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4 Tips for Building Successful Influencer Relationships

4 Tips for Building Successful Influencer Relationships

As the landscape of social media marketing changes, it’s up to PR and marketing folks to adapt to a new world where influencers rule the scene. With real people behind these influencer accounts, working with influencers requires a higher level of personalization than other types of PR and marketing.

But, a few correct moves and your brand could be in the spotlight of a brand-new audience, thanks to working with influencers. Here are our four best tips for building successful relationships with influencers to grow your brand’s footprint.

Choose the right influencer

Take a personalized approach to finding influencers who you want to work with. Identify your key audience, and find an influencer who matches your brand voice.

Communicate expectations honestly

Rather than leaving it up to interpretation, clearly communicate your goals and expectations before any work together begins. Similarly, be sure to discuss compensation up-front so there are no surprises – in either direction.

Approach the relationship as a partnership

If all goes well, creating a successful partnership with an influencer could have reach that extends past the life of your campaign. Think long-term and approach all your communications with the idea that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Cross-promote as much as possible

Having a public relationship with influencers outside of official campaigns can be very beneficial. Feature their posts on your pages, website or other content mediums – this is welcomed and appreciated as it creates a mutually beneficial relationship that shows you want to promote them, too.

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