, considering many of us are avid readers whose lives have been positively impacted through book ownership in our childhoods.

As the year progresses, the All Points team looks forward to giving back through different quarterly initiatives. We take our sense of social responsibility seriously, and we’re already looking forward to our next quarters’ Positive Impact event!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of our day at Bernie’s Book Bank!

Clean Water Here launches the largest safe drinking water social-media campaign in U.S. History on UN World Water Day 2017

Clean Water Here launches the largest safe drinking water social-media campaign in U.S. History on UN World Water Day 2017

Social Voice Tops 790 Million People

 Supporters include Pitbull, Pink, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, UN-Water and Watermill Express

 DENVER, Colo. (March 23, 2017) – The Clean Water Here social-media initiative to promote safe drinking water was launched today in celebration of UN Water World Water Day. The overall social-media voice of the campaign exceeded 790 million people.

Thanks to the support of Pitbull, Pink, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Kesha, Sting, Fergie, Ryan Seacrest, Jason Derulo, Christina Aguilera, Ziggy Marley, Shania Twain, Seal, Andra Day, Seal, Pentatonix, Natasha Bedingfield, Nick Jonas, Juanes, Niall Horan, Fifth Harmony, Sean Mendes and more, this campaign encouraged and empowered the public to lend their social voices to help people understand the nature and scope of the global water crisis by promoting safe drinking water here in the United States on UN World Water Day.

UN World Water Day is coordinated by UN-Water and the 2017 campaign is led by UN Environment, UN-HABITAT, United Nations University and the World Health Organization.

“I want to thank the celebrities and the public who used their influence through social media to support Clean Water Here,” said Lani Dolifka, the Founder of Clean Water Here and president/CEO of Watermill Express, “There are too many communities in the United States and around the world that still don’t have access to safe drinking water. It’s particularly important for the lives of our children.”

A proud Founding Partner of Clean Water Here, Watermill Express has been providing a sustainable alternative for safe, affordable drinking water in the United States for over 30 years.

“Making the right to water a practical reality holds out the promise of transformed lives for billions of people.” said Dr. Jamie Bartram, Director of the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina, whose world-renowned work as a professor and author/editor includes dozens of academic papers and books discussing the intersection of where water and health come together. “We also must make safe water available to those robbed of their own potential by neurotoxic pollutants, like lead in Flint and elsewhere in the United States.”

Evidence shows that children exposed to lead develop neurological deficiencies, leading to issues such as childhood intellectual disabilities, hearing problems, anemia, or behavior problems. There are an estimated 600,000 new cases of child lead exposure every year worldwide. Additionally in the United States, aging infrastructure, limited funding and management capacity for disadvantaged communities, the degradation of source water, and the risks from unregulated contaminants all contribute to the growing concern domestically.

“We believe that access to safe drinking water is a basic human right,” said David Clark, the co-creator of Clean Water Here and the Founder of Cause Flash. “We commend UN-Water for its leadership on this important issue, and their ongoing work as the effective mechanism that coordinates the UN’s work on water and sanitation. Collectively, between all the parties involved, I am both pleased and proud of our ground-breaking campaign.”



Founded by Watermill Express CEO Lani Dolifka, Clean Water Here promotes the need for safe drinking water in the United States. Research indicates that out-of-date plumbing, sometimes over 100 years old is delivering water through pipes that often leak contaminants into the water. In addition, old-fashioned water treatment facilities may not always address 21st-century contaminants like pesticides, industrial chemicals and arsenic. So who is most likely to be drinking this water that is known to cause disease – the poorest and most vulnerable among us. Clean Water Here is dedicated to educating the public about this important issue. For more information visit


Clean Water Here founding partner Watermill Express is the largest drive-up pure drinking water company in the U.S. and the green alternative to prepackaged water. Watermill Express customers reuse their own clean containers to reduce pollution from single-use plastic water bottles. Founded in 1984, Watermill Express supports causes that promote the health and welfare of children and families. For more information visit


World Water Day has been observed since 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 as the annual “World Day for Water.” Coordinated by UN Water in support of the 193 member nations of the UN, this day is devoted to implementing recommendations and promoting concrete activities within their countries regarding the world’s water resources. In addition to the UN member states, a number of NGOs promoting clean water leverage World Water Day as a time to focus public attention on the critical water issues facing the world. For more information visit


