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3 Workplace Resolutions to Explore in the New Year

3 Workplace Resolutions to Explore in the New Year

For many, the new year offers a fresh start. It’s a great time to reflect on the past year to evaluate the goals set and aspire to achieve new ones. When asked about their New Year’s resolutions, the All Points team had many great workplace goals to share. Here are several workplace resolutions that are worth exploring in the new year and why our team feels they’re important.

Seek out leadership opportunities

The world of public relations offers plenty of opportunities to step into a leadership role. Whether it’s tackling a new project, leading a presentation or initiating an integrated campaign, new and established PR professionals can always find more ways to strengthen their skillset. Emily M., one of our Public Relations Associates, has just that in mind looking into 2019.

“One of my biggest workplace resolutions for this year is to take on more leadership opportunities,” says Emily. “As a growing PR professional, I am soaking in all that there is to know about my field. As I continue to master certain skills, I gain the ability to help my team grow with me. By taking on more projects with added responsibility, I can help guide newer colleagues as they learn and grow.”

Learn more about tools and programs

Technology plays a powerful role in today’s PR climate. Email platforms, design programs and other management systems are essential to running successful campaigns, generating leads and building brand awareness. Barbara, one of our team’s Digital and Creative Associates, understands that there is always the opportunity to learn more and seek efficiency with the programs she uses, no matter her experience.

“My workplace resolution is to learn more about the programs I use daily,” says Barbara. “Even if you think you are experienced with using certain software, it’s important to realize that you can be doing things more efficiently. Learning keyboard shortcuts is a great, universal way to get started no matter what software you use. There’s a multitude of tutorials online with specific ways of improving efficiency and learning new skills. Incorporating these new learnings every day is critical to cement them into your skill set.”

Go above and beyond for clients

At All Points, our team is always looking for more ways to exceed our clients’ expectations. Meredith, one of our Content Marketing Associates, recognizes that there is always room to grow when it comes to going above and beyond expectations.

“It’s important to not only meet the needs of clients, but to exceed them,” says Meredith on her workplace resolution. “Going the extra mile when working on a project shows the client that they are a priority, as well as encourages you to push yourself professionally in order to grow individually. It can be extremely rewarding to see your work benefit the client, and going above and beyond from what is expected of you can make that happen.”

The All Points team looks forward to 2019 and all the opportunities for personal and professional growth to come.

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