UN-Water is the United Nations inter-agency coordination mechanism for all freshwater related issues, including sanitation. Building on a long history of coordination in the UN System, UN-Water was formalized in 2003 by the United Nations High Level Committee on Programmes. It provides the platform to address the cross-cutting nature of water and maximize system-wide coordinated action and coherence. UN-Water promotes coherence in, and coordination of, UN system actions aimed at the implementation of the agenda defined by the Millennium Declaration and the World Summit on Sustainable Development as it relates to its scope of work. For more information visit


Created by David Clark Cause, Cause Flash is a digital platform devoted to aggregating the social media voices (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ followers) of dignitaries, celebrities, charities, brands and the public at large, so large scale social media campaigns can be launched instantly. By harnessing talent and technology to rally people around important causes that deserve immediate attention, Cause Flash elevates the human condition by inspiring and empowering people to donate funds and their own social media voices to address some of the greatest challenges of our time. For more information visit

Homewatch CareGivers Announces New Million and Multi-Million Dollar Club Members

Homewatch CareGivers Announces New Million and Multi-Million Dollar Club Members

Renowned Home Care Company Recognizes Franchisees for Outstanding Annual Revenue

 GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – Homewatch CareGivers, a leading home care company with a growing presence across the Americas, announced today its additions to the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Clubs. These new members are franchisees that have a reported annual revenue of more than one million dollars.

Homewatch CareGivers franchisees Deb Nelson and Thorn and Tamarha Ellerbe are now members of the prestigious Million Dollar Club, while Sue Cook, Paulette and Jim Nacchia and Kathryn Parks have earned their spots in the coveted Multi-Million Dollar Club.

“Reaching this milestone means the world to my team and me,” said Sue Cook, owner of Homewatch CareGivers of Summerlin. “For us, it means that we’ve been able to provide even more much needed services to elders and veterans in the Las Vegas Valley.”

Joining the Million and Multi-Million Dollar Clubs is an achievement sought after by all franchisees in the Homewatch CareGivers network. Past and present members are treated to a dinner hosted by the home office at the company’s annual convention.

“This recognition has allowed us to reflect on all of the hard work and passion that has gone into delivering the best possible care to our community,” said Kathryn Parks, owner of Homewatch CareGivers of Columbia in Maryland. “It reaffirms the impactful role we play in the lives of those we care for and encourages us to continue striving for greater goals.”

An industry leader known for its high quality care, the home care company also provided an astounding 6.3 million hours of care to communities across the country in 2016.

Pushing the needle for industry standard annual franchise revenue, Homewatch CareGivers reports an average annual franchise earning of more than $1.3 million across their network of over 200 units (refer to Item 19 in the 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document for details as financial results vary).

“It’s always a great feeling to see our franchisees grow,” said Julie Smith, president and COO of Homewatch CareGivers. “We’re pleased to welcome Deb and the Ellerbes to our Million Dollar Club and also Sue, Kathryn and the Nacchias to our Multi-Million Dollar Club. These individuals are all strong examples of outstanding Homewatch CareGivers franchisees. We’re grateful to them, along with our entire franchise network.”

Homewatch CareGivers provides home care services for families arranging care for senior-aged loved ones and others living with chronic illnesses, convalescing after illness or surgery, or who prefer to age in their own homes under the supervision and care of highly trained caregivers. With over 200 units across 34 states domestically, as well as in Canada, Central America and South America, Homewatch CareGivers is planning to open 15 franchised locations annually beginning with targeted markets in Florida. Additional key markets include Texas, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Ideal Homewatch CareGivers franchisees have a strong passion for helping people. They enjoy working with others – whether it be with their clients, their staff or their local communities – in order to ultimately make a difference in the lives of their clients and their families. The Homewatch CareGivers franchise opportunity is also optimal for those seeking a business venture that allows them to make a healthy living while keeping work-life balance top of mind. The estimated initial investment for a Homewatch CareGivers franchise ranges from $87,000 to $137,400, which includes a franchisee fee of $49,000. Interested individuals must also have a minimum net worth of $350,000 and $50,000 liquid capital to ensure additional funding is available while launching their franchise.

For more information about the Homewatch CareGivers franchise opportunity, visit

About Homewatch CareGivers

Homewatch CareGivers, based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, delivers a variety of person-directed, professional at-home services including elder care, care for individuals with developmental and physical conditions, after-surgery care and prenatal/postnatal care. With extensive involvement in the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA), the Homewatch CareGivers mission is to provide the best-in-class care for each and every client, to serve as a vital part of the continuum of care and to provide the support franchisees and caregivers need to find success and make a difference in their communities.

To learn more about Homewatch CareGivers services and franchising opportunities, visit

Kona Ice Rallies with Franchisees to Score Big at Eighth Annual Kona Konvention

Kona Ice Rallies with Franchisees to Score Big at Eighth Annual Kona Konvention

Celebrates $40 Million Giveback Milestone, Announces Plan to Adopt 100-Plus Classrooms

 FLORENCE, Ky. – Kona Ice recently kicked off its milestone 10th anniversary huddling up with more than 650 franchisees and team leadership to game plan for a future that is certain to be filled with celebratory touchdown dances.

Themed “Going Pro,” the Konvention featured an inspiring backdrop that celebrated a record-setting-year, several brand advancements, new products and a blueprint for franchisees and corporate leadership to continue to aim high, think big and to get involved. The Konvention included educational seminars, breakout sessions and several networking opportunities.

“It’s a humbling experience to be in front of the whole system and to see so many accomplished individuals and teams within our family,” said Tony Lamb, founder and CEO of Florence-based Kona Ice. “When you take a step back and look at what Kona Ice has turned into in 10 short years, it’s remarkable. Our franchisees are talented, passionate and eager. It’s amazing to see the impact Kona Ice has had in its communities, and the opportunities for us to support these communities.”

Consistent with the theme, former Seattle Seahawks NFL running back Shaun Alexander, who grew up near Kona Ice’s headquarters in Florence, Kentucky, delivered an electrifying keynote address highlighting some of the winning qualities that made it possible for him to go from playing football in high school to college and then to the NFL.

One of several speeches that thrilled the Konvention, it became clear to all in attendance that game time as a business owner requires more than just an understanding of Xs and Os…it takes relentless passion and determination to insure the entire franchise system continues to score big.

“Beyond just a solid business model, we want to make sure the intangibles of winning in business with Kona ice were shared and I couldn’t be more certain that we have all the pieces in place to carry us into our next decade and beyond,” added Lamb. “We’re now all coached up and ready to maximize our potential.”

Kona Ice has garnered a reputation for being an active member of the communities it serves. With more than 800 franchises throughout 45 states, the brand ended 2016 by reaching a new giveback milestone of $40 million.

Planning to close out 2017 with 1000 trucks on the road throughout the country, Kona Ice is already on its way to meeting the goal. New and existing franchisees drove more than 40 new trucks home after Konvention.

As Kona Ice gears up for another strong season, the brand is looking to give back to communities in a new way. For the past few years, the brand has held an Instagram contest called #SeeTheChange that encourages winners to pay it forward to someone in the community that could benefit from a fundraising donation.

For this year’s #SeeTheChange camapaign, Kona Ice is paying it forward to classrooms throughout the country by partnering with Adopt a Classroom, a national organization designed to help teachers buy necessary school supplies for their students and classrooms. Kona Ice’s corporate team is adopting 100 classrooms, with the goal of raising $600 for each adopted classroom, the average spent by an individual teacher for school supplies in a year. Franchisees are also encouraged to participate by adopting classrooms in their own communities. Kona Ice’s presence in schools across the country will grow immensely this year as the franchise system teams up nationwide to help students and their teachers.

The campaign launches March 1 and will go through September. Each Kona Ice customer that purchases one of the color-changing cups for an additional $1 will be helping to fund classrooms nationwide.

“Kona Ice is a natural fit for schools,” added Lamb. “With the addition of our Fruit First flavors, which meet all FDA nutritional guidelines, and Kona Days, we have been able to make a noticeable giveback to schools. This year, we’re excited to make that giveback more tangible. Whether it’s a 6th grade science teacher who needs new lab tech gear or a 2nd grade teacher looking to take the class on a special field trip, we are here to make it happen.”

As Kona Ice looks to get more involved in the communities it serves, the brand introduced at Konvention a new truck, Kev 2.0. It’s built to be smaller in size, but it possesses all of the same qualities as the regular truck, including solar panels and the Flavorwave™. Since the Kev 2.0 is smaller than a regular truck, franchisees can purchase it without paying any additional royalty fees as itis seen as an extension of the franchisees’ current fleet.

At this year’s Konvention, the brand had more great news to celebrate as it ranked No. 1 in the franchise industry’s most comprehensive franchisee satisfaction survey, Franchise Business Review’s “2017 Top Franchises Report.” Among more than 30,000 franchise owners in America surveyed representing more than 330 brands, Kona Ice’s franchisees scored Kona Ice higher than any other concept measured.

For more information about available franchise opportunities with Kona Ice, please visit:

About Kona Ice

A true community ally renowned for facilitating endless fundraising options, Kona Ice has given more than $40 million back to neighborhood schools, organizations and teams since its inception in 2007. The brand’s iconic truck offers customers a one-of-a-kind experience, featuring the opportunity to create their own shaved ice on the self-serve Flavorwave™, while enjoying the soothing sights and sounds from the tropics. Currently, there are 800-plus franchise units in more than 45 states.


Saudi Retail Giant to Open 11 Sloan’s Ice Cream Franchised Shops

Saudi Retail Giant to Open 11 Sloan’s Ice Cream Franchised Shops

Diversified Conglomerate Omar Kassem Alesayi Group Signs Agreement to Expand Premium Ice Cream, Candy and Toy Brand

 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Sloan’s Ice Cream announced today a major development deal that will expand the brand into Saudi Arabia. This marks the concept’s third multi-unit franchise agreement in the Middle East this year, joining the five-shop deals struck for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait.

West Palm Beach, Florida-based Sloan’s – a premium brand combining innovative ice cream flavors with over-the-top aesthetics, including bold pink and neon green walls and heaping amounts of candy and toys – has signed the multi-unit franchise development agreement with Alesayi Retail Company, a division of Omar Kassem Alesayi Group which owns and operates many well-known investment, technology, retail and real estate companies in Saudi Arabia.

“When we stepped into Sloan’s we knew that we wanted to bring this concept to Saudia Arabia,” said Ramzi Daklouche, Alesayi Retail Company’s Executive Managing Director. “The over-the-top atmosphere will appeal to the residents in Saudi Arabia and we’re excited to expand the footprint in the Middle East.”

Terms of the agreement include opening a total of eleven units in Saudi Arabia during the next seven years. The first location is expected to open by the end of 2017 in Jeddah.

“Simply put, we created Sloan’s to be a dreamland for everyone, kids and adults of all ages, and our focus has never changed,” said Sloan Kamenstein, founder and CEO of Sloan’s Ice Cream. “The time has come to share Sloan’s yumminess around the globe and we’re thrilled about expanding our huge following into Saudi Arabia. Sloan’s has a bright future in Saudi Arabia and beyond.”

In addition to this development agreement, Sloan’s is actively pursuing growth throughout the Middle East in similarly attractive markets. Firmly established as a concept that seasoned entertainment and restaurant ownership groups can expand with given the consumer appeal it commands, Sloan’s is a perfect fit for the lifestyle and shopping centers that have become extremely popular in the Middle East.

Since opening its first store in 1999 in West Palm Beach, Florida, Sloan’s has become an iconic, palatial tribute to ice cream. Today, there are seven South Florida shops and three California shops with two in San Diego, one in Los Angeles and a Santa Monica location planned for a summer 2017 opening. Expansion plans call for a total of 200 franchise units open and in development in the next five to seven years.

Sloan’s shops are community destinations like no other. Plush toys line the walls, homemade sweets fill the countertops, and rich original ice cream flavors made from the finest ingredients are scooped at a fervent pace as fanatical guests enter each store. The stores that the Alesayi Retail Company develop will include the treats and atmosphere that has provided Sloan’s its cult following around the globe.

Kamenstein himself has designed the complete menu of creative ice cream, candy and sweet treats. These include dozens of innovative flavors such as Tracy’s Scrumptious Pretzel (caramel ice cream with milk chocolate covered salty pretzels and peanut butter swirls), Cookie Monster (made with homemade chocolate chip cookies) and Mom’s Apple Pie (apple pie ice cream with pieces of homemade apple pie).

Ideally suited for experienced restaurant, retail and hospitality franchise investors, as well as husband and wife teams and multi-generational investment groups, Sloan’s has demonstrated a track record of achievements in every economic climate. Owners of Sloan’s franchise units receive ongoing training and support, along with invaluable insight and leadership from Kamenstein and his franchise development team.

About Sloan’s Ice Cream

A true icon of South Florida, Sloan’s is renowned for its award winning luxury ice cream flavors, candies and world-class bakery items. The brand’s signature pink walls and ceilings, along with the plush toy collection lining its walls add to Sloan’s fun, funky experience, which includes magical glass bathroom doors. In 1999, Sloan Kamenstein, a classically trained chef and ice cream connoisseur, created Sloan’s along West Palm Beach, Florida’s famed Clematis Street.

For more information about Sloan’s, visit To learn more about available franchise opportunities, visit, call (561) 839-3000 or e-mail David Wild at